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  1. 1. What is an Embedded Librarian?…a librarian who is added to your BB shell asa Course Builder or TA to support students in their research process…We support all courses: online, face-to-face, and hybrid.
  2. 2. What’s with the Name? When asked to embed a librarian, faculty have responded,“I have to check with my wife first.” or “What are you asking me to do?” Embedded Librarians have also been called Lurking, Integrated, Blended Librarians, or Information Concierges. However, Embedded Librarian really is the name of the service. Think about a reporter who is embedded in the action as it unfolds. Similarly, Embedded Librarians are embedded in a course as it progresses so their help is available whenever and wherever it is needed.
  3. 3. How was Embedded Librarian born at WCC?• A librarian was part of a DL Title III Grant to expand distance learning on campus. (2001-2006)• As Distance Learning Librarian, I read listserv discussions that described a brand new service: Embedded Librarian. We can do this!!!• Our Embedded Librarian service started in Fall 2005 with one course and one librarian.• During 2011-2012 we were embedded in 146 courses!!• All librarians became embedded in September 2011.
  4. 4. What can Embedded Librarians do to help students?• integrate Research Guides, interactive tutorials, videos, database links and articles, and relevant resources into BB shells• encourage critical thinking about research topics• recommend search strategies that are customized to a topic• teach how to find and evaluate appropriate web resources• provide instruction in citing sources and understanding plagiarism• collaborate with instructors to develop effective information literacy assignments• facilitate and monitor BB Library Discussions• demonstrate how to find and request Library materials not online• assist with access to materials that the Library does not own• direct students to appropriate campus resources
  5. 5. Win-Win!!!Advantages for students:• librarians are accessible at students’ point of need• instructor/librarian partnerships enhance learning• supplement traditional library services and instruction• encourage comfort levels with librarians• understand how librarians can help• benefit by all answers to discussion questionsComments from students:“Thank you so much for getting back to me. I appreciate you breaking down each partfor me - getting the citation right seems to be the most time consuming andchallenging part of this paper.”“The databases you listed for this class were very helpful - I found some good articleson MagillOnLiterature Plus and MLA International Bibliography.”“Other students have told me the embedded librarian has helped them withnarrowing topics and with finding useful search terms. “
  6. 6. Advantages for faculty:• opportunities to collaborate with librarians• relieved of time answering information literacy questions• allows librarians to answer information literacy questions• develop more successful research assignmentsComments from faculty:“It truly gives the students access to some of the best information andguidance regarding their studies and research projects. It is awonderful supplement to ALL courses and everyone who usesblackboard SHOULD EMBED!! ”“My students have first and foremost become comfortable askingquestions of the librarian. They actually look for her when they dogo to the library.”“My students benefit from asking on-the-spot, online questions aboutfinding sources about a particular topic and about MLA.”
  7. 7. Advantages for librarians:• direct access to students, library assignments, and syllabi• opportunities to collaborate with faculty• help students with assignments in other courses• get to know individual students
  8. 8. What We Have Learned• works best when instructor encourages students to contact librarian• instructors have awarded a point or two, extra credit, or required evidence of communications with librarians• students are reluctant to post in discussions• librarian refers questions not within his or her expertise to the instructor• embed a librarian in courses without library assignments• more students visit us in our offices• Course Builder role, instead of TA, saves time
  9. 9. Convinced? How to Request an Embedded Librarian:Harold L. Drimmer Library
  10. 10. I am available to answer your questions.Thank you for your interest! Professor Sandy Schepis Virtual Services Librarian 914.606.6629 Ask a Librarian! Sandys Research Guides