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Published in: Education
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  1. 1. Atahualpa and Pizarro by : Borja Álvarez Bernardo
  2. 2. • Index • Before to .. • The kidnapping • The rescue • The death of Atahualpa • The room of the rescue • A resume Index:
  3. 3. Before to .. The incas were founded in the outskirts of the city of Cajamarca. Francisco Pizarro and his group were going to talk to Atahualpa for set a day to the next day.Atahualpa offer a glass of liquor to Pizarro and the captain Soto. The two Spanish men persuade to Atahualpa to go without his bodyguard. So he went only with 30.000 to 40.000 servants and warriors.
  4. 4. The kidnapping Atahualpa did a procession to Cajamarca When it finish was at night. The spanish group was divided in groups to kill or kidnap Atahualpa. It was a trap!
  5. 5. The kidnapping When they were in the square a Spanish monk say that Atahualpa must to change its religion and believe in the gods of christianity. Atahualpa take the bible and drop it to the floor because he didn’t heard it. The monk go to Pizarro and say:” ¿Que hace vuestra merced, que Atabalipa esta hecho un lucifer!”.So Pizarro order to attack. a gunner shot and kill a line of people, when all were died the a group of christians want to kill Atahualpa and Pizarro sacrifice his hand to save him. Atabalipa = Atahualpa
  6. 6. the rescue Atahualpa was arrest in a palace of Cajamarca. In exchange for be free he offer a room full of gold (from the floor to where he reach) and another two of silver. The Christians accept and Atahualpa order to give them the metals. Curiosity: The incas had more appreciation to natural things than gold, silver or another materials.
  7. 7. The death of Atahualpa When the Christians had the metals blame Atahualpa of idolatry, fratricide, polygamy, incest and they blame of hide a treasure. He was execute the 26 of July of 1533. Idolatry: the incorrect worship to a figure. Fratricide:kill a brother or a colleague of war. Polygamy: wife with different women. Incest:sexual practice with a person of his/her family
  8. 8. the room of the rescue it was 11’80 m - 7’30 m - 3’10 m This country was called: un pobre sentado en un banco de oro (thing why)
  9. 9. The room of the rescue The stone where Atahualpa die The mark of Atahualpa
  10. 10. video A video that resume the power point very well: