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Palace of versailles

information about the palace

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Palace of versailles

  1. 1. by: Borja Álvarez palace of versailles
  2. 2. • Structure of the palace • From whom was it Index -important places
  3. 3. Map of the palace
  4. 4. Important places • Museum of the history of France • The Royal opera • Hall of the mirrors • great bedroom of the king • hall of the congress • The real chapel • The great bedroom of the queen
  5. 5. Museum of the history of France In the XIX century Versalles became a museum of the hist
  6. 6. Royal opera When it open it was the biggest hall of showoff all Europe It was planned with the rule of Luis XIV and it wasn´t finish u
  7. 7. Hall of the mirrors The large gallery such us it was named in the XVII century was a crossing point, a waiting room.It only was exceptionall
  8. 8. Great bedroom of the kingit is composed by seven halls in linnet was a bedroom for the team in oficial ceremonies of the sovereign. It was decorated like the palaces of italy. Its seven halls are: ‘El salon de Hercules’, ‘El salon de la Abundancia’, ‘El salon de Venus’, ‘El salon Diana’, ‘El salon de Apolo/Marte/Mercurio’ ‘El salon de Hercules’ ‘El salon de Apolo’
  9. 9. Hall of the congress In the XIX century the republic appropriate of the palace, impregnateof the decoration of the sun king. The south wings build later on, to stay the royal sons and th
  10. 10. Real chapel In the French monarchy the king is like the representative of the god, the pictures and sculptures say this. Luis XIV only know this for 5 years because it doesn´t finish u
  11. 11. Great bedroom of the queenit is symmetric to the King´s bedroom,the queen sleep here so this make more changes in the decoration along the XVIII century.’La cámara de la Reina’,Èl salon de los nobles’,’La antecamara del Gran Cubierto’. -Where the queen sleep-Where some lunches were celebrated
  12. 12. From whom was it? The palace was from Luis XIV.It was so decorated to express Luis XIV start his authority when he was very young. He change the symbol of the monarchy from the lili flower to t