To Freedom Writers Ji Young


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To Freedom Writers Ji Young

  1. 1. BISS International School<br />Grade 9 <br />Ji Young Kim <br />January 1st, 2010<br />Dear Freedom Writers,<br />Hi, freedom writers! I am Ji Young Kim from BISS International School. I saw the film, ‘Freedom Writers, in our humanities class. After I watched this movie, I was so impressed and helped me a lot to plan for my future. So I want to thank all of the freedom writers. <br />I have lived in Beijing, China for two years and half. My dream is a journalist. To become a good journalist, it is necessary to speak many different languages. So my parents sent me here, and now I can speak three languages. Studying in China is a really great chance for me. After finishing the eighth grade, my parents asked me to go to the United States or Canada so that I can improve my English.<br />First, I refused their suggestion because I heard American people do not really like Asians. One of my friends went to the U.S., and then she had a hard time to get along with American friends at school because of culture differences and prejudices against to Asian people. Therefore, she had to spend for almost three years with no friends in America. I was so shocked when I heard that news. However, what made me more shocked was she told me that it is very dangerous and scary at night in America. Whenever she saw someone in the gun store, she often felt so scared. I know it is allowed to sell guns in the U.S., and also the government allows people to use them. I thought it was just gossips or rumors but she said it was really happening in America. I felt really scared so I did not want to go there. My friends and families are do not understand why I rejected to go to the U.S.A. They said I’m crazy because I missed a wonderful chance. I know this is a nice chance but if any person heard this stories which my friend said, they would not want to leave for the U.S.. After I heard my friend in the states said, I started to think about the country is a dangerous place for Asians.<br />Before I saw this movie, I felt this was very boring. So I did not expect a lot. When I heard the title, ‘Freedom Writers’, I thought this movie was not a good movie. The first scene shows trouble between white people and African Americans. This film is based on a real story, and I got very afraid and made my mind not to go to America unconsciously. Life is most important thing, but people fight, shoot and kill others in this movie. I thought I made great choice not to go to the U.S. But in end of the film, you freedom writers start to understand teachers’ feeling and become new persons. No matter what kind of nationality freedom writers have, the English B class students enjoy their class and do really great job together. For example, all the classmates earned money to invite a person who hid Anne Frank. You guys did not fight anymore, enjoyed studying and also could get into universities. This big change makes me surprised.<br />‘Freedom Writers’ made me to decide to study in America after finishing this grade. I finally realized racial discrimination is not white people’s fault. Racial discrimination comes from all kinds of people’s prejudices. Asian and African Americans get prejudices from white people too, and white people also misunderstand their thoughts or impression toward the white. Those prejudices have caused lots of problems or conflicts for a long time in societies. But the English B classmates break those prejudices. If I go to America or Canada, I may be able to overcome this kind of problems. I also misunderstood white people before. But now I think like I do not have to worry about if Americans would like me or not, what I need to do is just go there and face all the situations. I used to be a person who had prejudices in races. I was so embarrassed when I finally realized this fact and now I have to change my stupid thought. Prejudices of races and cultures are what I have to deal with from now on. I want to thank Freedom Writers. This is a great chance to look back upon my thought. Thank you again, Freedom Writers. <br />Sincerely,<br />Ji Young Kim<br />