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Humanities Essay Due To 11


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Humanities Essay Due To 11

  1. 1. Humanities Essay due to 11/23 <br /> Ji Young Kim <br />As lots of countries developed, there are varieties kinds of can figure out development of countries. According to birth rate, death rate, GDP, population density, life expectancy and literacy rate we can guess development of these countries. From these 8 criterions, we can guess the development of countries. Also there are connections between each criterion.<br />A high birth rate is a number of babies born there for every 100 people during a particular period of time. And according to the graph of birth rate, Nigeria has a highest birth rate. Because Nigeria is an agriculture country. Generally, agriculture countries have lots of child because they have to need many people to help their work. Many people know about law of China. (About law of China)<br />A death rate is the number of people per thousand who die in a particular area during a particular period of time. According to a graph of a death rate, Nigeria has a high death rate. Those countries have 15,000 people die each year. Most of the people in Nigeria are farmers. Nigeria have huge amount of crude oil. The government of Nigeria starts to focus on development of crude oil. Because government focused on these Industries so lots of farmers become poor and dead. Another reason is Nigeria occur lots of wars. People lost their house and they don’t have money to buy something to eat. They getting poor and die. But generally, the reason of highest death rate of Nigeria is government focused on other industry. <br />The definition of GDP is Gross Domestic Product. It is the total value of goods and services produced within a country in a year, not including its income from investments in other countries. I think this GDP shows the development of countries and also GDP is related with a larger life expectancy. Development countries have lots of convenient facilities or some benefaction. For example, Swiss is a one of the countries that have really good facilities and system. The system related with health is developed in Swiss so people in Swiss can have a healthy life. From this, people can live a longer and healthier life so the life expectancy is also high.<br />Some countries’ population density is lower than other countries. There are several main reasons about population density. Territory of the country is big such as China, Canada. Another reason is related with economic situation of countries. For example, village between cities. China is one of the countries that have tremendous population density. Beijing, capital city of China, many people live in Beijing because Beijing is one of the cities that economy developed and also Beijing is a city that approve to village people to live in Beijing. People who live in village all go to the Beijing and sell something to people. Foreigners who live in another countries are all going to developed countries except for working. But most of the companies always send a person to developed countries such as USA, England, Japan and so on. From this fact, country’s population density is related with development of that country. <br />For me there are two main reasons that reduction of life expectancy. One of the reasons is country’s main industry. For example the Middle East countries have abundant important resources such as oil. Middle East countries develop these resources to make a huge amount of money. As a country’s economic developed, nation of county also became rich. They have abundant life and they have money that have an medical treatment. Another reason that reduction of life expectancy is disease. There’s lots of disease because of countries’ environment. Some countries’ nation live at the poor environment such as houses and foods. And also countries’ environmental problem is also one of the reasons that cause disease. From this people get disease and going to disease.<br />There are some countries nation who don’t have a chance to get an education. Because of the education problem, nation of the country can’t read or write their own language. This is a big and serious problem because they can’t understand the words and can’t read anything. They don’t have a chance to get a good job. Having a high literacy rate can make people have a good knowledge and they will think about country’s development. They will think about the country’s development so they trying to get their countries stronger and better. For example, some communism countries’ nation feels opposition with their country and start to reform their countries. They want to their county better to live and stronger than before. From this, lots of countries changed to democratic countries and now they having a good life.<br />Those 8 information connected each other and this information help us to guess which countries will developed and already developed. Those amazing information is really useful to each countries. <br />