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Km la major accounts brochure pdf


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Konica Minolta Business Solution's Core Competencies

Published in: Technology, Business
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Km la major accounts brochure pdf

  1. 1. Enterprise Solutions and Support Capabilities
  2. 2. The Evolution of Konica Minolta Konica Minolta’s business technologies division has seen a rapid transformation over the past two decades. Prior to the introduction of digital machines, Konica Minolta copiers reliably reproduced hard copy documents. We actively supported fleets in many of the largest enterprises. In 1990 with the advent of the digital copier we were able to integrate hard copy documents into electronic workflows. This opened up a whole new world for our customers. For Konica Minolta, this meant change. We were now required to understand our customers electronic workflows and how our devices can help enterprises improve their processes thereby reducing costs. Over time, we have evolved even further. Today we can help our clients with a whole host of services and solutions focused on improving the management of information whether hard copy or electronic. Together with our wholly owned IT Services company, All Covered and our Optimized Print Services capabilities, we can help your organization manage all of your technology resources. From the desktop to the print shop. Today Konica Minolta Business Solutions is a true integrator and solutions provider. Hardware 1960 Hardware & Workflow 1990 Workflow & Services 2008 Our Capabilities and Focus
  3. 3. Our People Konica Minolta’s philosophy is to seek out and retain the most tenured experts in our field. Our major account group has extensive experience with Global, National and local Major accounts. We have mastered a team approach for support and management of major account customers. Your team will have specialists in products, solutions and services. This allows Konica Minolta to identify many more areas of opportunity to drive down costs and improve efficiencies than our competitors. It also allows us to implement the recommended solutions effectively and efficiently. In today’s ever changing business climate, it is imperative to have a team that can tackle, solve and evolve when dealing with complex technological, workflow and financial issues Give our people an opportunity to go to work for you! Our Methodology Consult: We work with you to identify areas of your business that need cost containment or process improvement. We then engage the appropriate resources to assess your environment and recommend a solution that focuses on improving the way work gets done and at the same time, reducing your overall costs. Implement: Once we have agreed on a course of action, Konica Minolta will coordinate the implementation of our solution. This will typically begin with a statement of work which details the scope of the project, resources required and timeline. Manage: Once our recommendation has been implemented, we continue to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our recommendation. Our goal is to maximize the investments you have made in Konica Minolta and return the greatest cost savings and process improvements. 3
  4. 4. Managed Print Services Konica Minolta’s Optimized Print Services allows organizations to optimize business processes and streamline the way the output device fleet is managed. OPS can help our customers realize: • 23% average overall cost savings • 40% reduction in IT help desk calls • 25% cost reduction in consumables • 20% cost reduction in unscheduled maintenance • 10% cost reduction in installation and upgrades • 5% cost reduction in acquisition Managed IT Managed IT Services: Regular expert maintenance will keep your PCs, servers, and networks up and running, so you minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Cloud Services: Public, hybrid and private cloud computing models each offer unique benefits that fit different business IT needs. IT Projects: We have experts in all major technologies and if you need help with a specific technology, we have the right expert to quickly and affordably take care of whatever project you may have. Electronic and Hardcopy Workflow In addition to our award winning service and Technology, Konica Minolta can assist organizations with enhancing their business processes in the following ways: •Basic to Advanced “middleware” solutions that allow you to integrate hard copy into electronic workflow. • Electronic Document Management Solutions • Print and Cost Management Solutions • Desktop Document Collaboration and Editing Solutions • Document Imaging • Workflow, Routing and Approval • Document Collaboration Data and Document Security Konica Minolta’s multifunctional bizhub product line is validated to Common Criteria EAL3 security standards. Common Criteria (CC) is the only internationally recognized standard for IT security testing. The Konica Minolta security standards provide protection in more than one respect: • securing the network and network access • ensuring secure, authorized access to individual output devices • restricting functionalities where required • protecting all personal user data and information content processed on the bizhub output systems. All of Konica Minolta’s comprehensive security functionality is standard on the new-generation bizhub systems.
  5. 5. Environmental Sustainability Konica Minolta has an organization-wide commitment to environmental responsibility. If you are looking for partners with an environmental focus, there is no better partner than Konica Minolta. We are engaged in the following programs to support these efforts: • Green Factory ISO 14001 Certification & Zero Waste Level 1 and 2 • Green Procurement Program • Designing Environmentally recyclable parts and supplies • “Plant Based” Simitri Toner • “Green Machines” with lower power consumption • Clean Planet Recycling Program • Member of the “Global 100” most sustainable organizations • Eco Visoin 2015 & 2050 Production Print Our line of Production Print solutions are built for production print professionals in CRDs, data centers & print services. Konica Minolta has the following production print capabilities: • Award winning production color at 60,70 and 80 pages per minute • Award winning production monochrome at 95, 105, 120 pages per minute • The bizhub PRESS C70hc features High Chroma toner. This elevates color, graphics and photographic imagery to transcendent levels. • KIP wide format scanners copiers and printers in color and monochrome • The Screen Truepress Jet520 Series can print at speeds up to 4,166 duplex pages per minute . This is one of the world's best selling high speed inkjet systems Service and Support Our advanced service and support technologies help to maximize your uptime and customer satisfaction. The following systems and features ensure your Bizhub products are always performing at their best: • vCare remote device monitoring technology • Field Service Handhelds • myKMBS Customer portal • 24 x 7 customer support centers • Advanced demand planning system • 92% First Call Completion Awards and Certifications Konica Minolta’s Bizhub product line has received numerous awards from industry analysts. Here are just a few of the awards our products have won in the past year: • BLI “Pick of the Year” award for every color Bizhub • Brand Keys #1 Brand for customer loyalty 3 years running • Industry Analysts rated “Best Overall” end-user monochrome/color MFP survey • Bertl “Readers Choice Award” for overall excellence in printers and digital presses
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