10 Tips For Your Facebook Business Page


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10 Tips For Your Facebook Business Page. This presentation will provide you with ten essential tips that will help grow your numbers on your Facebook business page, increase your interaction and improve your click through rates. You will find tips on layout, design, content, advertising, sharing, interaction, what to offer and more.

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  • 10 Tips For Your Facebook Business Page

    1. Presented by BizzeBee.com
    2. •Add enough contact details to your header. •At least include your URL and email details. •Local companies could also include their address and phone numbers.
    3. •Engage with your audience, share posts, talk to them. •You should run polls, ask questions and run competitions. •If people offer good suggestions, let them know on the page. •Interact and engage, these are your fans!
    4. •Its no secret Facebook users like images. •Images are the most common thread to go viral on Facebook. •Use captivating and stimulating images where you can. •Funny images also do well. •These will generate shares, likes and comments – further exposing your brand.
    5. •Probably the quickest way to attract more likes to your page. •Start off with a small budget. •You can send them to multiple pages on your site. •Direct visitors to any landing page, sales page, video etc on your site. •Test out multiple ads, some will have better results than others.
    6. •Make sure your posts have share appeal. •You can get organic likes because people have shared your content to their timelines. •Use captions like “Please share if you agree” – Or, “Please like” in the text above the picture.
    7. •Share your Facebook business page across all your other social profiles. •Include your Facebook URL on your business cards. •Promote it wherever you can.
    8. •Sign up with Bit.ly to measure your demographics. •Also will be used to shorten long and/or affiliate links. •This is a free tool which allows you to measure your links, clicks and tracking. •Make sure you split test any ads you run.
    9. •Use the Facebook scheduling tool to set up your posts in advance. •This allows you to post at various times you would not normally post at. •Saves you having to post every day.
    10. •Get involved with learning your insights. •Learn everything you can about impressions, page views, unique page views etc. •Knowing your numbers will help you build a successful Facebook business page.
    11. •Promotions, deals, offers, sales, discount codes and competitions are a great way to get people interacting on your page. •People love deals. •Great way to get exposure and shares.
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