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  • I have seen many scenarios from overpricing for technology where a site was worth only 40,000 but was priced in the 6 digits, web designers hijacking the website and domain and the client lost all and had to start from scratch, to false promised and incompetency of developers and still billing for it, and just very bad coding.  That is why we are doing this workshop.  Many businesses know that they need a website (or have a website). And then they may need to redo their website because it is all in Flash. You hear of different website packages, prices and everyone seems to be better then the previous offer. It is a Buyer BeAware Situation and like when buying a car, you need to spend some serious time learning about what to get, what is a fair market price, how to work with a designer to get really the most for your bug. We will go through two case scenarios for you to explore the challenges in creating a website and how to resolve when you are ready to start or redo your own website.
  • Profession: multi-talented and work as floral designer, events planner and offers marketing campaigns. He wants a website to show all of his talents.How can all of these different client profiles be successfully addressed without diluting Mr. Smith profile? What brings him the most profit? Where does he want to increase his sales? Or is he expanding one business operation?Does he have any online reviews for one of his businesses? How can he demo his many talents such as in a video, images, newspaper reviews and magazine articles? What makes him different from other floral designers? Does he do only large sculptural installations with flowers, or caters to the local neighborhood and is known for his affordable prices and customer service?And what is the price point? Luxury item, or is it a commodity? And how do you know what is your best side? Not what you think it is, but what everyone else knows about you.
  • There have several employees and offer multiple products and services Products and Services: web hosting, data restoration and business consultingWhat is the correlation between the different businesses?Business consulting is it specific to IT companies or in general?What is the price point? Low or High?If selling goods and service over $100 the site needs to have a different feel then if they offer $30/per hour services. Important in this scenario is to do strategic planning on how to present the different correlated serviced to the client.
  • * Remember that person at the last party who was ranting on and you had no clue what that person was about? That is what you do not want to on the website either. To overcome those three hurdles, start with asking yourself
  • You know now what your competitors are up to, have an better idea of your service and products, but I see many people get stacked on asking “what is my unique selling point!” I am good in what I do, but that is not enough.Ways to find it out if you do not have a major marketing budget to hire an agency
  • What information is provided? Think about that the information provided indicated what clients are looking for! Example: The flower designer allows clients to make online orders, while his competitor just provides a phone number to call.
  • Review different sites (even if they are not in your industry)
  • Ready to Design Your Own Site or to Hire a Web Designer
  • Now, it is very handy that you created the list of what you are really looking for in your website and knowing what you are intending to do. Depending on your needs to should be able to estimate if a custom site or a template will be sufficient for your need.
  • Who is hosting the site? Except if you are buying into a template or service based system, you need always have the FTP information Ask them about SEO friendly code (and see how they react) and FlashSmart Phone compatibility! (Watch out for Symbian-again watch your pricing)What technology are they using and why! Write down all the unknown terms and google them. Is it really appropriate for your purpose?Get a copy of YOUR website code when the job is completed. They should offer you download information or a CD/DVD. Make sure that this is a requirement in your contract.I have seen clients loose their website because designers hold the domain hostage, other lost their sites due to hackers and the designer cannot be found. The backup can restore your site when no one else can be found.
  • Nuts boltslaunchingwebsite072811 fin

    1. 1. The Nuts and Bolts To Launching Your Website!<br />Learn how to pick a web design company. Know what they are talking about to make an educated buying choice.  <br />
    2. 2. Daisy Smith<br />Clients with different interests<br /><ul><li>Floral Designer: weddings, corporate and private events, restaurants, building lobbies, etc.
    3. 3. Event Planners: weddings, promoters, organizations, corporations, businesses
    4. 4. Marketing Campaign: small businesses, organizations, corporations, PR firms, design companies</li></li></ul><li>Godzilla IT Services<br />Client base with different pocketbooks:<br /><ul><li>Web Hosting: small companies, corporations and organizations
    5. 5. Data Restoration: corporations and organizations
    6. 6. Business Consulting: Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses </li></li></ul><li>How to Get Started<br />Create a clear picture of your services and clients<br />Create an outline presenting these services and products online<br />Find out what is the best way to sell them online<br />Find out your competitive advantage<br />
    7. 7. Overcoming the Hurdles<br />What is the purpose of your website? <br />What do you want to accomplish with your website?<br />Show accomplishments (magazine reviews)<br />Portfolio(flower arrangements,event portfolio)<br />Outline services (business consultancy)<br />Sell service or products(pay for audiotapes for business consultancy)<br />Client sign up to receive a free consultation<br />Client provide contact information to provide a quote<br />Client calls you<br />Add client to your mailing list<br />
    8. 8. How to find Your Core Strength! Your Competitive Advantage<br />Business consultant<br />Running<br /> <br />Go running and clear your head. It works for some people!<br />Hire a business consultant and talk to him/her about finding our competitive advantage. He/she can help you with the SWOP analysis. <br />
    9. 9. Tap into Your Network<br />Friends and Clients<br /><ul><li>Create a small mini-focus groups with friends and clients.
    10. 10. Send out an onlinequestionnaire askingthem specific questionsregarding your services, performance, and whythey chose you
    11. 11. Use the same focus groupto bounce off logo ideas orwebsite ideas</li></ul>Free surveys are at:<br />
    12. 12. <ul><li>How is the site organized (how did they deal with the hurdles?)
    13. 13. What information is provided?
    14. 14. Mark all the features and information you see on your competitors’ websites. Bookmark sites as reference points (i.e.:</li></ul>Your Competition<br />Find Out What You Are Up Against<br />
    15. 15. Be clear what design aestheticyou like<br />Review different sites<br />Bookmark them<br />Write down what you like about the sites: colors, layout, fonts, navigation flow, images, etc. <br />Write down what you dislike: be as specific as with what you like!<br />Review Websites You Like<br />
    16. 16. Your competitive advantage<br />Features you like on a website<br />What your competition is up to? (so you can look better than they do)<br /> Web Site Designs you like and despise!<br />Review What You Know Now<br />
    17. 17. Pro<br /><ul><li>Cheap
    18. 18. No commitment
    19. 19. Self-manageable </li></ul>Con<br /><ul><li>No brand (it is a template)
    20. 20. Limited customization
    21. 21. Limited customer service
    22. 22. They own your website</li></ul>Pro<br /><ul><li>Custom Design
    23. 23. Personalized service & guidance
    24. 24. No limitations
    25. 25. Gives you SEO tips and tricks</li></ul>Con<br /><ul><li>Expensive ($1,500+)
    26. 26. Time commitment to work with the designer
    27. 27. Designer needs to make updates except if you buy a CMS
    28. 28. You own your website</li></ul>Templates<br />Custom Design<br />
    29. 29. Buyer Beware!<br />Who owns the domain? ALWAYS buy the domain yourself and register it in your own nameas admin!<br />Who is hosting the site?<br />Ask them about SEO friendly codeand Flash<br />Smart Phone compatibility! <br />What technology are they usingand why!<br />Get a copy of YOUR website codewhen the job is completed. <br />
    30. 30. <ul><li>Provide copy about your business, services and products! Ideally, optimized for SEO
    31. 31. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    32. 32. Photos and illustrations: it brings a site alive
    33. 33. Sales Funnel (site organization)
    34. 34. Metrics(who is visiting your site)</li></ul>What’s Next?<br />
    35. 35.  What toExpect?<br />Small Static Sites (5-50pages)<br />Complex Sites with a Content Management System<br />Designs (1-3) dependingon the agreement<br />Design Revisions<br />Development<br />Site Delivery<br />Strategy (how to organize your website)<br />Designs (1-3) depending on the agreement<br />Design Revisions<br />Wireframe/Prototype<br />Development and Progress Reports<br />Site Delivery and installation<br />Questions: <br />How long should it take?<br />How much are websites?<br />
    36. 36. Whatis SEO, really? <br />
    37. 37. Post-Launch <br />Track the metrics via Google,or Yahoo Analytics<br />Check the site performance(bounce rate)<br />Based on site performance, be ready to make changes to text and layout. <br />
    38. 38. More Information <br />Download the PowerPoint: <br /><br />Download Worksheets:<br /><br />Bizwall Blog:<br /> > select Blog<br />Terminology and Tech Info:<br /><br /><br />Nathalie Pham<br />Bizwall | NPcreate Inc. <br />p.<br />