Introduction to the Azure Service Bus EAI & EDI features


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Windows Azure Service Bus EAI & EDI Labs provides integration capabilities for the Windows Azure Platform to extend on-premises applications to the cloud, provides rich messaging endpoints to process and transform messages, and helps organizations integrate disparate applications, both on cloud and on-premises.

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Introduction to the Azure Service Bus EAI & EDI features

  1. 1. Senior Software Developer at DevScope Microsoft Integration MVP since 2011 Writer of numerous articles for Portuguese eMagazine “Programar” Author “Sandro Pereira BizTalk Blog” Member of “” and “BizTalk Brasil” community Member NetPonto community MSDN BizTalk Forums Moderator TechNet Wiki author (Wiki Ninja) TechNet Gallery, Code Gallery and CodePlex contributor Public speaker Technical Reviewer PACKT Publishing  BizTalk Server 2010 Cookbook (April 2012)
  2. 2.  Introduction - Microsoft integration stack Windows Azure Service Bus overview Windows Azure Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs SDK How can I get Started! What’s next?
  3. 3. 11 11
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  5. 5. EAI CapabilitiesEnterprise Application Integration (EAI) which provide rich messageprocessing capabilities and the ability to connect private cloud assets tothe public cloud.
  6. 6. Web Service Bridge User 1 via phone customerType == “VIP” (routing based EAI Bridge on condition) User 2 via online LOB Relay Behind Constoso’s Firewall customerType == “Default” Validate – Enrich – Transform – Enrich - Route (VETER) Line of Business System Service Bus Connect FTP Share 1 LOB Target FTP Share 2Partner FTP Shares could be on-s premise or in Cloud
  7. 7. EDI CapabilitiesElectronic Data Interchange (EDI) targeted at business-to-business(B2B) scenarios in the form of a finished service built for trading partnermanagement.
  8. 8. EDIEDI App Sales Order Dashboard Management (ASP .NET) LOB System 17
  9. 9.  here here here
  10. 10. 
  11. 11.   Message Tracking and send side batching
  12. 12. us/library/windowsazure/hh689760.aspx Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7, Visual Studio 2010, .NET Framework 4 and Microsoft Visual C# .NET SQL Server, Windows Server AppFabric 1.0 or 1.1, IIS 7.0 or higher WindowsAzureServiceBusEAI-EDILabsSDK.msi ServiceBusConnectSetup.exe Portal to provision namespaces: EDI Portal:
  13. 13.  Sequence of activities to perform impedance mismatch Disassembly Message Validation Transforms Content based Routing Hosting custom code  Auto pull messages from FTP shares  Transformations: structural  Disassembly of messages normalization  Processing flat files  Operational Tracking and Archiving  XML message validation  Character set encoding (Receive EAI Bridges side)  Enrich message properties Transforms  Content based routing
  14. 14.  Sequence of activities to  Looping functoids – foreach, mapeach perform impedance mismatch  Expression functoids – arithmetic Disassembly , logical , conditional , if-then-else Message Validation  Temporary store – Lists and related operations Transforms  String and date-time manipulation Content based Routing operations Hosting custom code  Cumulative operations  Number format operations  Support for Pages in UI  Test map functionality EAI Bridges Transforms  Migrate BizTalk maps  Support XSLT maps
  15. 15.  Include on-premises applications, services, data in cloud applications Manage hybrid apps easily Enable store and forward scenarios in BizTalk by enabling Service Bus queues, topics  SQL Server  Oracle DB  Oracle E-business suite Azure Service Bus  SAP Connect  Seibel eBusiness Applications BizTalk Service Bus Adapter
  16. 16.  Support AS2 and FTP as transport Scalable EDI bridges for X12  Process X12 messages upto 5030 and AS2  Generate and process MDN, TA1, 997 EDI Portal for agreement  Archiving management and tracking  Batching  Tracking  Support for EDIFACT EDI Bridges  Metro UI for managing trading partners EDI Portal  Manage & Monitor AS2, X12 agreements  View Resources like Transforms, Schemas, Certificates  Delete, Redeployment of agreements
  17. 17.