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Hybrid Integration with SAP


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In this very hands-on session Glenn will go through all necessary configuration steps to prepare both SAP and BizTalk to integrate with each other. Glenn will show some of the more important transactions in SAP and explain their specific function. You can expect an overview on how to leverage all the SAP functionalities to the cloud via Service Bus Relay, BizTalk Adapter Services and topping it off with a bit of Micro services.

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Hybrid Integration with SAP

  1. 1. Sponsored & Brought to you by Hybrid Integration with SAP Glenn Colpaert
  2. 2. Hybrid Integration with SAP
  3. 3. Nice to meet you Glenn COLPAERT Integration MVP Integration Consultant @ Codit AzureAdvisor / Insider Boardmember +32 477 77 43 03 @GlennColpaert
  4. 4. #DEMO The SAP Interface
  5. 5. Prepare the SAP environment 6 RFC - SM59User –SU01 Port –WE21 Partner -WE20
  6. 6. Prepare the BizTalk environment Install LOB adapter SDK Install BizTalk Adapter Pack* Install SAP (NW) RFC Client Assemblies* Deploy the SAP PropertySchema Configure the EnvironmentVariables
  7. 7. Architecture
  8. 8. Configuration Done! Now what?? RFCIDOC BAPI
  9. 9. #DEMO Connecting with SAP the traditional way
  10. 10. #DEMO Getting the IDOC’s
  11. 11. #DEMO Connecting with SAP the traditional way
  12. 12. Huge infrastructure scale is the enabler 19 Regions ONLINE…huge datacenter capacity around the world… Central US Iowa West US California North Europe Ireland East US Virginia East US 2 Virginia US Gov Virginia North CentralUS Illinois US Gov Iowa South Central US Texas Brazil South Sao Paulo West Europe Netherlands China North * Beijing China South * Shanghai Japan East Saitama Japan West Osaka East Asia HongKong SE Asia Singapore Australia West Melbourne Australia East Sydney * Operated by 21Vianet
  13. 13. Azure Services Azure Networking VirtualNetworks Express Route Azure Service Bus ServiceBus Queues Azure BizTalk Services ServiceBus Relay ServiceBus Topics BizTalkServices HybridConnections
  14. 14. API APPS Easily build and consume APIs in the cloud WEB APPS Web apps that scale with your business LOGIC APPS Automate business process across SaaS and on-premises MOBILE APPS Build Mobile apps for any device Azure App Services
  15. 15. #DEMO: SAP Airlines On Premise Datacenter Website
  16. 16. #DEMO
  17. 17. #DEMO Service Bus Relay
  18. 18. Windows Azure BizTalk Services B2B Trading Partner Management EAI Bridges & Adapter Services
  19. 19. BizTalk Adapter Service Windows Azure BizTalk Services - - De Kuip BizTalk Adapter Service Server Explorer (Visual Studio) PowerShell CmdLets Management Service REST API Lob Relay (Service Host) Bridge Pipeline V E T E Messages Sources FTP/S HTTP SFTP Destinations Service Bus Web Service FTP/S HTTP Blob
  20. 20. Windows Azure BizTalk Services Production Ready Existing Features Easy Migration Azure App Platform The Future?
  21. 21. 2 Azure App Services
  22. 22. APIAPPS Create, consume and host APIs more easily Easily use cloud or custom APIs: • Dozens of built-in APIs for popular SaaS • An ecosystem of APIs for any need • Create and publish custom, reusable APIs • Visual Studio tooling with one click publish and remote debugging • Automatic client SDK generation for many languages
  23. 23. LOGIC APPS Automate business process across SaaS and on-premises
  24. 24. 2 #DEMO Azure App Services
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  26. 26. #QUESTIONS
  27. 27. Thank you! Keep in touch. Call or mail. Ask questions. Happy to help. +32 477 77 43 03 @GlennColpaert