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BizTalk controlled throttling


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Ahmed faced a challenging requirement in a BizTalk project that was integrating the customer’s organization with several web services from disparate external systems. Each of these services allowed for a specified maximum throughput. In this session Ahmed will discuss implementation approaches, tips, and lessons learnt on how to have controlled throttling in BizTalk Server.

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BizTalk controlled throttling

  1. 1. Controlled Throttling in BizTalk Ahmed Taha
  2. 2. Nice to meet you! Technical Architect at Link Development Integration enthusiast Avid Reader 
  3. 3. Overview  Landscape  Requirements  Implementation Approaches  Implementation Tips  Demo  Common Pitfalls  Lessons Learned  Final Thoughts  Recommended Book  Q&A
  4. 4. 3rd party Systems Landscape Upstream System Downstream System Fan-out
  5. 5. Requirements High Throughput Input
  6. 6. Requirements Business Rules
  7. 7. Requirements Back-end Throughput Limits
  8. 8. Efficient use of Throughput Limits Requirements Variable Back-end Throughput Limits
  9. 9. Configurable Date Range Time Range Day of Week Requirements Configurable Back-end Throughput Limits
  10. 10. I like a good challenge!
  11. 11. First Approach – Aggregator Orchestration Throttled Message Send Port Normal Message Receive Port Add Throttling Context Business Rules Memory Cache Send Port Throttling Orchestration SingletonBRE Pipeline Framework Fan-out
  12. 12. Aggregator Orchestration Pitfalls Orchestration Delay shape accuracy Inevitable Orchestration persistence points overhead Zombie Messages
  13. 13. Second Approach – Pipeline Component Throttled Message Normal Message Receive Port Add Throttling Context Business Rules Memory Cache Send Port BRE Pipeline Framework Send Port Apply Throttling Ordered Delivery Fan-out
  14. 14. Efficient Throttling solutions should minimize or avoid message box hops It should be applied at the edges of the solution Receive PortPipeline Message Box Send PortPipeline Implementation Tips
  15. 15. Retry must be disabled on the Send Ports Ordered Delivery must be enabled on the Send Ports Cluster Hosts for a highly available solution Implementation Tips
  16. 16. Receive PortPipeline Send PortPipeline Message Box 2-way Send port Request1 Response1 Request2 Throttling directly on a 2-way Send port will not be efficient Implementation Tips
  17. 17. Two-way send port processing delay overhead, use Loopback Adapter BTS RCV Adapter BTS RCV Pipeline Add Throttling Context Throttled System Message NULL Adapter Throttling Pipeline (Loopback Per External System) Adapter (External System) Throttled Message Throttling Rules + Caching Normal Message Clear Cached System Throttle Clear Cache Implementation Tips
  18. 18. Demo
  19. 19. Examples: Host Queue Size Database size threshold Make sure that Built-in Throttling itself will not throttle your system Custom Throttling Throughputs Built-in Throttling Thresholds Common Pitfalls
  20. 20. Receive PortPipeline Message Box Send PortPipeline Built-in Throttling could violate the required throttling values Common Pitfalls
  21. 21. Receive PortPipeline Message Box Send PortPipeline Efficient Throttling solutions should minimize or avoid message box hops Common Pitfalls
  22. 22. Detect and fine tune platform’s built-in throttling under realistic loads, early on. Detect the weak points in the artifacts of your solution under realistic loads, early on. Conduct load Testing, at different stages during development. Common Pitfalls
  23. 23. BizTalk built-in throttling is not designed to achieve exact throughput values Achieving controlled, accurate throttling is very challenging, especially when the latency is required to be at a minimum It will introduce inevitable latency to the solution which could be minimized to very small values, few milliseconds For guaranteed upper limit throughput only, you could apply the throttling component on the 3rd party system’s Send Port directly Lessons Learned
  24. 24. More and more service providers are adopting API management. Final Thoughts Service Provider BizTalk Server Service Consumer
  25. 25. You could also Apply API management policies that abide by downstream system’s governance rules, on the Operation level. Final Thoughts Service Provider BizTalk Server Service Consumer GetCustomerInfo() GetCustomerData()
  26. 26. Bending the platform or Challenging requirements ?
  27. 27. “BizTalk is supposed to be a fast messaging platform” – MS Support “BizTalk was not designed to do so” – Kevin Lam Final Thoughts
  28. 28. Message Box is a Messaging Queue Implementation Send PortReceive Port Message Box Final Thoughts
  29. 29. Final Thoughts BizTalk supports Delayed Delivery
  30. 30. BizTalk Host Queue Table Final Thoughts Throttled (Work in progress) Service Window (Scheduled)
  31. 31. Feature Pack 1 – Integration Monday Final Thoughts
  32. 32. Receive Location Schedule Send Port Schedule Final Thoughts
  33. 33. Final Thoughts Work-in-Progress items in Message box: “This aspect of BizTalk is critical, as it is not designed to hold too much information for too long, but to pass the information on and move it out of the message box.” – Dan Rosanova - Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Patterns
  34. 34. Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Patterns Recommended Book
  35. 35. BizTalk Server 2010 Unleashed Recommended Book
  36. 36. Q&A
  37. 37. Thank You