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The Invisible Employee


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http://www.bizsum.com - There is a crisis in business today: the invisible employee. Feeling overlooked, ignored and unappreciated, invisible employees fight back the only way they know how – by staying hidden in the corporate shadows, doing just enough to get by, grumbling about this and that, and passing these techniques along to new workers.

After all, why bother shining when no one notices your achievements? Why bother trying when you could be in the next batch of layoffs?

A business fable packed with hard-won wisdom, The Invisible Employee follows a group of people who live and work together on a mysterious island.

In these pages, managers learn how to combat one of the most common negative attitudes in business – that smart employees keep their heads down and never do more than is asked of them.

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The Invisible Employee

  1. 1. Octpber 30, 2009 Business Summaries lite The Invisible Employee About Realizing the Hidden Potential in Everyone By Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton Adrian Gostick is managing director of The Carrot here is a crisis in business n your employees perspective Culture Group, a consulting today the invisible managers and senior leaders and training division of the employee eeling overlooked hold all the power anagement O.C. Tanner Company. He ignored and unappreciated decides when they come and go speaks to business audiences around the world and has invisible employees fight back what they work on how much been quoted in the New York the only way they they get paid nd Times, Investor’s Business know how – by if the company does Daily and many other particularly well it s publications. staying hidden in the corporate shadows management that gets doing just enough almost all the credit Chester Elton is vice president to get by grumbling and the rewards of performance recognition at O.C. Tanner, the world’s about this and that leading employee recognition and passing these firm. A popular speaker eeling overlooked and a consultant to Fortune techniques along ignored and 100 firms, he has been a to new workers fter all why unappreciated invisible featured presenter at the bother shining when no one SHRM national conference employees fight back the only and numerous other business notices your achievements way they know how by staying conferences. hidden in the corporate shadows *** doing just enough to get by ublisher INVISIBLE EMPLOYEES ohn iley ons t can happen to anyone nc anytime anywhere ou re he bottom line is you must hunched over the speaker during create an environment where a conference call straining to employees are treated as pages hear or picking up a fax and contributing important members wham uddenly you re invisible of the team – as grown ups not as children who must be led by The Invisible Employee | Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton
  2. 2. BusinessSummaries. The Nutshell the hand and certainly not as foes who must be controlled n a day and age where workers are asked to do more with less they are rebelling ot by n the best organizations and teams holding up picket signs outside your factory management sees and celebrates the fact that gate ut by grumbling finding ways to cut it s the employees who are getting the work corners and eventually blinking out done anagers are trained to listen to each employee and treat each person uniquely nd hat s love got to do with work lot in turn employees feel engaged committed it appears when it comes to employee and loyal satisfaction he best managers move their teams and THE POWER OF CHANGE companies from ordinary to extraordinary through something as simple as he secret of course is change hanging your office so that it really is the place etting a good vision employees thought it was when they hired on ctively seeing employee achievements that hanging the way all your leaders work with move your organization toward its goals employees ransforming your organization elebrating those achievements into a place people never want to leave nd if they ve already gone a place they line up to return to reat leaders you see lead people – not systems processes technology strategy or functions ecause when it comes right down SUCCEED! to it all those things can be replicated – but he secret to engaged employees and a your people can t successful workplace is in a company full of people who get up in the morning and throw their fist in the air and say es get to go uccessful companies have to have that in to work today nd that can be created something extra to create staying power with a focus on just three words et ee and nd that something extra is the passion of elebrate nd when you focus on those your people who feel noticed valued and uccess is not far behind appreciated n other words they feel visible and valued to the organization The Invisible Employee | Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton