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Book Summary: Twitterville


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Twitter is the most rapidly adopted communication tool in history, going from zero to ten million users in just over two years. On Twitter, word can spread faster than wildfire. Companies no longer have the option of ignoring the conversation.

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Book Summary: Twitterville

  1. 1. November 2009 Business Summaries lite About the Author Twitterville How Businesses Can Thrive In The New Global Neighborhoods By Shel Israel, Penguin Books Ltd., 2009 witter is the most rapidly o matter where you re from or adopted communication tool what you do for a living you will in history going from zero to find conversations on witter that Shel Israel is a writer and ten million users in are valuable espite speaker on social media just over two years the millions of people issues. He co-authored with n witter word joining the site you ll Robert Scoble the book Naked can spread faster than quickly find the ones Conversations, How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses wildfire ompanies who can make a Talk with Customers (John no longer have the difference to you Wiley & Son 2006). option of ignoring the conversation WHY YOU NEED He was the host of Global Neighbourhoods with Shel THIS BOOK Israel, an online video blog nlike other hot social media his book will explain how series, which was produced spaces witterville is dominated global neighborhoods will make by, covering by professionals not students geography increasingly irrelevant enterprise and trends in social media. He lives in nd despite its size it still feels t even explains why people Silicon Valley, California and like a small town witter allows sometimes really do care what you frequently speaks on social people to interact much the way had for lunch media related topics. they do face to face honestly and *** authentically ne minute you re EIGHT STEPS ublisher enguin ooks complaining about the weather egin your witterville journey td with local friends the next you re on the right foot with these eight talking shop with a colleague based steps pages halfway across the globe Twitterville | Shel Israel
  2. 2. The Nutshell Show Yourself. croll through some witter are impressed t s wiser to follow people whose pages and see what first catches your eye conversations matter to you hances are good that it will be the avatar image ost people like to see who they re talking to they re more likely to follow someone Avoid Spammer Stats. he worst thing you who uses an authentic photo over another whose can do is have stats that show you follow avatar is a cartoon or brand icon n the small people and only people follow you hese are space allotted by witter give some specific spammer stats erhaps no one is following you info about yourself and your work upply because you ve revealed so little of yourself ou links to your blog or web site n your bio say can easily fix this by growing slower ost more something useful about why you re on witter informative tweets and be more transparent ay where you live Have Favorites. here s a little star icon to Read first. Talk later. tart by reading what the right of each tweet ou can use it to make others have to say et a sense of the rhythm someone s post a favorite of a conversation before you join in ait until you have something useful or interesting to add to the conversation Take Your Time. witterville works like any other neighborhood eople start by chatting about weather lunch – the day to day things Post Second. ollow ater fter you ve read ften the conversation goes nowhere tapering other tweets for a while it s time to put up a few off into cyberspace f you try pushing yourself of your own hen you start say what you are too aggressively people may respond to you hoping to talk about his may start to get you in the same way they do the loudmouth at the some attention from the neighborhoods that party hey walk away and talk in circles that matter the most to you exclude you Friends Over Stars. hile witterville Think Neighborhood. f you move to a large luminaries may automatically follow you back city the first things you do are learn your way if you follow them they are unlikely to join around the neighborhood find the best way a conversation you start ou may think it to get to work and where to shop and eat o impressive that these big names are following not think of witter as a mass media tool but you but since most everyone knows that these a social tool stars will follow just about anyone few weeters Twitterville | Shel Israel