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Creating Sales Enablement Content in B2B marketing


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Why re-creating content again and again? Why ending up with multiple versions of the same content across your enterprise? There's a way to create a sustainable content base for your enterprise. BizSphere content re-use and single sourcing technologies allow you to plan and execute your content production in an organized way enabling content consumers to auto-generate the documents they need, when they need it - instantly and on-the-fly.

Content creation and actual content needs often don't match in an enterprise, and despite the variety of information at hand the options for your marketing department to express them appropriately are often confined. For example, your sales force expects custom-tailored content to support their sales activities? Your marketing department tries to meet the content needs of your sales force, but they're resourced to provide generic content. Sound familiar to you? So, why cant these tasks be as easy as pie? A baker uses certain ingredients, recipes and baking pans to create an almost unlimited variety of pastry, bread and bagels. Current content creation methods dont support such a level of flexibility. According to IDC's Sales Advisory Practice sales reps spend more than six hours a week generating presentations. If they could save just half that, they would have more time to talk to customers. Think how much more revenue they could generate. This is why we invented BizSphere.

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