Service robotic industry presentation 2010


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a presentation of service robotics made in 2010

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Service robotic industry presentation 2010

  1. 1. PIONEER PROFESSIONAL EVENT ON SERVICE ROBOTICS IN EUROPE 23-25th March 2011 14-16th March 2012 20/06/2010
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION « After tools prolonging Man’s hand, then machines multiplying his strength, Man is now projecting his intelligence into objects. Robots will populate our houses, schools and streets. It is a new step for Humanity» declares Bruno Bonnell, President of Syrobo.During 3 days, INNO-ROBO will demonstrate though concrete examples, thanks to thesharing of knowledge and entrepreneurial visions, why and how robotic technologiesare a source of innovation and growth for many companies in various sectors of activity.Inno-Robo takes a special care on networking. Inno-Robo thus provides uniqueopportunities to meet and share with inspiring people, who are at the origin of ideas forour future.
  3. 3. ROBOTS Is considered a Robot any system that includes « sensors », a processing capacity and « actuators », that is operating in an autonomous or semi autonomous way in cooperation with humans.Informations Actions Moves Mobility Processor Software Temperature Temperature A S c Light e t Light Object n u / Chemestry s a Chemistry System o t r o Forces Textures s r s Sounds Disformation Nano items Telecom Radio Sounds New materials Information Information
  4. 4. ROBOTS3 major classifications of Robots pending on their functionsand destinations:➫ INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS➫ MILITARY ROBOTS➫ SERVICE ROBOTS :In 1999, service robots were assessed statistically for thefirst time through a joint publication by the InternationalFederation of Robotics (IFR) and the United NationsEconomic Commission for Europe (UN ECE).
  5. 5. Service robotsRobots which operate semi or fully autonomously to perform servicesuseful to the well-being of humans,Robotic equipment, excluding military and manufacturing operations.Service robotics is usually divided into 2 main categories : - Professional service robots This includes Field, infrastructure, transport, logistic, medical and health, education, security and surveillance, representation robots. - Personal service robots Service robots that educate, assist, or entertain at home. This includes domestic robots that may perform daily chores, assistance robots (for people with disabilities or seniors), educational robots and robots that can serve as companions or robots for entertainment.
  6. 6. Professional Service Robots➫ « Field » Robotics ➫ Medical & Health Agriculture, mines, forestry, Surgery, diagnostic, re- education… assistance to breeding, space people➫ Construction & demolition ➫ Transportation Building, roads, bridges… Autonomous Vehicules, Automatic trains, …➫ Inspection & maintenance Plants, sub-marine inspection, ➫ Professional Robots pipelines, … Waiter Robots, Guide robots, Tour Robots…➫ Logistic ➫ Security & surveillance Warehouse Picking, Goods Fireman, police officer, transportation… information
  7. 7. Milking robot I n s p e c t i o n s y sDemolition systems t e m s
  8. 8. Personal service Robots➫ Home automation➫ Personal assistance robots Assistance to senior at home, well-being, E-Health➫ Domestic Robots Security, surveillance, internet, « tasks » robots : Hoover, mower, brooming robot, moping robots……➫ Education Robotic Kits, Research, Labs, Training, coach…➫ Entertainment Toys, leisure parks, soccer bots, social robots,… Mainstream High Tech & electronic
  9. 9. Service Robotics to drive grow th « The service robotics sector is already dynamic, active in a multitude of industries, emerging in many more, likely to have a serious worldwide economic impact, and encompasses all manner of processing, service, and assistance with robots. » -The Robot Report, May , 26th 2010Service robotics stocks still outperforming NASDAQ.Whereas Industrial Robots will have a steady need for robots, the real breakthrough andpotentially disruptive technologies will be in the area of service robots.
  10. 10. Wo r lw i d e e x p e c t a t i o n o f m a r k e t g r ow t h18 billions US dollars (14billions euros) worldwidein 2015 on the personalrobotics market Source ABI ResearchMassive increase due to :- multiplication of personal robot offers- more accessible prices- Increase of home penetration
  11. 11. Expectation of market growth per region Source ABI Research Europe is 3rd after Asia and US with more than 2 billion Euros in 2015.
  12. 12. Innovation through ROBOTICSCompanies- developing new products and services incorporating intelligence into machines- integrating emerging robotic technology into existing products- using robotic technologies to gain competitive advantage ➫ Electronics ➫ Mechanics ➫ digital ➫ Computer ➫ Design ➫ Telecommunication ➫ Personal Assistance
  13. 13. VERY BROAD FIELD OF opportunities➫ City infrastructures : transport, tourism, security, assistance,…➫ Communication & media➫ Health➫ Education➫ Digital entertainment➫ Home equipment➫ Monitoring & Security➫ Personal assistance
  14. 14. Examples of personal Service Robots in day to day life DOMESTIC ROBOTS : Task robots for home & garden, Security & surveillance Communication and Internet of things, Home automation
  15. 15. TASKS ROBOTS Save yourself time and burden with Task Robots ! ABI Research forecasts a tasks robot market of 8,5 billions of US$ in 2015. Mower Robots solar system Litter robot for an automatic litter cleaningVacuum robot Mop Robot Floor cleaning robot
  16. 16. TASKS ROBOTSProduct Revenue by Subsegment, World Market Forecast Source ABI ResearchLarge opportunities of growth for innovation in tasks Robots
  17. 17. ROBOTICS OF THINGS Tux Droid 2,MeBot, Avatar Videoconference robot a communicating Robot at home warns you whenMIT something new is happening in your place !
  18. 18. SECURITY – HOME AUTOMATION ROBOTS Telepresence Home Automation
  19. 19. Who is interested companies involved in the domestic sector: - Home equipment - gardening - household appliances - Security - Insurance and personal assistance - Telecommunication…. Just imagine what your products would be with integrated robotic intelligence. Imagine a bed that could analyze your body and set into the right position for your back, a clock that would study your sleeping cycle and wake you up when it is best, a pan that could evaluate the food and set the right cooking time…..
  21. 21. EDUCATION ROBOTS ARE A MUSTIntroducing robotics at school leads to a renewed interest of studentsfor scientific and technical carriers.Kids shall be in touch with the machines which will be part of their dailylife in the future to avoid a robotic divide.Train the robotic engineers for tomorrow’s jobs PALRO - FUJISOFT I ROBIQ - YUJIN ICUBE – EU PROJECT
  23. 23. Who is interestedAny company and institution dealing with Education: - Scientific and technical courses - education centers, schools, universities… - training facilities, summer class, … - Research laboratories - Digital content companies, training through Simulation…Just imagine what would be your learning experience when interacting with anintelligent machine anchored into reality and providing emotional feed-back
  24. 24. Examples of personal Service Robots in day to day life LEISURE ROBOTS Robotic toys, High Tech gadgets, Digital entertainment robotic devices collector items, Leisure parks…
  25. 25. ENTERTAINMENT ROBOTS the highest potential growth on the robotics market worldwide. Planned to reach 9 billions of US$ in 2015. Matching the evolution of the video game industry.Genibo Roboni-i Dinosaurs stalked the visitors Field Museum i-DASAROBOT- 2010 ROBONICA - 2010 Chicago KUMOTEK ROBOTICS - 2010
  26. 26. TOYS ROBOTS
  27. 27. Who is interested - Toy manufacturers - Digital content companies - Consumer electronic manufacturers - Global media firms IMAGINE A COMPETITION IN THE REAL WORLD BETWEEN A ROBOT AND A REMOTE CONTROL CAR, A DOLL WITH CONTEXTUAL SPEECH AND EMOTIONAL FEED-BACK, A ROBOTIC COMPANION ENTERTAINING THE WHOLE FAMILY.
  28. 28. Examples of personal Service Robots for the future Humanoid robots Ubiquitous robots Companions Butler
  29. 29. HUMANOID ROBOTS 1,3 Billions worldwide Seniors above 65yo in 2040, 14% of the labor force. Research labs actively work on designing humanoid robots to assist seniors and work collaboratively with humans in factories (Cobotic). Japan Figures
  30. 30. Importance of Human robot interaction Artificial intelligence, vision software, voice recognition, mapping or geo-localization..ASIMO MANOI NAO TOPIOHONDA KYOSHO ALDEBARAN ROBOTIC TOSY
  31. 31. Who is interested Every one ! Imagine your robotic butler carrying your shopping, cooking your dinner, taking care of your laundry, helping you in your work, and caring for your overall well-being.
  32. 32. Examples of professional Service Robots ROBOTS & HEALTH Assisting seniors, re-habilitation, prevention, Healthcare at home or in institutions….
  33. 33. HEALTH ROBOTS Since the mid-80s, overwhelming growth, both as a field of innovation and research and also as a market for new products and services. Today medical robotics is considered one of the success-stories of service robotics Paro reacts to the touch and voice and is mainly used for medical and therapeutic reasons to help mental disorder problems such as autistic kids or Alzheimer patients. - 2008320 very natural looking behaviors bear to react tothe visual analysis of the moves around it (thanksto the camera in its nose) as well as individualcontacts (thanks to the sensor captors in its headand body)FUJITZU- 2010
  34. 34. HEALTH ROBOTS PMR « Personal Mobility Robot » controled by a Wiimote. JSK Robotics - 2010 / NintendoRobot-assisted walkingtherapy, for children with Vinci is a surgical program,neurological conditions such improving surgeonsas cerebral palsy, to help capability to performimprove their ability to walk. minimally invasive procedures.
  36. 36. medical robotics has great potential to revolutionizeclinical practice by:- Facilitating medical assistance- Improving safety and overall quality of the medicalsurgery- Enhancing the cost-effectiveness- Improving the training and education of healthclinicians (simulation)
  37. 37. Who is interested Every company dealing with health, personal care and well-being - Pension houses, Hospitals & Clinics, pharmasist suppliers - Health and Insurance organizations - Health professionals : doctors, kinesiotherapist, psychologists, speech therapists … - Health centers: Re-habilitation, thermal, sports/cardio centers…Imagine the 12 minutes average time you spend with your doctor, being freeof any technical act and entirely dedicated to patient-doctor humanrelationship
  38. 38. Examples of professional Service Robots HUMANOID & UBIQUITOUS ROBOTS Programmable robotic platforms, Guides Information centers Hostesses, waiters….
  39. 39. PROGRAMMABLE ROBOTS Toyota Tour Guide Fujitsus Enon is a robotic museum Robot guide“ Care-O-bot 3”bringing and servingfresh drinks According to the Strategic Research Agenda for Robotics in Europe by the end of the next decade, we will find robots and devices with robotic functions employed everywhere. They will naturally interact with people both physically and cognitively based on advanced communication and information processing.
  40. 40. Who is interestedEvery Company/ Center/ Organization dealing with crowd and theirsuppliers : - Museum - Fun parks, zoo - Airports - Hotels/Holidays resorts, Camping, - Job Centers & Associations - Public institutions - RentalsImagine augmented reality information dispatched by service robots,scattered all around the city. You get news and tips according to your profileand wishes in the museum, the cafe, the streets…
  41. 41. Examples of Professional Service Robots ROBOTS & TRANSPORT Vehicles (trains, tubes, cars) Driver Assist Systems, Mobility
  42. 42. UNMANNED VEHICLESYet widely used for military & securitypurposes, unmanned vehicles are plannedto spread in our ordinary life with manyoperational, economic andenvironmental benefits.
  43. 43. Robucar Darpa Challenge Ultra at Heathrow airport
  44. 44. Who is interestedAny company having transportation involved - Automotive Industry - Cities - Designers - Car manufacturers - High tech companiesImagine you step in an unmanned car, you scan your destination andhere goes the car by itself, from door to door on a standard road…..just relax, safety is taken care of.
  45. 45. SERVICE ROBOTICS M AS S I V E G R O W T H W I T H I N T H E N E X T D E C AD E S➫ Service robotics will be one of the key growth factor for the 21st century➫ Very large field of applications for the existing robotic technologies➫ Brand new robots still to be imagined and created➫ Service robotics is meant to profoundly change our way of life and more generally improve our well-being