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Bizresearch Sample Reports2009


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Bizwatch Search Analytics Reporting Platform - Short Version - Shows a few reports for SEO Tools, Paid Search Tools, Competitor Analysis, Traffic Projection Keyword Research and Website Analytics Goal Keyword Conversion Trend Reports

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Bizresearch Sample Reports2009

  1. 1. Using Bizwatch™ for Monthly Reports A Search Marketing Analytics Platform Organic, Paid, & Web Analytics One Console Over 60 Reports Bizwatch Bizresearch 614-846-7560
  2. 2. Executive SEO Ranking Reports Bizwatch Bizresearch 614-846-7560 Advanced Sort Features Advanced Filters
  3. 3. SEO Ranking Trend Reports Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 Visualize Ranking Trends
  4. 4. Competitive Market Share Graphs Bizwatch Bizresearch 614-846-7560 Illustrates Top SEO Competitors & Number of Top Five Rankings
  5. 5. Traffic KPI Reports Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 Enhances Google Analytics Data
  6. 6. If Using Google Analytics? Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 Use Bizresearch’s Bizwatch to Get Advanced Filters, Keyword Buckets, Top Converting Terms Within One Click, One Report
  7. 7. Top Converting Keyword Buckets Paid vs Organic Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 Enhances & Simplifies Google Analytics Data
  8. 8. Google KPI Ad Campaign Reports Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 Visualize Ad Campaign/Group/Keyword KPIs
  9. 9. Ad Campaign Red Alerts Bizwatch 2.0 Bizresearch 614-846-7560 Alerts for Poor Conversion, High Cost/Conversion Campaigns & AdGroups
  10. 10. Sales Contact Bizwatch Bizresearch 614-846-7560 Laura Thieme [email_address] 614-846-7560 Or visit: