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Video Vocab 06 Law 3


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This video podcast introduces definitions and collocations related to commercial law, including: contract law; copyright; intellectual property rights, arbitration, lawsuit; to sue; to litigate; plaintiff; defendant; damages; settlement; injunction & to appeal.

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Video Vocab 06 Law 3

  1. 1. Law 3: Commercial Law Video Vocab 06
  2. 2. Law Part 1: Basic Legal Terms Part 2: Court Cases Part 3: Commercial Law
  3. 3. Review ? What do you remember from Part 2?
  4. 4. Review ? 1. What is the name for a lawyer in British English?
  5. 5. Review ? 2. What do we call a person who is testifying in a court case?
  6. 6. Review ? 3. When the jury retires, what verb do we use to describe their discussion of the case?
  7. 7. Review ? 4. How do we spell Jail in British English?
  8. 8. Answers How did you do?
  9. 9. Answer Solicitor 1. What is the name for a lawyer in British English?
  10. 10. Answer 2. What do we call a person who is testifying in a court case? Witness
  11. 11. Answer 3. When the jury retires, what verb do we use to describe their discussion of the case? Deliberate
  12. 12. Answer 4. How do we spell Jail in British English? G A O L
  13. 13. commercial law Commercial law is the body of law which governs business and commerce.
  14. 14. A dispute is a disagreement between two parties. dispute
  15. 15. A person or company on one side of a legal dispute . party
  16. 16. contractual dispute Disputes based on a disagreement over the terms of a contract .
  17. 17. terms of a contract The conditions that each side must fulfill in order to validate the contract .
  18. 18. contract make a contract To enter into an agreement. break a contract To not fulfill a condition of a contract. breach a contract To break a condition of a contract. collocations
  19. 19. contract be under contract To do work obligated by a contract. contract with To agree to do work based on the terms of a contract. contract out To arrange for work to be done by another company. collocations
  20. 20. contract law The area of commercial law used to regulate contracts between individuals and companies .
  21. 21. To control or supervise by means of rules and regulations. regulate
  22. 22. copyright law
  23. 23. An original creative work or invention . intellectual property
  24. 24. The ownership or permission to use a work . rights
  25. 25. Unauthorized use or reproduction of another’s work . piracy
  26. 26. The exclusive legal right , given to the creator or owner of a work to use the work to their benefit. copyright
  27. 27. Exclusive rights means only the owner has the right to use, perform or otherwise benefit from the work . exclusive rights
  28. 28. The rights of property owners and people who buy or lease property . property rights
  29. 29. The basic rights that society considers belong to every human . human rights
  30. 30. The rights of citizens to political and social freedom and equality . civil rights
  31. 31. Laws that govern the conditions and rights of employees . labor law ( employment law )
  32. 32. To break an agreement or not fulfill one of the terms . violate
  33. 33. The process by which the parties to a dispute submit their differences to the judgment of an impartial person. arbitration
  34. 34. Treat all parties in a dispute fairly and equally . impartial
  35. 35. The decision of the arbitrator must be followed . binding arbitration
  36. 36. The decision cannot be enforced by law but is based on professional respect for the arbitrator’s decision . non-binding arbitration
  37. 37. An experienced and respected professional or a lawyer . arbitrator
  38. 38. A claim against a person or an organization that is made in a court by a private person or company . lawsuit
  39. 39. lawsuit file a lawsuit To go through the process of making a legal claim. bring a lawsuit Same meaning as to file a lawsuit . drop a lawsuit To decide not to pursue a lawsuit . collocations
  40. 40. To make a legal claim against someone , especially for money , if you or your interests have been harmed in some way. sue
  41. 41. sue sue for The company was sued for damages by the injured worker. . sue over YouTube has been sued over its use of copyrighted material. collocations
  42. 42. A more formal word with the same meaning as to sue . litigate verb The process of suing another party. litigation noun
  43. 43. The company or person that files the lawsuit . plaintiff
  44. 44. Money that a court orders someone to pay the plaintiff for harming them or their property . damages
  45. 45. An agreement to resolve a dispute before it is taken to court . settlement
  46. 46. court cases state your case To argue your case in court. provide testimony A statement by a witness in court. present evidence To show evidence to the court. collocations to describe actions
  47. 47. verdict The final decision in a trial.
  48. 48. To find that the plaintiff has not proven their case. dismiss
  49. 49. A judicial order demanding the offending party stops infringing the other party’s legal rights . injunction
  50. 50. A formal court process by which the losing side asks a higher court to overturn or reverse the verdict of the lower court. appeal
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