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Tla talk pdf final

  1. 1. +TLA April 2012: Leveraging Your Skills & Rewrite theResume and Market YourselfKaren M. Landolt,Director of Career Design Center, College of Natural Sciences, UT AustinTara Iagulli,Director of Career Services Office, School of Information (iSchool), UT Austin
  2. 2. + Leveraging Your Skills & Rewrite the Resume and Market Yourself• Two career-services directors discuss ways job seekers can expand their resumes to appeal to a broader audience of hiring managers in and out of libraries.• Find out the practices to use and avoid during interviews.  Why Are You Here?
  3. 3. + Tara IagulliCounselor – Coach – Connector 7 years of career counseling, teaching, managing events & recruiting programs in the university environment Director, School of Information (iSchool) Career Services, UT Before iSchool, Sr. Career Advisor for College of Nat Sci, UT  Work with CS, HDFS, T&A, and Pre-Law students Previously a Career Counslor at Tulane Law School Masters of Education in Counseling; Bachelor’s in Spanish Worked in federal gov’t, mental health, and secondary education fields Oh the Places I’ve Lived…  LA, AK, WY, Spain, TX, Germany, FL, VA, GA, Philippines
  4. 4. + Karen M. Landolt Karen M. Landolt, Director, Career Design Center, College of Natural Sciences, UT Austin 16 years’ experience in organizational programming, teaching, and advising in non-profit, legal, and academic settings. Previous roles at UT since 2004: the Senior Associate Director and an Adjunct Lecturer at the McCombs School of Business – MBA, BBA Practiced IP law at a large venture capital/intellectual property firm. Founding partner of a boutique business & IP firm. Certified Mediator and is admitted to the MA bar. Before the Bar: Worked in the non-profit arena as an Emergency Housing Counselor with the YWCA, a Development Officer with St. Vincent de Paul Society, and as a Community Organizer with the Hunger Action Network of New York State. Degrees: Juris Doctor at Northeastern University School of Law; Bachelor of Arts in Government from The University of Texas at Austin.
  5. 5. + Why Are We, 2 non-librarians, Here?
  6. 6. + Movie TrailerWhat Draws You In?What You Will Learn Today? Develop a personal brand Create a tag-line Strategies to Make Your Resume Effective
  7. 7. + Powerful Brands
  8. 8. + How Can We Brand LIS?Don’t Assume Inherent ValueWhat do Information Professionals Do?“Brain Freeze”— how the deluge of information impairs our ability to make decisions -NewsweekAdaptive Competence –  Invent and Reinvent yourself, the job
  9. 9. + Personal BrandBrand provides the big picture –  Who you are and what you stand forConveys what makes you differentHow you are perceived by othersResults in: Your Pitch or Tagline
  10. 10. + Starting Point - IntrospectionKnow Yourself –  Goals, passions, skills & motivations  Formal & Informal assessmentBrand is based in authenticity- what is genuine and real to youAssuming you’ve done this introspective work…
  11. 11. + Perceptions Are Reality What Others Think Counts—  have a complete and accurate understanding of their perceptions of your brand attributes Conduct a 360 interview  what do they think are your greatest strengths, most serious weaknesses, & attributes that make you stand out  Compare -realize that what you project may not match what you feel or intend
  12. 12. + Brand = Rational + Emotional Rational Attributes are Foundation:  Dependability, Trustworthiness, Ethics & Competence Emotional Attributes are Icing:  Confident, Vulnerable, Empathic, Witty, Passionate, Forgiving, Appreciative, Caring Ever met a MAC only user?  Youcan feel their emotional bond to their preferred brand
  13. 13. + Positive Branding & Re-BrandingValue your Education – Sell It!Be Adaptable, ignore job descriptionsNew? Embrace your FRESH perspectiveStand OUT – what’s your bonus prize? Capitalize on your personal strengths
  14. 14. + Easy Image Points…Dress to ImpressBe Early, Stay LateEmail— be formal, limit them, be strategic - not demandingCreate a Tagline  Get someone’s attention  A reputation is hard to earn and easy to burn!
  15. 15. + The Art of Storytelling How do you spot a good story? Translate what you already know about what makes a story compelling to create your own stories. Haveenthusiasm and an interesting story about your work/project Tellme about yourself – Foundation to self- pitch, cover letters, interviewing, profile
  16. 16. + Creating a Tagline, Pitch, Self-Spiel1. Simple2. Concrete3. UnexpectedWhat do you do and why should I care?Start developing yours now
  17. 17. + Joel Lang – iSchool Alum - TaglineWas the GRA for the Business Lib at UT & Intern for Austin VenturesStraddling multiple fields—looking for common threadHis tagline: “ I accelerate the process of business discovery.”Had 4 points backing up how he did that
  18. 18. + Tara’s TaglinesWhen emphasizing counseling/coaching aspect “I foster growth of human capital”  Identifyunique strengths & help clients own them  Ask probing questions, listen attentively, note incongruence  Provide instantaneous feedback & concrete examples  Give permission to claim excellence – unlock chainsWhen emphasizing recruiting aspect “I develop and source quality candidates for employers.”
  19. 19. + Unmil’s Tagline- iSchool ProfessorI harness technology to advance discovery and engage learners.  study the work practices of teachers, students, and scholars  design software solutions to support existing practices and envision new practices evaluate the impact of the designed software on the work practices
  20. 20. + What’s Your Tagline? - ExerciseTodayTomorrow…For This Audience or That (externally)For Yourself (internally)Use this as a jumping off point for  “Tell Me About Yourself”
  21. 21. Behavioral Style Interview Questions Past behavior is predictive of future performance Format: Tell me about a time when…or Give me an example of… Answer using brief, specific examples Use Wikipedia or dictionary to define abstract concepts like teamwork, leaderships, adaptability, communication Use the STAR method to keep you on track  Situation  Task  Action  Result
  22. 22. + Interview Diary or Journal Information Retrieval Strategy Need to Catalog Stories Metatag them with the associate positive behavioral traits Review stories w/tags like you would study for a test
  23. 23. + I’m Searching for a… Reverse Engineer what Recruiters are doing LinkedIn (good photo is essential) Blogs Twitter YouTube What does your resume, cover letter & web presence say about you?
  24. 24. + RESUMES
  25. 25. + You are the Hiring Manager  Take2 minutes to review the job description and resumes by yourself  Select your top candidate  Share your vote with the group
  26. 26. + Position Description  User Experience/User Interface: interaction design, visual design/ graphic arts, and usability research craft easy-to-use products for a varied use population on the Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X platforms. They are experts in human- computer interaction (HCI) who are both detail-oriented and technical in nature.  Pursuing Bachelors or Masters Degree in Computer Science or equivalent  School or industry projects involving significant design and development  Previous internship experience is a plus
  27. 27. + Reflections on ExerciseHow much time did you devote to reviewing each resume?Was it easy to select the top candidate?Think about your own resume… Would you hire yourself?
  28. 28. + Make an Impact – Describing Your Experience Ensure bullets show a specific task, action, and quantifiable result/impact One main idea per bullet point Tailoryour bullets to the job description, emphasize transferable skills
  29. 29. + Use Job Descriptionsresponsible for coordinating the implementation of new electronicproducts and services to enhance our digital users’experience. The person in this position will take a leadershiprole in the continued development of digital library resources, ensuringcoordination between technical and public services in theimplementation and delivery of services.Responsibilities will include but not be limited to evaluatingemerging technology products for potential application, overseeing aspects ofcitation management software integration and support, developing plans forimplementation of mobile services, and enhancing the library experience ofdistance learners. The Digital User Services Librarian will alsoparticipate in appropriate public service activities in order tounderstand the RUL user perspective and needs.
  30. 30. Structure of Bullets Rank bullets in order of importance – most important bullet first Begin with powerful, past tense verbs  Avoid “participated in,” “worked with,” “responsible for,” etc. Don’t reuse the same verbs
  31. 31. What Recruiters Look At During The 6 Seconds They+ Spend On Your Resume In the short time that they spend with your resume, the study showed recruiters will look at: your name current title and company current position start and end dates previous title and company previous position start and end dates educationVivian Giang | Apr. 9, 2012, 12:04 PM | www.businessinsider.comRead more:
  32. 32. +
  33. 33. + How to Quantify Your Accomplishments From a student résumé: • Answer questions, shelve books, check out books, answer phone Replace with: • Provided print and online reference services to students, faculty, and staff in the research library of a university with 52,000 students and 19,000 faculty and staff • Taught faculty, staff, and students the use of online reference resources such as Lexis-Nexis, Dialog, and Factiva • Maintained the stacks of a major research library using Library of Congress and Dewey Decimal classification systems
  34. 34. + Action Statements that Reflect Results Original Entry: • Duties included Website re-design Revised Entry: • Created an effective association Website that resulted in a 25% increase in hits within 2 weeks through usability testing and re-design as a member of a 3-person team
  35. 35. + Action Statements that Reflect Results Original Entry: • Responsible for cataloging Revised Entry: • Managed the trouble-free migration of a card catalog system into an online catalog system through a comprehensive cataloging vendor selection process
  36. 36. + Action Statements that Reflect Results Original Entry: • Responsible for children’s programs Revised Entry: • Increased participation in a children’s summer reading program by 20% through the redesign of the program and the development of Web-based marketing
  37. 37. Trendy Job TitlesDigital Assets ManagerBusiness Intelligence ArchitectSocial Media Strategist/ManagerKnowledge ManagerInformation Management SpecialistContent ManagerUser Experience DesignerDirector of User Educator (software company)
  38. 38. + HandoutResume GuideAction Verbs ListSuper Resume Example
  39. 39. + Morale of the StoryKnow Your AudienceOne Size Does Not Fit AllDisclaimer:Creating An Effective Brand is a lot of Work that Results in More Work!
  40. 40. +  Slides will be posted on next week
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