Getting started with google+ local pages


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How to claim a Google+ Local page for your business. Step-by-step instructions in this easy to follow presentation from

Learn what Google+ Local is and why its important for local businesses.

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Getting started with google+ local pages

  1. 1. Getting Started with Google+ Local Pages creating measurable results (425) 835-3412
  2. 2. What is Google+ Local? bizmktg.comGoogle+ is Googles social service that was created, in-part, to compete withFacebook.Google launched "Google+ Local" as a feature of Google+ on May 30, 2012.Google+ Local replaces to "Google Places.""Helping people find, rate and share your business," is how Googlepositioned Google+ Local to business owners on its Google And Your Businessblog.Google adds, "...we are bringing the community of Google+ to local businessowners around the world. We aim to improve the way people discover newbusinesses, rediscover places they love, and share them with their friendsacross the web.
  3. 3. What is a Google+ Local Page? bizmktg.comA "Google+ Local Page" is an info page about your business that shows up inGoogle Web Search and Map Search results. Its free from Google.
  4. 4. Do Google+ Local Pages matter? bizmktg.comGoogle now prominently features Google+ Local Pages in Web Search Resultsand Map Search Results. If someone is searching Google for a local business,product or service, there is a good chance a Google+ Local Page will beincluded in the search results.
  5. 5. Google Maps Search example
  6. 6. Claiming your Google+ Local Page bizmktg.comTo get started, go to Google Maps and type in yourbusiness phone number in the following format "(Area Code) Prefix-Number"
  7. 7. Claiming your Google+ Local Page bizmktg.comNext, a list of search results will appear down the left side of the page. Eachlisting will have a letter beside it, starting with "A" at the top and correspondingpinpoints will be shown on the map.Click the listing in the left column that most closely matches your businessincluding phone number and address. If you find multiple listings for yourbusiness, select the most complete and accurate listing.Now click the "More Info" link.
  8. 8. Claiming your Google+ Local Page bizmktg.comNow, down the right side of the page you should see "Is This Your Business?"and "Manage this page." Click Manage this page. Make sure you are loggedinto the Google or Gmail account that will be used to manage this listing in thefuture. If you dont have a Gmail account, go to Gmail and create one.
  9. 9. Claiming your Google+ Local Page bizmktg.comSelect "Edit my business information" from the page that appears next. Noticethe page titled is "Google places" which is Googles old local business service.
  10. 10. Claiming your Google+ Local Page bizmktg.comIf your Google+ Local Page was already claimed, you may see this page. If so,find "Your business info" and select "Edit."
  11. 11. Claiming your Google+ Local Page bizmktg.comNow Add and Edit theinformation.Be sure to check andedit your Main phone.Add an emailaddress, your websiteaddress and a 200character descriptionof your business.Also select at leastone category for yourbusiness. You mayhave up to 5.The more complete yourpage is, the better it looks!
  12. 12. Claiming your Google+ Local Page bizmktg.comNext, add Hours ofoperation andPayment options.
  13. 13. Claiming your Google+ Local Page bizmktg.comPhotosAdd up to ten photosof your business orproducts. Google willautomatically create110 X 110 Pixelthumbnails of eachphoto which will link tothe full image.VideosAdd up to fiveYoutube videos aboutyour business. Youmay upload yourvideos to Youtube inorder to use themhere.
  14. 14. Claiming your Google+ Local Page bizmktg.comFinally, add AdditionalDetails about yourbusiness. This is agreat way todistinguish yourbusiness, especially ifyou have uniquebenefits potentialcustomers/clients arelooking for.Once the page iscomplete as possible,select "Submit."Note: You can make edits tothe page later if you need toadd or change informations.
  15. 15. Claiming your Google+ Local Page bizmktg.comOnce you select Submit,the "Finish" page whichvalidates your ownershipwill appear. Validate "Byphone" is quickest.Note: In order to validateby phone someoneneeds to answer thatphone # listed for yourbusiness and enter acode into the phone.Once validated, you willreceive an email withinstructions to makefuture edits of yourGoogle+ Local Page.
  16. 16. Re-Editing your Google+ Local Page bizmktg.comTo make additional editsto your page, login toyour Gmail or GoogleAccount, then go to: find "Your businessdetails" and "Edit."In order for edits to beused, you will most likelyneed to re-verify yourownership. This is atedious process but ithelps Google insure thatedits to the pages arebeing done by the realowners of thebusinesses.
  17. 17. Customer Reviews & Google+ Local bizmktg.comNow that you haveclaimed and editedyour page, you willwant to get customerreviews added to yourpage. These areimportant becauseGoogle is rankingbusinesses higher insearch results if theyhave five or morereviews. Also,Google is nowfavoring its ownreviews overCitySearch,InsiderPages andother reviews.
  18. 18. Customer Reviews & Google+ Local bizmktg.comDirect your customers & clients to your Google+ Local page to write a review for your business.The URL for your Google+ Local page starts with "" followed by a longstring of numbers (see example below). You can use Googles own URL shortener to makethis URL easier to use. Googles URL shortener is located at For example, theshortened URL for this businesss Google+ Local page is Only customers with a Gmail or Google account can write reviews about your business.
  19. 19. Need help? creating measurable results (425)