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E Zine October 2009


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E Zine October 2009

  1. 1. issue no. 3 ue i ss 0 09 r2 o be O ct Biz in Biz o u t Welcome to Bizin-Bizout Bizin-Bizout is a new kind of advertising service to new and existing businesses. It is designed to assist new businesses to advertise their products and services through the media and the internet. Featured Companies Inside: • The will be a useful website for everyone organising an event. Pg2 • All ROI Residents to Learn Chinese Free. Pg5
  2. 2. live online classes Our Teaching Style been e has erienc showed my The Open College of Ireland specialises in the “The exp When I sses use of live online classes, which is a version of fa ntastic. ve cla the well tried and trusted traditional classroom the li ” colle agues mazed. based teaching, modified to suit online delivery. they were a This approach allows trainers to broadcast o nline, , Lond on gton video, audio, whiteboard and slides live as well n Pilkin Stephe as allowing remote learners to ask questions both during and between classes. For learners who miss classes or wish to revise materials, classes can be recorded. Learners can be given access to materials for access between live classes and also have access to communication tools to interact with their trainer and fellow learners. The advantages to students is that they are very comfortable with the teaching method and are reassured by the facility of getting support from a real trainer at any time. The advantages to trainers is that they have to learn very few new skills and can put their courses online with a very low level of “This on line cou investment. want I n rse was eeded. I just If you would like to discuss this with us in more and trav work lat el a lot e detail, please feel free to contact us. learning . With o I can at nline Sligo, Ireland live whe tend cla n I'm on ss e s Phone: +353 (0) 71 9145813 the road at a lat or Fax: 1 800 123 5342 er time me.” Sarah that sui email: Mc ts Gloin, L imerick 1
  3. 3. wh at now? Ireland’s One Stop Shop for Every Occasion M ilford based Dubliner Jennie Byrne is in the process of launching The Venue, the country’s ultimate venue finding website. The website will list venues across Ireland for all occasions, from Wedding & Conference Venues to Party & Family Venues, Hen & Stag ideas to Restaurant & Nightclub Venues The website will launch end of September 2009 The will be a useful website for and will have many unique features such as: everyone organising an event. • An event guide According to Jennie Byrne, Owner of The Venue • A venue shopping bag for short listing venues,, “Before when people where looking for or email them to a friend or use for comparison researching a venue they had to jump from purposes website to website, all I have done is made it • Discussion forums and simple and easy for them by providing all the information necessary to arrange their perfect • Customer review section. event for every occasion under one roof” In addition to listing venues for all occasions The An added extra special feature which adds to the will provide listings of suppliers uniqueness of The Venue is a Local located near venues, suppliers will consist of Information Point where each town in Ireland will Hairdressers, Bridal Wear, Photographers, Florists, have its own dedicated section on the site where Party Accessories and much more, along with full customers can find out information on their chosen listings of “Things to do” in the area. venue location, listing the areas full amenities, The Venue Shop will also feature “Your Home” as maps, public transport facilities and much more. a possible venue for an event, featuring full listings “The location and local amenities of the venue is of marquees, caters, tips and ideas for using your one of the most fundamental elements when the home as a party venue. For further information on customer is choosing a venue, they should getting your business listed please email compliment and sell each other. The Venue aims to promote both venues and Jennie Byrne is a Dublin native and a first class locations across Ireland providing a very useful honour degree student from the Limerick Institute and informative tool for both national and of Technology (BBS Marketing). Jennie is a international consumers” Said Jennie. marketing specialist with a wealth of experience in 2
  4. 4. media, publishing, hospitality, tourism and that integrated all occasions, here Jennie saw a information technology. Jennie relocated to gap in the market for such a site and has been Donegal two years ago with partner Donegal man developing her idea and creation, The Venue Shop Shaun Peoples and has been developing The ever since. for the last couple of months. The The idea for The Venue Shop came about when Forquar, Milford, Co Donegal Jennie was working in the hospitality industry. Tel: 086 7373235 email: With loads of excellent sites dedicated to wedding venues, conference venues etc there wasn’t a site Go2mobile Solutions Launch SMS Weather T his service is available to anybody wishing to to find there was report the weather in their area via SMS, so pockets of rain others travelling there can be alerted to it. along Valentia. Very useful for the likes of people organising So, we are outside events, activities etc. providing a Go2mobile Solutions Launch SMSWeather- An web portal at Irish First: User Generated Localised Weather no cost for all Reporting System using Mobile Technology Irish people to generate and report the weather from their local areas. People can then Go2mobile aims to build a daily picture of weather search weather updates within the web portal in every area of Ireland for real-time user generated using Smart Phones, Net books,Laptops etc. forecasting using SMS, MMS and SmartPhone technology. This system will be free to use, just the Everybody in Ireland talks about the weather. This cost of sending a SMS from the recipient’s network just allows them to reach a wider forum! provider. It is very simple to do The benefits are varied such as: Send Weather Updates To 353866055506 Include • Safety In SMS “SMSWEATHER” and your Area • Journey Planning eg. SMSWEATHER Sun shining, 1.1 swells,gentle • Event planning breeze- Fenit. For example, how many times have you thought To avail of this system, please use the following about going to the beach that is 40 minutes away, link: because the sun is shining where you live but on arrival you find that it has being raining there all For more information about the service: day? Have you planned picnics, rambling events only to More Information: John Ahern, Managing Director be thwarted when you get there by weather that Contact: 353 61 305 300 just wasn’t reported? You saw a large sun over email: Kerry on the weather forecast so off you went, only Website: 3
  5. 5. new website connects homebrewers nationwide T he deepening recession has seen a surge of The site has attracted much attention since its newcomers and the return of old hobbyists launch, appearing on TV3’s Ireland AM and to the world of home brewing. gathering a following on sites such as Facebook intends to help connect them all, in the name of and Stumbleupon. great beer! It takes an average of 3 weeks to brew a 40 pint In a time where purse strings are tight and a trip to batch of beer and with prices starting as low as 25 the pub can burn a hole in your pocket faster than cents per pint it’s not surprising to learn that ever, Galwegian Eugene Burke is bringing the pub homebrewing has seen a surge in interest due to to the people, in the name of homemade beer, with the recession since the start of the year. Says the launch of Intended as a social Eugene of the hobby: “Home brewing is a craft community-based website where home brewers of and a constant learning process. There are so all levels of expertise, including beginners, can many factors that affect the final taste of your seek and give advice, organise gatherings, read home brew yet it’s not a difficult process to articles and discuss all things home brew related, understand. A lot of my customers are new to the the website as boasts an online store, blog and hobby and have told me that they are in love with it information centre. already. The fact that you have to wait for the brew to ferment builds your anticipation and makes the The idea came to the 24-year old engineering first mouthful all that more enjoyable.” graduate when he saw that many of his friends wanted to brew beer, but were put off by the lack “Ultimately though”, says NooBru’s founder, “I just of support available. “Brewing beer can be a want to help people learn a little about the origins dumbfounding process when you first try it out, so and craft involved in the production of the worlds it’s important to have good support and clear oldest alcoholic drink, a drink which is too often direction from the beginning in order to save taken for granted. If my website can play some yourself time and effort.”, says Eugene. small part in addressing that problem, whilst “ does just that by filtering producing great tasting beer at the same time, I’ll information, connecting brewers together and be happy.” As part of their launch, NooBru is providing an online social space for them to offering a 10% reduction on all orders for the first interact, encourage and share with each other, 100 customers. regardless of their experience.” For more information on how you can brew your “Brewing your own beer is very rewarding. It’s a own beer at home, visit great conversation starter and there’s something very wholesome about drinking homemade brew. The bragging rights that come with being a home brewer don’t do any harm either! ” As well as the online community also boasts a store, a blog and an information centre, containing articles on all things homebrew related. Members can look for home brew gatherings in their area, advertise their own gathering, or even organise group tours of local breweries. 4
  6. 6. All ROI Residents to Learn Chinese Free Irish Entrepreneur’s Education Stimulus Package, the leading online destination from 1 September 2009 to 1 May 2010, when the for Mandarin Chinese learners, announced today Shanghai World EXPO opens. that it will offer its award-winning service free of The ‘Learn Chinese in Ireland’ campaign charge to all residents of Ireland, from 1, led by September 2009 to 1 May 2010, when the ChinesePod’s Irish co-founder Ken Carroll, offers Shanghai World EXPO opens. to Ireland’s four million residents access to, the leading online destination ChinesePod’s audio and video lessons, mobile for Mandarin Chinese learners, announced today study tools, and online teacher support. that it will offer its award-winning service free of Subscription usually costs between US$9 and charge to all residents of Ireland, $199. 5
  7. 7. “We are offering an introduction to Chinese for About Ken Carroll everyone in Ireland who might be interested”, Ken Carroll is originally explained Carroll. “The service has been designed from Dublin, Ireland, to cater for absolute beginners of the language, but has lived in China and literally anyone in the country can try it out for since 1996. He speaks free. Lessons are short and lighthearted, and can Chinese plus four other be consumed using a computer, iPod, or languages. As well as smartphone (iPhone etc.). Co-founding “We believe this is a good time to raise awareness ChinesePod, Ken hosts in Ireland of the rich possibilities that China ChinesePod’s Newbie presents – economically, linguistically, and and Elementary culturally. Hopefully, too, it will contribute to the podcast lessons with discussion on how innovation can assist recovery Jenny Zhu, his native from the current global economic downturn. It also Chinese co-host. He dovetails with the 30th anniversary of Sino-Irish also runs Kai En, a diplomatic relations.” leading chain of Shanghai-based Anyone living in Ireland can activate their free English language ChinesePod subscription. To do so, simply text schools. ‘ChinesePod’ to 57199 from an Irish phone to receive a voucher code (texts cost €1 each), then Ken has been invited to Dublin in September to visit to complete attend the Global Economic Forum at Farmleigh in the sign-up process. Offer ends October 31st 2009. Ireland, where business leaders from around the world will discuss ways to assist in the economic With full support from the Irish Ambassador to recovery. China, Declan Kelleher, and Xu Lin, Director of HanBan (affiliated to the Ministry of Education of China), ChinesePod is hoping to highlight this as a About HanBan great chance for Irish residents to learn more about Hanban is the executive body of the Chinese China. Language Council International, ( non- governmental and non-profit organization affiliated About Learn Chinese in Ireland to the Ministry of Education of China. Details of the campaign can be found at Hanban is committed to making the Chinese language and culture teaching resources and services available to the world, to meeting the About ChinesePod demands of overseas Chinese learners to the Based in Shanghai, was founded utmost, to contributing to in 2005 and was the first language learning the formation of a world product launched by Praxis Language Ltd. The of cultural diversity and first website to teach Mandarin Chinese through harmony. podcasting, ChinesePod now has over 250,000 users globally and an unrivalled archive of 1200+ online lessons. A free 7-day trial is available for non-Irish learners on Further details can be found at 6
  8. 8. k to basics irish consumers get bac according to consumer website C onsumer website,, has • Half the population claim to be clothes shopping revealed that consumer behaviour has less often than they were at the same time last altered significantly within the past year. The year. 55% of women and 44% of men are clothes Vices and Indulgences survey, conducted by RED C, shopping less frequently. details how consumers have re-examined their • One-third of survey participants claim to visit the spending habits and cut back on non-essential hairdresser less often than this time last year, with items. this increasing to over 4 in 10 (43%) for females. Many Irish consumers are no longer able to • 40% claim to purchase take away coffee less financially support ‘life’s little luxuries’ such as often than at the same time last year. For under playing the Lotto, clothes shopping, eating out, 35’s the decrease is most evident, at 45%. drinking alcohol or buying take away coffee, • 1 in 3 claim to have decreased frequency of either amongst others. gambling/betting or playing Lotto compared to the Commenting on the survey findings, Niall Mc Henry, same time last year. Founder of says: Notably, eating out and clothes shopping are the Today’s consumers are motivated to obtain value for areas of personal expenditure that have been most money and if they don’t believe that they are affected. Interestingly, a substantial number of receiving value they are voting with their feet’. survey participants continue to play the Lotto. In fact, 12% are playing the Lotto more often than the The Vices and Indulgences survey reveals that 87% same time period last year. The survey results also of survey participants indicated that they have highlight what purchases the consumer views as reduced the frequency of at least one of the listed either a luxury or a necessity. While gross activities, while more than one-third of survey consumption appears to have fallen by the weigh participants have reduced the frequency for at least side, addictive habits such as smoking are 4 out of the 8 activities listed. Some key findings apparently harder to kick. include: • 53% of participants claim to be eating out less. Research was conducted by independent market This decrease in activity is especially prevalent research agency, RED C Research. Results are among those aged 25-54, at 62%. based on a nationally representative sample of 1,005 adults, with research conducted via telephone • 40% claim to be drinking alcohol less often. The omnibus between 5th & 7th September 2009. decrease frequency is highest among the 35-54 age category with 46% claiming to drink less To view the survey results in greater detail, visit often. • 16% claim to be smoking less. The number of For further information, please contact Niall Mc individuals who claimed to smoke less often was Henry, Managing Director or Grace Carroll, Comm higher among those under 35 (23%) and lower Officer at: email: or among those over 55 (7%). Tel: 01 415 1253 7
  9. 9. Local Businesses Encouraged to Sign up for Free to Receive More Custom! T he answer to the country’s economic woes may be over with the help of a soon to be launched localised discount card which will promote local businesses to natives and tourists alike all over Ireland., the brainchild of Cork woman Gr·inne Sherlock will allow businesses in towns all over the country to advertise for FREE OF CHARGE when they offer a discount on their product or service to prospective customers. offers is a discount card that consumers can use to save money off all local services and shops with discounts doubt, ranging from 10 % to 20 %. Each participating generate new business for all participants and store will be supplied with a special stamp so they reintroduce old customers back to their local are identifiable to card holders so all the customer shops. Everyone loves a bargain and now you can has to do is look out for the stamp to avail of achieve lots for just €10! We will also be donating discounts in their local shops, restaurants, hotels a percentage of the card sales to local charities and other service providers. nominated by participated businesses.” The cost of the card is a bargain €10 and will be The Local Discounts card will be rolled out across valid for 12 months from date of purchase. A towns throughout the country in the next 8 to 12 special card for online shops can also be months and all participants will be listed on the purchased on the website by means of a code for website, making it easy for locals to see where just €5. they can receive their discounts. Speaking of the venture, Grainne Sherlock said “Now more than ever keeping business local is Grainne Sherlock vital. I believe that local businesses can be at the Mobile: 086 2119326 heart of reviving the economy but people need the encouragement to shop local again and the discount card promotes this. This card will, without 8
  10. 10. Digital Media Awards Ireland now open L et the battle begin! Nominations and voting Design/Development Agency, Best in Media and open for the Satellite Broadband Ireland Mobile Internet Innovation. Also open to public Digital Media Awards 2010 nomination, and back by popular demand, is the Best in Blogging Award, to recognise Ireland’s Ashville Media Group is delighted to announce the most informative and entertaining bloggers. launch of the Digital Media Awards 2010, and officially welcome its new headline partner Satellite In July this year, Eamon Ryan, Minister for Broadband Ireland. Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, and Conor Lenihan, Minister of State for the The Awards, now in their 8th year, recognise and Information Society, unveiled the Government’s reward the most stylish, creative, and pioneering plan to create 30,000 jobs over the next 10 years in work within the digital media industry in Ireland. the Irish digital media industry, in order to For 2010, there are 21 categories awarding the encourage Ireland’s economic recovery and job innovation and talent of individuals and companies creation. Given the challenges currently facing in areas including viral marketing, web design, industry in Ireland, these plans further highlight the financial services, animation, digital advertising, e- importance of the Digital Media Awards in business and pod casting. promoting and honouring the new and innovative Commenting on their partnership with the Digital digital media technologies and industries in Ireland. Media Awards 2010, Kevin Ryan, CEO, from For further information on the Satellite Broadband Satellite Broadband Ireland said, “The Digital Ireland Digital Media Awards 2010, and to Media Awards is a great opportunity for new and nominate, please visit the brand new website established companies within the Digital Telecommunications sector to get recognition for their hard work and commitment. Choosing to Winners will be unveiled at a black-tie gala event, sponsor the awards was an easy one for us. As a hosted by Radio DJ, Ian Dempsey, on 25th new company we were profiled at last year’s February 2010 in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Santry. awards, so we know first hand just how important The Satellite Broadband Ireland Digital Media these awards are in rewarding and recognising the Awards 2010 are also supported by Blueface, amazing work that takes place within the industry.” Connect-World, Enterprise Ireland, Eset, Lightbox, NewsAccess, Sony Ericsson, The Digital Hub and For 2010, four new categories have been added to the Irish Times. reflect changes and new trends in digital media. These are Best Viral Event, which will reward the Hannah Bates best viral campaign of 2009 as nominated by Events Executive, Digital Media Awards 2010 members of the public, Best Web or 01-4322205. 9
  11. 11. Tenders Redevelopment of IHRC Website By InterTradelreland Ref: 16/09/2009, Deadline:07/10/2009 Document Type: Invitation to tender By the Irish Human Rights Commission Document Type: Invitation to Tender Web Content Filtering & Reporting Solution (WFS) for HSE Interactive household expenditure tool Ref: 21/08/2009, Deadline: 14/09/2009 Ref: 15/09/2009, Deadline: 05/10/2009 By Health Service Executive By The National Consumer Agency (NCA) Document Type: Contract Notice Document Type: Invitation to Tender Press Clippings Service I.T. Hardware Support Services Ref: 10/09/2009, Deadline: 09/10/2009 Ref: 15/09/2009, Deadline: 12/10/2009 By The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) By Office of the Ombudsman Document Type: Invitation to Tender Document Type: Invitation to Tender RFT for Supply, Installation and Maintenance Oracle Database Administration Assistance of Duplex Printing System Ref: 03/09/2009, Deadline: 16/10/2009 Ref: 28/08/2009, Deadline: 13/10/2009 By Department of Education & Science By Office of the Revenue Commissioners Document Type: Contract Notice Document Type: Contract Notice Tender for website and intranet development and maintenance Ref: 10/09/2009, Deadline: 02/10/2009 Tender for website and intranet development and maintenance Interactive household expenditure tool Press Clippings Service Redevelopment of IHRC Website I.T. Hardware Support Services Web Content Filtering & Reporting Solution (WFS) for HSE RFT for Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Duplex Printing System Oracle Database Administration Assistance 10
  12. 12. Directory jdldigital Photography John Lowes Tel: 087 9456446 Sligo, Ireland Email: Phone: +353 (0) 71 9145813 Fax: 1 800 123 5342 email: Henry, Managing Director or Grace Carroll, at: email: or Forquar, Milford, Co Donegal Tel: 086 7373235 Tel: 01 415 1253 email: Grainne Sherlock John Ahern, Managing Director Mobile: 086 2119326 Contact: 353 61 305 300 email: NooBru Supplies Cregville Hazelwood Castlegar Co. Galway Biz in Biz o u t To advertise in the next issue please contact Advertising Rates: John @ website €25 e-zine magazine Designed by Helen Phelan and John Lowes half page €50 full page €100