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Dell Doldrums


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Dell Doldrums

  1. 1. Dell Doldrums+
  2. 2. “ [Dell’s] predicament may be intractable. Dell remained slavishly loyal to its core idea of ultra-efficient supply-chain management and direct sales to customers, even as rivals have stepped up their game. … Instead of adapting, critics say, Dell cut costs in ways that compromised customer service and, possibly, product quality.” — BW , 0904 “ They’re a one-trick pony. It was a great trick for over 10 years.” —tech exec/ BW “ Dell’s culture is not inspirational or aspirational. This is when they need to be imaginative, but [Dell’s] culture only wants to talk about execution.” —Geoffrey Moore “ There are some organizations where people think they’re a hero if they invent a new thing. Being a hero at Dell means saving money.” — Kevin Rollins, CEO, Dell
  3. 3. Free at Last: Most Recent Chapter in a Long-running Saga Freescale Semiconductor * * $16B
  4. 4. Spinoffs systematically perform better than IPOs … track record, profits … “freed from the confines of the parent … more entrepreneurial, more nimble ” — Jerry Knight / Washington Post/ 08.2005