Seo & Effective Blogging Tips


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Blogging is different from formal academic writing due to the conversational and minimalist style of blog posting. Since the netizen (citizen of the internet) has abundant sources of information at their fingertips, they don’t waste time staying on sites that lack the ability to deliver a high-speed comprehension of the searched content; while spontaneously surfing through countless websites, the netizen will be more engaged with pages containing pertinent and concise content in a clearly structure format. In order for your site to even be clicked on, it’s necessary to use SEO techniques.

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Seo & Effective Blogging Tips

  1. 1. SEO &Effective Blogging Tips
  2. 2.  Write Great Content: Be sure that your content is well- written, compelling, a nd useful. Keyword focus is important, but the content shouldn’t emphasize solely on generating search engine optimization. Placing keyword phrases too much can make the flow of ideas appear unnatural.
  3. 3.  Exclusive Content: Originality will never be overrated so do put some time and effort to come up with fresh ideas that have a different point of view on topics.
  4. 4.  Create New Content Daily: This will ensure that your page will stay current and updated often enough so that the search engine will view your site as important and pertinent, which will improve the site’s ranking.
  5. 5.  Google Keyword Focus: Use the Google Keyword Tool and enter one keyword or phrase per line to see what related word searches will show. This is a powerful tool that can help you pick the right keyword to generate better SEO.
  6. 6.  Use the Keyword Phrase in Title: Use the keyword phrase in the title of the blog, URL and even image captions.
  7. 7.  Purchase Domain Names with the Search Phrase: It is a good investment to search for a domain name with the right keyword for the content of your website. offers searches for domain availability.
  8. 8.  Have a Call to Action Present! Engage audience participation such as asking for feed back or input regarding the content. This will make readers feel more involved win their reading process, which in turn makes the writing more memorable.
  9. 9.  Use Captions with Images: Use captions and incorporate keyword phrases surrounding uploaded images or videos to add more quality to your page. Do the same for links by using a text anchor with your keyword phrase.
  10. 10.  Be diligent in keeping up with your SEO techniques. The World Wide Web changes inevitably and continuously, so keeping up with the change will bring you closer to landing on the first page of a keyword search.