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I pad suff


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A presentation about various iPad and PC apps and programs

Published in: Technology, Business
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I pad suff

  1. 1. iPad SuffPaul Rabneold
  2. 2. • Blogging• Email• Dropbox• WiFi• Teamview
  3. 3. Gmail Email• Make sure its setup as imap in settings
  4. 4. Set up Google Sync with your iOSdevice•– Add Mail account– Select Microsoft Exchange• iOS and iTunes• Sync your mail, contacts, calendar, and more–– Easy–
  5. 5. More Contact Calendar Syncing• Sync Google Calendar with your iOS device using iCal–• Sync Google Contacts with your iOS device using CardDAV–• Sync Yahoo! Contacts and Calendar with an Apple iOS–• Sync your Contacts and Calendar with iOS (Youtube)–
  6. 6. Blogging
  7. 7. Sign-in or createaccount
  8. 8. Create Blog
  9. 9. Generate and Post Blog Entry
  10. 10. Create
  11. 11. Add More Keyboards
  12. 12. DropBox• Install Drop Box and Setup AccountOn Drop BoxServerYourComputerPerson you aresharing withPerson you aresharing with
  13. 13. Share a Folder
  14. 14. Toodeledo
  15. 15. How it looks on my computer
  16. 16. Add a Task
  17. 17. The is how it look on your iPad
  18. 18. MindMeister
  19. 19. Promptware
  20. 20. SkyDrive• Get to your documents from anywhereSkydrive.comThe service offers 7 GB offree storage for new users
  21. 21. Google Drive (iPad)
  22. 22. Google Drive (My Computer)
  23. 23. Storethefirst5GBofyourstuffforfree.WhenyourGoogleDrivegrows,getanother25GBofspace(ormore!)startingat$2.49permonth
  24. 24. Language Translators• Say Hi• Jibbigo– Off line version available
  25. 25. Some Photo Apps• Retouch• Aviary (photo enhancement)• Snapseed (photo enhancement)• ProCam (take photos and video)• Adobe Photoshop Express (photo enhancement)
  26. 26. THE END