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Using Ebay

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  1. 5. <ul><li>From here we thank EBay for their assistance! Yes, they have done most of the work for us. </li></ul>
  2. 6. Now lets do it. <ul><li>We’re going to attempt to sell a used pair of brown shoes on EBay. Ready </li></ul>Description of Shoes put on Ebay. These shoes are only slightly worn. They were used by an atheist whenever he went to church. The color is a little bit on the brown side as he walked in cow pies on the way to church so that there was nobody sitting next to him as he worshipped. The size used to be 10 and ½ but since his foot size was 12 he had to cut the heels a little bit to get his feet in. Shipping weight is 3 pounds after they were cleaned up. I’m sure that you will enjoy them as much as he did now that he is on his way to his maker. There will be a handling charge of $1.00 and many thanks for taking them off my hands.
  3. 8. To much for 1 screen. Now to the internet again