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Supplementary exercises for the muslim world of colas


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Supplementary exercises for the muslim world of colas

  1. 1. Supplementary Exercises Business English MBA KKU Identifying the main idea Put a check mark in front of the sentence you think best expresses the main idea of the reading. _____ A. In the Muslim world, the popularity of cola drinks is decreasing. _____ B. Coca-Cola and Pepsi are popular cola drinks. _____ C. Many people drink colas in the Muslim world. _____ D. In Muslim countries, new cola drinks are challenging U.S. colas. Next, match each of the sentences above that you did not choose with one of the following descriptions. Put the letter of the sentence in front of the appropriate description. _____ This sentence is too general. It only tells what the reading is about. _____ This sentence is too specific. It tells only about one idea in the reading. _____ This sentence could be a main idea sentence, but it’s untrue, according to the reading. Reviewing comprehension Check your comprehension by marking the following statements T (true) or F (false), according to the information in the reading. _____1 Mecca-Cola is one of the newest cola drinks marketed by Muslim-owned companies. _____2 Mecca-Cola’s cans look very different from Coca-Cola’s. _____3 The company that makes Qibla-Cola started in France. _____4 Both Mecca-Cola and Qibla-Cola started in France. _____5 Cola Turka’s ads show people drinking the cola in Turkey’s capital city, Istanbul. _____6 The Cola Turka ads feature an American actor. _____7 Zam-Zam is the Arabic name for the direction Muslims face when they pray. _____8 Zam-Zam Cola is only sold in Iran. _____9 The sales of Star Cola declined in 2003 in the United Arab Emirates. _____10 According to a French TV report, some British people were against the war in Iraq. _____11 The owner of Mecca-Cola uses political issues to sell his beverage. _____12 Coke and Pepsi sales will be greatly affected by the Muslim cola companies.