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Builk Presentation Deck in Echelon 2012


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Builk is the winner of Echelon 2012 Launchpad. The Thai startup is a professional social network for the construction industry that doubles as a construction management web app.

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Builk Presentation Deck in Echelon 2012

  1. 1. PATAI
  2. 2. is a professional social networkintended to connect construction professionals through their business activities.
  3. 3. is the first Ad-supportedenterprise SaaS for construction industry
  4. 4. theteamPatai Padungtinprincipal / evangelist• civil engineer & general contractor• 12 years experience in construction industry• co-founder / business development manager at Longkong StudioTeeraboon Ariyasuthiwongchief technical officer• computer engineer• 7 years exp. in construction-specific ERP development• co-founder of Longkong Studio, #1 construction-specific ERP in Thailand with 250 customers (medium-to-large constructors)
  5. 5. constructionindustryUSD 8 trillion worth in 2011expand average 5.2% per year 11.0% 13.2% of world GDP of world GDP (2010) (2020)55% will come fromemerging countries
  6. 6. constructionbusiness 2 nd highest failure rate of any business average 8 employees 91% had less than 20 employees >1,000,000 construction firms in Asia >80% are SMEs
  7. 7. theproblemscontractorslack of management toolsproject ownerslooking for trustworthy contractorsuppliersineffective online marketing
  8. 8. oursolutions  construction firms time-cost-quality management tools 1,400 construction firms registered
  9. 9. oursolutions  project owners get the right contractor in our community with profiles & suggestion
  10. 10. oursolutions  suppliers right target Specific for Construction Businesses User Profile, Geographic and Role Targeting right time Advertise while they are working, Contextual Ad relevant to Construction $ measurable marketing Ad Performance Tracking
  11. 11. businessmodel ad-supported model
  12. 12. factsheet USD 300 mil active project amount >200% growth in transaction amount average 3 hrs/week usage time
  13. 13. growthplanB2Brelationshipnew modulesnew territories
  14. 14. thankyou