Own Your Niche for Professional Speakers: Internet Marketing and Social Media Tactics to Grow Your Audience


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Covering how professional speakers can use internet marketing, social media, and content marketing tactics to build an audience online. This presentation was delivered to the National Speakers Association Northern California chapter in March 2013.
Topics include:
- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
- Blogging
- Content Marketing
- Video
- Information Products
- Community
- Corporate Sponsors
- Social Media including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest

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Own Your Niche for Professional Speakers: Internet Marketing and Social Media Tactics to Grow Your Audience

  1. 1. Own Your Nicheon the Internet and BeyondSimple Strategies for SPEAKERS to Increase Website Traffic and Build Buzz Online Stephanie Chandler
  2. 2. What Do You Want to Be Known For? Get Ready to Step on to the Virtual Stage1. Define Your Target Audience2. Identify Their Wants/Needs3. Establish Your Authority4. Become a Resource5. Choose Your Business ModelGOAL = SERVE
  3. 3. Small Biz Thoughts.comSpeaker/Consultant for IT Business Owners
  4. 4. Melinda Emerson Small Biz Lady
  5. 5. Patrick Schwerdtfeger Social Media Victories
  6. 6. Jim HoranThe One Page Business Plan
  7. 7. Guy KawasakiBusiness, Internet, Publishing
  8. 8. Speaker Site vs. Industry Site Outside of the Speaker Box
  9. 9. How the Search Engines Work And Why it Matters 17 Billion Searches Per Month: = 66.4%Microsoft Sites (Bing, MSN) = 15.9% Yahoo = 12.8% Ask = 3.2% AOL = 1.7% Source: Comscore.com, August 2012
  10. 10. Keywords for Speakers How to Get Found• Type of speaker (motivational, keynote…)• Industry (auto, dental…)• Audience (women, kids)• Location (city, state, country)• Skills (trainer, consultant)
  11. 11. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Increase Your Chances of Getting FoundKeywords/Key Phrases• Page Title• Description• Header• Repeated on Page• Page URL• Images
  12. 12. SEO Best Practices Small Changes Make a Big Difference• Keyword Concentration• Relevant Incoming Links• Anchored Links• Minimal Use of Flash• Frequent Updates• Content is King
  13. 13. The Power of Blogging Your Secret Weapon• Great SEO• Build Your Audience• Media Potential• Content from Customers, Peers, Employees
  14. 14. The Big Secret: Content Showcase Your Expertise• Articles/Blog Posts• Product Reviews• Industry News• How-to Tips• Case Studies• Interviews with Executives• Editorial Commentary• Enlist Peers, Clients, Employees*Your Site and Industry Sites
  15. 15. Podcasts, Teleseminars, Webinars Expand Your Reach• Single events, series or conferences• Be a guest on other people’s programs• Host your own• Promote via social media• Archive on your site• Distribute via iTunes
  16. 16. Video Potential to Go Viral• Generate traffic• Attract target audience• Establish expertise• Add interest to your website• Inexpensive to produce
  17. 17. Information Products Give Away or Sell for Profit• Books• Ebooks• Special Reports• Whitepapers• Tips Sheets• Workbooks• Training Programs
  18. 18. Books! The Ultimate Information Product• Instant Authority• Increase Credibility• Raise Your Rates• Open Doors• Back of the Room• Send to Contacts• Attract Media
  19. 19. Grow Your Audience Tap into the Power of Community• Community is vital• Find your target audience• Figure out where they spend their time• Engage in existing communities• Start your own – Meetup.com – LinkedIn Groups – Ning – Yahoo Groups
  20. 20. Email Marketing It’s Not Dead!• Permission to market!• Build your list• Give incentive• Options: – Constant Contact – iContact – Mail Chimp – Aweber
  21. 21. Corporate Sponsors They Need You• Speaking• Spokesperson• Blogging• Site Ads• Give-Aways• Webinars• Twitter Chats• Event Sponsorship• Books in Bulk
  22. 22. Social Media It’s Evolving, But Not Going AwayReprinted with permission by The Center for Marketing Research atthe University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
  23. 23. Social Media Why it Matters• Build brand awareness• Engage past clients• Attract new clients and readers• Immediate impact• Create community• Viral marketing
  24. 24. Facebook Strategy Engage Your Audience• Build a Business Page• Share Blog Content, Tips, Articles, Links, Videos, Photos• Ask Questions• Participate Daily• Cross-Promote on Your Site, E-mail Marketing, Ads, etc.• Promoted Posts and Ads
  25. 25. LinkedIn Strategy Find Professional Connections• Add Keywords• Import Contacts• Find Groups• Get Introduced• Ask for Endorsements• Locate Key Contacts• Invest in LinkedIn Mail
  26. 26. Pinterest Strategy Visual Network• Pin Your Blog Posts• Pin Blog Posts by Others• Share Resources• Be Interesting• Always Remember Your Target Audience
  27. 27. Google+ Strategy Link Juice Here• Share Blog Posts, Interesting Content• Use the +1 Button• Add People to Your Circles• Interact With Others
  28. 28. Twitter Strategy Microblogging in 140 Characters or Less• Follow Those You Want Following You• Share Links to Blog Posts, Resources, Industry News• Retweet Often• Post Often: 5+ Times Per Day• Repeat Your Tweets
  29. 29. Steps to Success Commit a Little Time Each Day• Define Your Target Audience• Leverage Community• Become a Resource• Optimize Your Site• Blog Often• Add Content: Videos, Podcasts, Webinars• Distribute Information: Ebooks, Books, Reports• Join Social Media
  30. 30. Thank YOU I Appreciate Your Time! Questions?www.AuthorityPublishing.comwww.BusinessInfoGuide.comwww.StephanieChandler.com Twitter: @bizauthor 877-800-1097