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Social Media Week Buzz Report by Biz360


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Report measuring word of mouth and social media chatter around Social Media Week Global and by city.

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Social Media Week Buzz Report by Biz360

  1. Social Media Week Buzz Report Maria Ogneva, Director of Social Media Biz360 2/12/10 1
  2. Buzzing Around The World SMW occurred in 6 cities concurrently and worldwide. NYC and SF were responsible for close to 75% of all social media mentions. Coverage = number of mentions Sao Paolo performed the best of non-U.S. cities. Brazil is an up and coming tech hub. 2/12/10 2
  3. East Coast vs. West Coast While NYC and SF had the largest share of coverage, NYC blew everyone away in impact, because the story got picked up by press releases and major blogs like Huffington Post Impact = # of people who read these articles 2/12/10 3
  4. Which Day Was Most Buzz-Worthy For SMW Global? Global SMW got the most buzz on Monday and Wednesday What caused these spikes in buzz? Letʼs do a deep dive by city. 2/12/10 4
  5. San Francisco Was Abuzz With Social Media Camp NYC was even-keel all week, while SF drove buzz on 2/1 with Social Media Camp. 2/12/10 5
  6. Feeling That Sentiment For SMW Global Positive sentiment soars for SMW Global But how do people feel about individual city Social Media Weeks? 2/12/10 6
  7. People Loved SMW NYC … And so did Monday Thursday and rocked… Friday 2/12/10 7
  8. In SF, People Loved SM Camp & “Geo Loco” Social Media Camp “Geo Loco” Panel Event & Afterparty 2/12/10 8
  9. Where Did People Talk About SMW Global? Tweet tweet For SMW Global, most of the action happened in microblogs, aka Twitter, and blogs 2/12/10 9
  10. NYC Was Tweeting Up A Storm 2/12/10 10
  11. And So Was San Francisco 2/12/10 11
  12. Sao Paolo Went “Tweet Tweet”, In Portuguese Of Course And so did Berlin, London and Toronto 2/12/10 12
  13. What Exactly Did They Say About SMW Global? It was livetweeted and livestreamed Panels were popular Schedules and events were important too 2/12/10 13
  14. What Did They Talk About In SF? Shoutout to the sponsors The organizers Mashable & SMC GeoLoco event closing party Panel at Citizen Space This here Biz360 report! 2/12/10 14
  15. What Did They Talk About in NYC? Marshall Sponderʼs Reports on SM Monitoring Panels & events NY Tech Events were Meetup livestreamed 2/12/10 15
  16. Let’s Try That in Portuguese… “Social Media” in Portuguese “Brazilian Social Media” in Portuguese 2/12/10 16
  17. Who Blogged Obsessively About SMW? # of times they Mentioned SMW These sites mentioned Social Media Week more than anyone. 2/12/10 17
  18. Introducing: The Buzz Creators! # of times they Mentioned SMW These bloggers and tweeps talked about social media week more than anyone. 2/12/10 18
  19. Questions? Want To See A Buzz Report For Your Brand? Contact: Maria Ogneva Director, Social Media, Biz360 Mogneva (at) biz360 (dot) com 650-832-6348