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Tips to Increase eCommerce Checkout Conversion


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Even if you get the customer to your e-commerce site, making the checkout process a seamless process is another ball game altogether. It is important to make your customer aware of all the hidden charges and product details so that it becomes easy for them to make the decision about the product purchase. In this infographic, we have stated few basic points which e-commerce sites can adapt to make their checkout process a hassle free experience.

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Tips to Increase eCommerce Checkout Conversion

  1. 1. The most worrisome phase of e-commerce website owner comes when customer abandons their cart. It is a common habit of many Indian shoppers where people for some reason add products to their cart but do not checkout at one go or at all. Some look out for various options in other sites, comparing product quality, price etc. Many move it to the wish list to check the availability of it later. All these behavioural traits of a customer makes us to find solutions to make the process to checkout more seamless thus increasing the sales conversion rate. There are many ways to optimise the checkout page and website to lure shoppers to checkout what they have added in the cart seamlessly. Throw lucrative offers and let people know the exclusiveness of the product like how many people watched the product, reviews, items left in the shop, discounts etc. Be sure to provide the details of the product with pictures from different dimensions so that it becomes easy for customers to make decision about purchasing it. Show the progress of the process clearly. Make registration optional and a value added process. BUY O NLINE SHO P TIPS TO INCREASE E-COMMERCE CHECKOUT CONVERSION Helping Small Businesses Grow 1800-3002-0653 /@Biz2CreditIndia /+Biz2creditIn /Biz2Credit India /@Biz2CreditIn /Biz2Credit India /Biz2CreditIndia Show the checkout progress clearly and make an option to add the product in wishlist if they are unable to checkout at the given time. Have proper edit/back button for the ease of progressing and let people add on or remove products from cart easily. Let them know the availability of the product whether they are in store or not. Also about the extra charges if any are there like delivery charges etc. Seller details. Reviews of the product etc. If possible provide live chat options so that you can help them purchase the best possible option soon. Provide subscribers with some value added service like cash back to the account of the shopper or to the wallet if the site has any. Provide some extra discount to the registered users. Layout forms with relevant fields only. While checking out avoid asking same information repeatedly. If customers are registering on the site with mobile number or email id, save their information but make it optional. Provide an option to edit during future checkouts. Include trust factors in the website especially during transaction gateway. With people filling in their financial details to checkout, it is very important to assure the customers of their information’s security. Make sure you provide the details of secured transaction throughout the process of checkout. SHOP ONLINE Showcase the complete payment summary with proper details of taxes and delivery charge included. Don’t have any hidden amounts from customers. It’s better the showcase the delivery charges included with the product details itself. Provide coupons and showcase how much customer has saved in summary. Layout proper shipping, return and cancellation policy. After raising the invoice of the products purchases, provide clear information about product’s return or cancellation policy. Provide proper refund policies. Provide customer service assistance number for further support. Provide proper information of logistics to track the shipment. E-COMMERCE