Easter with the kids


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Ideas for Easter activities with the little ones.

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  • Easter with the kids

    1. 1. 30 ideas for Easter with the kids. Thanks to all the folks at Flickr who posted pics under a Creative Commons Attribution licence
    2. 2. See what different words people use: Easter by Bix at http:// www.wordle.net/gallery/wrdl/ 716700/Easter
    3. 3. What does a chick need in order to thrive? Hot Chick by JOEM500
    4. 4. Make a pom-pom chick: Chicks by Migraine Chick
    5. 5. Take some crazy chick pics: Chicks by Dominic Pics
    6. 6. Decorate a cupcake: happy easter 2008 by love janine
    7. 7. Use licorice laces for a basket handle: Easter Egg Cupcake by cd.harrison
    8. 8. Roll marzipan simnel cake balls: Time for tea by Eljay
    9. 9. Sing “hot cross buns”: Buns by tico24
    10. 10. Sew felt, roll modelling clay, squish salt-dough, scrunch paper: Hot Cross Buns by Miso-Onigiri
    11. 11. Practice piping skills: Lamb Cake by tracyhunter
    12. 12. Pom-pom: lamb by Andagi
    13. 13. Talk about twins: lamb fight by the sea the sea
    14. 14. Go on a daffodil walk: Easter Parade by Seamus Murray
    15. 15. In German, they’re: “Easter Bells”. Think up a descriptive name of your own: Daffodil Illumination Expert by Jesus Presley
    16. 16. Make a display with something in the air, something on the ground and something below ground: IMG_4021 by Toast to Life
    17. 17. Decorate an Easter bonnet: IMG_1809 by wax and feathers
    18. 18. Make an Easter basket: IMG_3649 by Toast to Life
    19. 19. Hide & find eggs: Easter Egg Hunter by makelessnoise
    20. 20. Set out your own market stall: Easter Eggs by celesteh
    21. 21. Paint: Easteregg by Pingu1963
    22. 22. Experiment with wax and cold tea staining: Easter by Dainis Matisons
    23. 23. Try something intricate: easter eggs by lizjones112
    24. 24. Is Easter weather hot, or cold? White Easter by unukorno
    25. 25. Decorate a tree outside or some twigs indoors: easter tree by lizjones112
    26. 26. How does your town celebrate? Hannover in Easter mode by Eirik Newth
    27. 27. Find out why springtime is a good time to see baby animals: Bunny by Ben Goodwyn
    28. 28. Can you? Spot the Bunny by Afroswede
    29. 29. Make a simple bunny: feltbunny by spare organ
    30. 30. What might this rabbit want to say to you? everybody loves them bunnies by notsogoodphotography
    31. 31. Happy Easter! Thanks again to all the folks at Flickr who posted pics under a Creative Commons Attribution licence