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Steve marsh taking-advantagesp_clound-sps33


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With the release of Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint 2010 is now available in the cloud and SharePoint Online is poised to go mainstream. Many are considering hybrid solutions with both on-premise and cloud implementations of SharePoint. Regardless of how you use SharePoint, you can have the freedom to manage and move data between on-premises servers and the cloud — whether it is a private cloud, multi-tenant environment, hybrid cloud, or some combination. Attend this session to learn which scenarios work best in the cloud and what to consider when moving your data to or from this new platform;

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Steve marsh taking-advantagesp_clound-sps33

  1. 1. #SPSBE Taking Advantage of SharePoint in the Cloud #SPSBE33 Dr. Steve MarshMetalogix EMEA Director of Technology & Product Marketing
  2. 2. WHO AM I? • Metalogix • Ex-Microsoft • Physicist & Microelectronics Engineer • @drstevemarsh •
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  4. 4. Agenda• Different Types of Cloud• Drivers for Cloud Adoption• Brief History of SharePoint in the Cloud• SharePoint Online in Office 365• Popular Use Cases for SharePoint Online• How to get there
  5. 5. CIRRUS, CUMULONIMBUS, ALTOSTRATUS?• Public Cloud• Private Cloud• Hybrid Cloud• IaaS• PaaS• SaaS
  6. 6. FACTORS DRIVING CLOUD ADOPTION • Enterprise-class software at a commodity price• $$$ or £££ or €€€ • Lower operational and capital costs• Technology Maturity • Reduce headcount or reallocate to higher-value projects• Fashion • Shift recurring capital projects to operational expense• Technology Vendors • Performance SLA with financial backing • Outsource operational and emergency support needs • Adopt the world’s leading collaboration and messaging platform • Move away from end-of-life platforms to an evergreen platform with a multi-year road map • Lower carbon footprint • Gain agility and meet business stakeholder interests with shorter deployment times and instant scale
  7. 7. SHAREPOINT ONLINE – WHERE DID IT ALLSTART?• Hosted Messaging and Collaboration• Office Live Small Business• Business Productivity Online Suite – BPOS• Office 365
  8. 8. SHAREPOINT ONLINE – OFFICE 365 On-Premises SharePoint SharePoint Deployments Online Standard Online DedicatedSelf-hosted and managed Multi-tenant hosting Dedicated HostingDirect access to physical Shared Hardware Dedicated Hardwaremachines Outsourced IT management Outsourced IT managementCentral admin access Hosted within MS data centers Hosted within MS data centersHosted within own data centers Partial trust code support Most of the environment isEntire environment customizable Support for SharePoint Designer customizable (Full and Partial based customizations Trust Code Support)
  9. 9. WHAT’S IN SHAREPOINT ONLINE? Sites Communities Content Search Insights Composites Audience Targeting Ask Me About Document Sets Best Bets Excel Services Access Services Blogs Duplicate Results Cross-Browser Support Legal Holds Visio Services Browser-Based Customizations Colleague Suggestions Enterprise Management Metadata-based Refinement Customization via SharePoint Colleagues and Memberships Metadata Driven Navigation Operations People and Expertise Search Designer Discussion Forums Multi-stage Disposition Forms: Out-of-box workflows and External Sharing Phonetics & Nickname Expansion customization via SharePoint Enterprise Wikis Designer 2010 Fluent UI / Ribbon Office Integration Recently Authored Content Keyword Suggestions InfoPath Forms Services Lightweight Public Site Office Web Apps Search a Single Site Collection My Network My Sites: People Profiles and Sandboxed Solutions Mobile Connectivity Records Center Search Across Site Collections Personal Sites Search Scopes Workflows Multi-Lingual Support Note Board Rich Media Management Organization Browser Shared Content Types and the Site Search Office Client Integration Managed Metadata Service Outlook Social Connector Social Behavior Improves Support for Accessibility Relevance OOTB Web Parts Photos and Presence Standards Taxonomy and Term Store Scalability Ratings The Content Organizer Integration Recent Activities View in BrowserSharePoint Workspace Integration Unique Document IDs Social Bookmarks Tagging Status Updates Video Support, REST, and Silverlight Surveys Tag Clouds Tag Profiles Tags Whats New Wikis
  10. 10. POPULAR USE CASES FOR SHAREPOINTONLINE?• Extranet• Public Facing Website• Geo-replication• Team Collaboration• Document Archive• Backup• Occasional High Availability Applications e.g. Tax Return system• Exchange Public Folder Content• What about Cloud Storage?
  11. 11. THINGS TO THINK ABOUT WHEN CHOOSING1 Different sites for differ services with different extensibility (portal; personal site; team site; special use; applications; extranet; Internet)2 Provisioning with a taxonomy (department; geography; service use; content type; life expectancy; PPI status)3 Basic measurement (service usage; site usage; site provisioning pace; stagnant status)4 Security verification (notification of external access; security to governance compliance; external permission decommissioning)5 Site management and de-provisioning (cloud eligible; content movement; de-activation; de-provisioning)6 UX matters (site identification, obfuscation of hybrid, immediate actions)
  12. 12. HOW TO GET THERE?• Physical Move (Dedicated)• Web Upload• Custom Scripts (Ouch!)• 3rd Party Tools
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