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Mining SharePoint data with PowerBI


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SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2018 session by Naomi Moneypenny & Treb Gatte

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Mining SharePoint data with PowerBI

  1. 1. Mining SharePoint data with Power BI Naomi Moneypenny | @nmoneypenny Treb Gatte | @tgatte SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2018 #SPSBE
  2. 2. Platinum Gold Silver SharePint Community Thanks to our sponsors!
  3. 3. Naomi Moneypenny Director of Teamwork and Search in Microsoft 365
  4. 4. Treb Gatte • CEO, • Data Platform MVP for Power BI
  5. 5. 5 Why do I need to mine SharePoint data?
  6. 6. 6 L I S T S Pull data from lists directly L I B R A R I E S Easily combine files into a single data source F L O W Trigger flows from SharePoint and push data in Power BI AGENDA There are three primary sources of data from SharePoint/Office 365
  7. 7. 12 Power BI Overview
  8. 8. 13 The Core
  9. 9. 14 Data from Anywhere Transform using interface
  10. 10. 15 Process Overview Connect to data 01 Transform data using M 02 Extend data using DAX 03 Create Reports 04 Publish to 05
  11. 11. 16 Licensing Power BI
  12. 12. 17 Three License Types Free • Everyone has it • Only for personal use Pro • Paid - Enables all functions • User based licensing Premium/Embedded • Paid – Enables all functions • Capacity based licensing
  13. 13. 18 Three types of Power BI License KEY FEATURES FREE PRO PREMIUM Data Refresh Consume content that is scheduled to refresh Daily Up to 8 times per day Up to 48 times per day Consume streaming data in your dashboards and reports 10K rows/hour 1M rows/hour Consume live data sources with full interactivity • • Access on-premises data using the Data Connectivity Gateways (Personal and Data Management) • • Maximum data model size 1GB 10GB 50GB or more Collaboration Collaborate with your team using Office 365 Groups in Power BI • • Create, publish and view Apps • • Manage access control and sharing through Active Directory groups • •
  14. 14. 19 Cloud vs. On- Premises Power BI
  15. 15. 20 Using the Enterprise Data Gateway, Power BI works with • SharePoint 2010 • SharePoint 2013 • SharePoint 2016 On-Premises Power BI fully supports accessing SharePoint Online as well as data stored in Azure Cloud
  16. 16. 21 What is Odata? The Open Data Protocol allows data to be queried from a cloud service via web protocols Needed because you no longer had direct access to databases Uses a special url to retrieve data Must watch amount of data retrieved
  17. 17. 22 SharePoint Odata URL yTitle(‘LISTNAME')/Items()
  18. 18. 23 Enterprise Data Gateway Allows Power BI, Microsoft Flow and PowerApps to access your on-premises SharePoint farm 23
  19. 19. 24 Technical Overview of Enterprise Data Gateway Process 24 On Premises Data Enterprise Data Gateway Azure Service Bus Power BI Service
  20. 20. 25 Lists Power BI
  21. 21. 26 Query a List Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Office 365 Demo
  22. 22. 27 Document Libraries Power BI
  23. 23. 28 Combine files from a Document Library Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Office 365 Demo
  24. 24. 29 Microsoft Flow Power BI
  25. 25. 30 Overview 30 List Flow Power BI
  26. 26. 31 Set up a Real Time Data Feed Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Office 365, Flow Demo
  27. 27. Coming soon! • Search as a data source for Power BI! • Everything becomes accessible to Power BI • Can currently do this with Search in SharePoint • Microsoft Search will be available via MS Graph APIs in the future
  28. 28. 33 Tumble Road, LLC. Enabling better decision making, using Microsoft technology 7829 Center Blvd SE STE 277 Snoqualmie, WA, USA 98065 Contact Us for Power BI Training/Consulting P H O N E +1 425-654-3437 E M A I L W E B S I T E
  29. 29. 34 Questions? Get our free Guide on how to set up the real time feed by filling out this form.
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  31. 31. SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2018 #SPSBE