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Edin kapic windows8-metroapplicationsandsharepoint-spsbe32


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In this session you will learn to build Windows 8 applications with Metro UI that connect to SharePoint. You will get an overview of Metro / WinRT applications and the possibilities of connecting to SharePoint from that platform. A working application will be built during the session.

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Edin kapic windows8-metroapplicationsandsharepoint-spsbe32

  1. 1. #SPSBE Build SharePoint MetroApplications with Windows 8 #SPSBE32 Edin Kapić
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  3. 3. About me• Edin Kapić • Key Consultant in pasiona consulting (Barcelona)• Co-founder of the Catalan SharePoint User Group SUG.CAT• Speaker • EuropeanSP 2011, CEUS, MS NetWork 2.0• Contact Me • • (English) • (Spanish) • @ekapic
  4. 4. Agenda• Introduction• WinRT / Metro Apps • Demo 1• Interacting with SharePoint • Demo 2
  5. 5. Introduction• Windows 8 is a great leap forward • New, streamlined UI • New application execution model • Designed for touch • “It’s Windows 7 + other things”
  6. 6. Windows 8 Application Modes• Desktop • “Classic” Windows 7 Applications• Metro • Windows Runtime (WinRT) Applications
  7. 7. Windows 8 Architecture
  8. 8. Metro-style Applications Quick Facts (I)• Run on Windows Runtime (WinRT), not .NET CLR • But VS11 will make “trimmed” NET 4.5 app that “translates” NET calls into WinRT calls and vice-versa • Automatic mapping between data types • You can mix JS, C#/VB and C++ in WinRT
  9. 9. Metro-style Applications Quick Facts (II)• Rely heavily on Asynchrounous Operations • Task<T> • async / await keywords• Visual Studio 11 has built-in templates for common application styles• There’s only one app active any time • Plus one “snapped” app
  10. 10. Demo Windows 8 Metro Application
  11. 11. Interacting with SharePoint• SharePoint API • Server OM • Client OM • NET, Silverlight, JS • ASMX Services (Lists.asmx) • REST (ListData.svc)• Custom services
  12. 12. Interacting with SharePoint from WinRT• SharePoint API • Server OM • Client OM • NET, Silverlight, JS • ASMX Services (Lists.asmx) • REST (ListData.svc)• Custom services
  13. 13. ASMX / Custom WCF Services• Visual Studio 11 generates the proxy for us• Supported WCF bindings • BasicHttpBinding • NetTcpBinding • NetHttpBinding • CustomBinding
  14. 14. REST Services (ListData.svc)• Visual Studio 11 can’t help us • Data Services are not (yet) supported• Use System.Net.HttpClient or HttpWebRequest instead • Parse the Atom XML data with Linq-to-XML • In JS/HTML Metro applications use WinJS.xhr• Use Windows.Networking.BackgroundDownloader to download documents by URL
  15. 15. Demo Windows 8 Metro Application with SharePoint
  16. 16. References• NET for Metro-style Applications Overview • spx• Adis Jugo (SharePoint MVP) Blog Post about Win8 and SharePoint • veloping-windows-8-metro-style-applications-for-sharepoint/
  17. 17. Q&A• Dank u wel!• Merci beaucoup!
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