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Deploying in a Cloud First World


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SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2018 session by Albert-Jan Schot & Octavie Van Haaften

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Deploying in a Cloud First World

  1. 1. Deploying in a Cloud First World Albert-Jan Schot & Octavie van Haaften @appieschot & @eivatco SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2018 #SPSBE
  2. 2. Platinum Gold Silver SharePint Community Thanks to our sponsors!
  3. 3. Yes No Maybe experience
  4. 4. Demo
  5. 5. Deployment and Management at scale
  6. 6. One tenant SharePoint Online Azure AD
  7. 7. Two tenants SharePoint Online Azure AD SharePoint Online Azure AD DT AP
  8. 8. Multiple tenants Azure Subscription DT Azure Subscription AP Azure AD Azure AD SharePoint Online DEV Azure AD SharePoint Online TST Azure AD SharePoint Online ACC Azure AD SharePoint Online PRD Azure AD
  9. 9. Multiple tenants in multiple regions
  10. 10. Azure What options do you have?
  11. 11. Azure Subscriptions • One per environment • One per combined environments (DT and AP) • One per department per environment
  12. 12. Azure Resource Groups Use Resource Groups to deploy your solution resources for an environment
  13. 13. Automating and controlling your deployments cannot exist without naming conventions
  14. 14. Resource Group:​ <DEPT[2-4]>-RG-<SOLUTION[3-6]>-<ENVIRONMENT[2-4]> ​HR-RG-PORTAL-DEV​ MAV-RG-MAKE-PRD Azure Web:​ <DEPT[2-4]>-WEB-<SOLUTION[3-6]>-<ENVIRONMENT[2-4]>-REGION[2-3] ​HR-WEB-PORTAL-DEV​-WE MAV-WEB-MAKE-PRD-NE Example
  15. 15. Demo
  16. 16. SharePoint Online a bit more challenging…
  17. 17. Site Collection URLs • Environment is part of URL • Solution is part of URL
  18. 18. Some services are more equal than others • Search • Define and use Result Sources • MAV-SPSBE-DEV with Path:* • Managed Metadata • Term groups & GUID over different tenants or not • User profiles • SPO User Profile Properties are tenant wide • App Catalog
  19. 19. SPFx Solutions • Decide on: Tenant of Site Collection App Catalog? • File Name, Product ID and Name must be unique per environment • CDN locations are baked into your package • Beware that you should not use skipFeatureDeployment if you have multiple environments in the same tenant and use the Tenant App Catalog. • Beware of asynchronously installing the App
  20. 20. Demo
  21. 21. Connecting the dots
  22. 22. Connecting the dots • Combining different services in Azure: Geo Redundant services • Deploying real life products and projects: • Resource Group • App Service Plan • Web Jobs • Key Vault • Azure AD App Registration • Application Insights
  23. 23. Demo
  24. 24. DevOps
  25. 25. Deployment Tools • PowerShell & CLI’s for set-up and configuration • Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) or 3th party solution like Octopus for managing pipeline CI CD Build Release
  26. 26. Next Steps 1. Read up on DevOps at & SPFx on sharepoint-framework-projects/ 2. Set-up a CI/CD pipeline for your projects 3. Start small, but start 4. Questions? @eivatco or @appieschot
  27. 27. Thank you! @eivatco Octavie van Haaften @appieschot Albert-Jan Schot
  28. 28. #SPSBE Please rate this session!
  29. 29. SharePoint Saturday Belgium 2018 #SPSBE