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Chris schwab bp-deployment-spsbe22


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After building hundreds of SharePoint 2010 farms, has developed several best practices for Farm Deployment. This will not be a comprehensive look at all Farm best practices, but rather a specific look at some that we have encountered. We will also be exploring implementing most of these via Windows PowerShell.

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Chris schwab bp-deployment-spsbe22

  1. 1. #SPSBE #SPSBE22Chris Schwab
  2. 2. Uhh…Who are you?• I’m glad you asked… • SharePoint Engineering Director at • @chrisrschwab • • Leo
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  4. 4. Agenda• What are “Best Practices” anyway?• Planning – Pre Install • Recommended Specs • PowerShell Scripting• Install/Configuration • Script #1 • Service Accounts • Script #2• Choose your own adventure• Smaller Tweaks
  5. 5. WHAT ARE “BEST PRACTICES” ANYWAY?• Best practices are conditional • YOU must come up with your own, someone can’t give them to you. • Not just for initial deployments. • …but how do you do that?! Yeah, let’s talk about that.
  6. 6. PLANNING – PRE INSTALLRECOMMENDED SPECS• Why are these recommended? • Room for growth• How do we determine our own? • Analysis of existing activity• So whats the big picture?
  7. 7. PLANNING – PRE INSTALLPOWERSHELL SCRIPTING • Database Names • Documentation • Consistency • Time
  9. 9. INSTALLCONFIGURATIONSERVICE ACCOUNTS • Service accounts • Naming • Password management
  11. 11. CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE…Possible discussion points: • Versions: OS, SQL, SharePoint • Security: AD, NTLM, Kerberos, Claims • SQL: configuration, maintenance, alias • Infrastructure: Virtual, Physical, Cloud • Naming conventions • Post Install: Backups, Performance, Monitoring • Quantifying user impact • Database: Sizing, RBS, Security
  12. 12. SMALLER TWEAKS• SMTP• HA Rules• Permissive File Handling
  13. 13. REFERENCESFURTHER READING• SharePoint Saturday NZ Best Practices for SharePoint 2010 Infrastructure Deployments• SharePoint 2010 Performance and capacity management• Capacity Management for SharePoint Server 2010• Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Unleashed
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