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Bitzer Infographic on DIY Mobile Usage in the Enterprise


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Published in: Technology
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Bitzer Infographic on DIY Mobile Usage in the Enterprise

  1. 1. BYOD ITS ALL ABOUT 91% of users USER EXPERIENCE would be “very frustrated” 81% if their company > > > 34% of CIOs think employees are of users wiped their would be accessing their network with personal personal data “very devices and 69% of users say frustrated” they are accessing corporate network 47% to have to enter with personal devices (IDC) an enterprise password every time they of users would 41% wanted to decline of usersToday, 60% access enterprise would beof companies offer Facebook access "veryBYOD (Forrester) if they were unwilling" to give up the forced to giveBy 2014, 90% up iCloud or use of Pandoraof companies will offer Android Backup or Spotify inBYOD (Gartner) Manager exchange for access toBy 2014, 80% corporate informationof users will have enterpriseaccess from at least 2different personal devices(Gartner) Source: Bitzer Mobile 2011 Survey