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Sentence fragment


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Sentence fragment

  1. 1. Presentation by BrittanyLangfordFragments
  2. 2. Sentence FragmentsSentence Fragment: a sentence not containing a subject or a predicate
  3. 3. Must haves of SentencesA Sentence must have a subject, verb, and a complete thoughtAndre practiced jump shots to impress Coach Nelson
  4. 4. RecognizeRecognize a fragment when you see oneAndre spinning the ball to show off his skillsSpinning isn’t the verb
  5. 5. RecognizeAnd spun the ball to show off his skillsNow there is no subject
  6. 6. RecognizeAs Andre spun the ball to show off his skillsYikes! Now the thought is not complete
  7. 7. CompleteAndre spun the ball to show off his skills.Finally! A subject, a verb, and a complete thought