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Danobatgroup.Company Profile.2009


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Danobatgroup.Company Profile.2009

  1. 1. Company Profile 2009
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  3. 3. COMPANY PROFILE 2009 It has been over half a century since DANOBATGROUP manufactured their first machines. Nowadays we go further than just manufacturing machines, we innovate in machine tools. We are part of MONDRAGON, one of Europe’s largest industrial corporations. DANOBATGROUP continues to grow, which makes us strong and provides us with financial and technological strength that are necessary to tackle the challenges the future will demand. This is why even in difficult times, we continue to invest. But there are some objectives that never change. That is why today as in the past, our goal is to provide our clients with profit, and make them feel that our service and support is close by. Rafael Barrenechea President of DANOBATGROUP 3
  4. 4. W E S U P P LY T O T H E F O L L O W I N G S E C T O R S RAILWAYS DANOBATGROUP offers stand alone and turn-key solutions for manufacturing and maintenance operations of rolling stock components. CAPITAL GOODS The diverse needs of capital goods industry find specific solutions for each requirement within DANOBATGROUP. GENERAL ENGINEERING DANOBATGROUP provides highly productive and extremely flexible machines to suit general engineering industry requirements. AEROSPACE DANOBATGROUP is the leading supplier for some specific applications in the manufacturing and maintenance of strategic components such as rotors, stators, turbine shafts and landing gear components. AUTOMOTIVE DANOBATGROUP supplies effective and profitable solutions worldwide to passenger and industrial vehicle OEM-s and components manufacturers. WIND POWER DANOBATGROUP offers the widest range of solutions for the manufacturing of the key components of wind turbines such as blades, hubs, nacelles, gearboxes and flanges. OIL & GAS DANOBATGROUP supplies turn key solutions for OCTG equipment manufacturers: pipes and couplings (both API and Premium threads), christmas trees and forged valves. 4
  5. 5. COMPANY PROFILE 2009 THE FOLLOWING PRODUCTS TECHNOLOGY Milling and boring machines · Bed type · Fixed table travelling column · Floor type Turning centres · Horizontal · Vertical Grinding machines · External · Internal · Special for aerospace and power generation · Creep feed · Tangential · Vertical · Centerless Punching and bending · Punching machines · Punch and right angle shear combination · Punch and fiber-laser combination · Panel benders · Punching-bending automatised flexible lines Cutting and drilling · Bandsaws and 3D plasma cutting machines · Sawing and drilling lines · 3D plasma cutting Equipment for railways · Inspection and turning machines · Shunting cars · Geometry measuring devices · Wheel rimb and wheel web crack inspection · Advanced maintenance management software Automation of structural parts · Automatic flexible lines for the manufacturing of manufacturing composite parts · Component geometry and defect inspection system 5
  7. 7. COMPANY PROFILE 2009 DANOBATGROUP has offices in 10 countries and our professional representation network completes our presence worldwide. DANOBATGROUP is always next to its customer, providing the best attention and offering a customised service in local language and timetable. RUSSIA JAPAN CHINA INDIA 7
  8. 8. GROUP STRENGTH DANOBATGROUP is the machine tool division of MONDRAGON, one of the most important Spanish industrial holdings. MONDRAGON´s – ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE Presidency General Council Financial Area Industrial Area Retail Area Industrial Automation Automation Bodyworks Components Construction Lifting Industrial Equipment Household Goods Engineering and Capital Goods Industrial Systems Fixtures and Systems Machine-Tools Knowledge Area 8
  9. 9. COMPANY PROFILE 2009 DANOBATGROUP – FINANCIAL STATEMENTS BALANCE The balance sheet as of 31.12.08 of the DANOBATGROUP provides the following information: ASSETS (thousand of €) DEBTS (thousand of €) Net fixed assests 90.166 Own resources 117.068 Stocks 57.631 Long term debts 20.810 Liquid assest 116.424 Short term debts 144.817 Disposable 18.474 TOTAL 282.695 TOTAL 282.695 TURNOVER The turnover in 2008 reached 280 million euros, 76% of which came from foreign markets and 24% from the domestic market. 9
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  11. 11. COMPANY PROFILE 2009 Railways DANOBATGROUP offers single machine and turn-key solutions for the manufacturing processes of rolling stock components such as axles, bogies and complete wheelsets. Additionally, solutions for the preventive maintenance of the wheels including machinery for the geometry measuring and ultrasounds inspections are available. Turn-key solution for the machining of railway axles 11
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  13. 13. COMPANY PROFILE 2009 Capital goods The diverse needs of capital goods industry find specific solutions for each requirement within DANOBATGROUP. DANOBATGROUP machines satisfy the most demanding requirements in terms of productivity, flexibility and accuracy. E-chroma 30 servoelectric punching machine with automatic loading and part stacking system 13
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  15. 15. COMPANY PROFILE 2009 General Engineering DANOBATGROUP machines are flexible and versatile. Machines are designed to allow easy integration of different accessories such as heads, tables, loading and measurement systems. The design and manufacturing of DANOBATGROUP machines minimise non-productive times such as component, tool and fixture changeovers. Ergonomics and operator safety are also integrated in the design and manufacturing of the machines. Horizontal high production bandsawing machine, model CP800 15
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  17. 17. COMPANY PROFILE 2009 Aerospace DANOBATGROUP is a leading supplier to the aerospace industry. The most advanced machining solutions for critical components of the landing gear and aircraft engines (rotor, stator and main shafts) are supplied to OEM-s and the leading airlines world-wide. High speed blade tip grinding machine, model DANTIP 17
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  19. 19. COMPANY PROFILE 2009 Automotive The automotive industry is one of the most demanding industrial sectors. DANOBATGROUP offers solutions from stand-alone machines for specific operations to complete turn key solutions to passenger and industrial vehicle OEMs and component manufacturers. Centerless grinding machine, E-315 FV 19
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  21. 21. COMPANY PROFILE 2009 Wind power DANOBATGROUP solutions meet current and future requirements in the manufacturing of the key components of the wind power industry. The solutions are adapted to different designs, as well as to the increasing size of the components. DANOBATGROUP offers customized solutions for the manufacturing of blades, hubs, nacelles, gearboxes, rings, towers and other critical components of the wind turbines. Floor type milling and boring centre machining hubs, model FX 21
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  23. 23. COMPANY PROFILE 2009 Oil & Gas DANOBATGROUP turn key solutions for OCTG equipment manufacturers have evolved together with the requirements from the leading OEMs. Our solutions range from both API and Premium threads for pipes and couplings to christmas trees and forged valves with all types of claddings and thread profiles. Horizontal turning centre, model CIH. 23
  24. 24. MILLING AND BORING MACHINES PRODUCT RANGE HIGHLIGHTS · Bed type milling centres. · High degree of flexibility and versatility. · Fixed table travelling column milling machines. · Longitudinal traverse from 2000 up to 30000 mm. · Floor type milling-boring machines. · Vertical traverse from 1000 up to 6500 mm. · Cross traverse from 1000 up to 1900 mm. · Spindle power from 24 kW up to 60 kW. · Wide range of machining heads. Own design and manufacturing. · Various options and integration of different accessories to customize the machine to the customers machining requirements: More efficiency and profitability in the machining process. · Heavy cutting and high quality of surface finishing. · Pendulum machining for machines with travelling column, minimizing non-productive times. · Protections according to CE standards. 24 Floor type milling and boring machine, model FXR
  25. 25. COMPANY PROFILE 2009 TURNING CENTRES PRODUCT RANGE HIGHLIGHTS-Horizontal turning centres · Horizontal turning centres. · Swing over bed: up to 1100 mm. · Vertical turning centres. · Turning length: up to 8000 mm. · Optional “C” axis. · Coolant through the tools. · Due to the modular configuration, machine is adapted to the parts of each particular customer. · Heavy chip removal and optimum part accuracy. HIGHLIGHTS-Vertical turning centres · Turning diameter: up to 6000 mm. · Turning, milling, grinding and drilling operation. · Fixed or elevating crossrail. · Two Ram (option). · Automatic tool setting units. · ATC. Vertical turning centre, VTC-1800 25
  26. 26. GRINDING MACHINES PRODUCT RANGE HIGHLIGHTS-External grinding machines · External grinding machines. · High precision and production cylindrical grinding machines · Internal grinding machines. from 0 up to 1000 mm between centres. · Creep feed grinding machines. · Heavy duty universal grinding machines for heavy and large parts, up to 7000 mm and 8000 kg between centres. · Tangential grinding machines. · Vertical grinding machines. HIGHLIGHTS-Vertical grinding machines · Special grinding machines for aerospace and power generation industries. · Vertical grinding centre for a wide range of parts, perfect for non-round and eccentric grinding of parts up to 800 mm in diameter. · Vertical universal grinding machines for large parts up to 4000 mm in diameter. HIGHLIGHTS-Internal and radii grinding machines · High precision internal and radii grinding machines for internal grinding diameters up to 460 mm. · Powerful software with interpolation for radii and form applications. HIGHLIGHTS-Centerless grinding machines · Wide range of centreless grinding machines for high precision and production jobs. · Part capacity of 0.5 mm to 250 mm diameter. 26 Heavy duty grinding machine, HG-72
  27. 27. COMPANY PROFILE 2009 PUNCHING AND BENDING MACHINES PRODUCT RANGE HIGHLIGHTS-Punching machine · Product range. · Punching force 30 Tn. 1100 mm. Swing over bed: up to · Punching machines. · Nº of tools from 27 up to 100. Turning length: up to 8000 mm. · Punch and right angle shear combination. · Nº of Auto-Index tools from 4 up to 20. Optional “C” axis. · Punch and fiber-laser combination. · Work area 1250x2500 up to 1500x4000. Coolant through the tools. · Panel benders. · Hit ratethe to 1600 configuration, machine is adapted to the Due to up modular hits/min. · Punching-bending automatized flexible lines. parts of each particular customer. · Dimensions of right angle shear: 800x1500 mm. · Heavy chip removal and optimum part low consumptions. · High efficiency Fiber-Laser that obtainsaccuracy. · Great range of optional accessories: tapping, upforming, lubrication, part chute, special forming tools,... · Easy installation of peripherals like stores, automatic loading/ unloading systems, stacking systems,... HIGHLIGHTS-Panel bender · Maximum length 2600 mm. · Length of the entering part from 330 mm up to 2860 mm. · Width of entering part from 180 mm up to 1500 mm. · Minimum dimensions of the finished panel 330x180 mm. · Maximum internal bend 50 mm. · Thickness from 0,5 mm up to 2 mm. · Modular system that allows the easy installation of peripherals like automatic loading/unloading systems, or even the installation of a complete punching and bending flexible line. Punch and Fiber-Laser combination model e-silver 27
  28. 28. SAWING, DRILLING AND 3D PLASMA CUTTING PRODUCT RANGE HIGHLIGHTS-Sawing machines · Horizontal, vertical and mittre sawing machines. · Horizontal bandsawing machines up to 2500 mm. · Sawing and drilling solutions. · Loading and unloading magazines. · 3 dimensions plasma cutting. · Vertical bandsawing machines up to 2500 mm. · Longitudinal, transversal and combined cutting. HIGHLIGHTS-Sawing drilling and plasma cutting installations · Mittre cutting. · Drilling units. · 3 dimensions plasma cutting of profiles and tubes, round or square. · Turnkey solutions. · Customised loading/unloading systems. 28 Drilling and plasma cutting line
  29. 29. COMPANY PROFILE 2009 SERVICE ... DEVELOP SOLUTIONS Optimized solutions for our customers´ processing tasks. DANOBATGROUP helps its Cuatomers to find the right solution!. Based on specific Customer’s demands and our know-how, DANOBATGROUP´s application engineers design a perfect plan for each machine. ... EXCHANGE EXPERIENCES Application is experience-ours and yours! We perform close cooperation with our customers´ experts, during the whole project. Critical points can be identified and a perfect course of the project can be guaranteed. MAINTAIN TRAIN • Tailor made service contracts. • Operator training. • Periodic preventive maintenance. • Maintenance training. • On site inspection and servicing. • Machining processes. • Remote diagnose and assistance. • Measuring systems. • Spare parts. • Calibration for machine masters. • Rental of critical equipment. OVERHAUL UPGRADE • Reengineering. • Upgrades of customised machine software. • Recontroling. • Upgrade of measuring systems. • Rescraping of machine guideways. • Retooling. • Retooling. • Upgrade of operating systems. • Machine relocation, installation & commisioning • Upgrade of machine hardware. 29
  30. 30. TECHNOLOGY Technological innovation is a key player in the competitiveness of DANOBATGROUP. Our continuous developments are support on IDEKO, our R&D center. IDEKO features a prototype shopfloor of over 2.000 m2 and state of the art ultraprecision (400 m), laser tecnology (300 m) and composite material (300 m) laboratories. More importantly, a team of more than 110 highly qualified specialist are dedicated exclusively to research and development. Among this team there are 12 doctors and 11 more engineers that are in the process of completing their final doctorate thesis. Definitely, an important investigation dedication oriented to give answer to the needs of the market. 30
  32. 32. Arriaga kalea, 2 DANOBATGROUP E-20870 ELGOIBAR (Gipuzkoa) Spain Fax: + 34 943 74 36 74 Tel.: + 34 943 74 83 00 This document is not a contract. DANOBAT reserves the right of making changes to all models without prior notice. The illustrations in this catalogue remain property of DANOBATGROUP.