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Presentation for the Dutch VMUG on VMware vCAC, appdir and puppet integration, with a little Devops flavour and how we use it internally.

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Puppet on a string

  1. 1. © 2014 VMware Inc. All rights reserved. © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved Confidential Alain Geenrits, Sr SE enterprise management, VMware http://bitstream.geenrits.net Puppet on a String
  2. 2. Forward Looking Statement Statements made in this presentation which are not statements of historical fact are forward-looking statements based upon current expectations. Actual results could differ materially from those projected in the forward-looking statements. Information regarding risk factors that could cause actual results to materially differ are contained in documents filed by VMware with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including reports that VMware may file with the SEC from time to time on periodic reports on Form 10-Q and Form 10-K and current reports on Form 8-K. VMware assumed no obligation to update any such forward-looking statements after the date of this presentation.
  3. 3. It is not about the tools…. 3 Foreman
  4. 4. Lessons Learned from Lean Manufacturing http://rasmusson.wordpress.com/2008/04/16/batch-vs-continuous-flow-processing/ By changing from a batch process, to continuous flow, the throughput of an organization can increase 60% http://www.leanproduction.com/theory-of-constraints.html Change What to do about a bottleneck?
  5. 5. The Business impact of Dev & Ops Automation http://blogs.vmware.com/accelerate/tag/journey-survey http://www.informationweek.com/tech-center/it-as-a-service/devops-improves-time-to- market-and-reven/240161336 DevOps sped up new services and products to market by 20%. With companies able to respond in the marketplace faster, they increased the number of customers by 22% and revenues by 19%. Thirty-nine percent of those surveyed had adopted some form of DevOps; 27% were planning to do so in the near future. The Reduction in Clock Time of DevOps processes has been associated with about 20% increase in revenue at companies
  6. 6. Tenant Summary – DevOps Provisioning AppOps Team Deploy integrated, complex App Stack instances to support 600 developers. Challenge Process was manual, siloed, slow, unreliable. Reduced developer efficiency. Increases risk. Two Fundamentally Different Options 1.  Fix the “human middleware” on traditional infrastructure 2.  Replace and automate on private cloud SDDC Results From Choice to Replace and Automate §  Process time – dropped from 4 weeks to 36 hours §  Developer productivity – increased 20% or more §  Project schedule risk - eliminated §  Annual infrastructure and operating costs - reduced by $6M IT invested in Agility and as a result reduced Costs
  7. 7. Human Middleware Problem – Ops View Global Team Management Project manage around PTO, holidays, variable skills Capacity Constrained Only 4-6 projects in parallel Slow and Error Prone Many manual steps. Ticketing systems. Human error. Handoffs Silos. Globally distributed teams. Multiple application experts.
  8. 8. Total Cycle Time - Improvements 1.  Re-provision instead of repair, and cross-training teams 2.  Improve blueprints to drive down defects, automate functional and environmental testing 3.  Parallel Provisioning Plan to get to 24 hour goal •  More automation and management changes •  Improve QA testing process Improvements Provision – 16 hours QA – 8 hours Goal – 24 hours 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 Test13 Dev14 Test14 Dev15 Test15 Dev16 Test16 1. 2. 3. Provisioningtime(hours) SDLC Instance - Oracle ERP with Portal (date) 05/07 05/22 05/27 06/19 06/25 07/22 08/05 8
  9. 9. Question - Why Automate Service Provisioning? Service Definition Blueprint Policy POC1 POC2 Catalog Provision QA Staging Release 40 work weeks effort – Per Release… 20 work weeks effort – Once! Run Book 36 hours Service Request 4 weeks Answer - It takes less time/effort to convert the runbook into blueprints… …than it takes to “run” the runbook... Virtual Server Software Defined Data CenterService Request Catalog Example Provisioning Oracle ERP With Web Portals Manual Process Automated Process
  10. 10. Results Phase 1 Phase 2 Cycle Time Hours per SDLC instance 172 36 Today Phase 1 Phase 2 Virtual Machines Transitioned To Private Cloud Phase 1 Phase 2 AppOps Team # of Engineers Goal – 4000 2,800 2,200 Goal - 5 27 22 Reduced provision time 95% (4 weeks to 36 hours) Improved productivity of 600 developers 20% Reduced IT operations costs $1.5M /year Able to say “yes” to developer requests Reduced the cost of a VM/month 80% ($133 to $20) Reduced infrastructure costs $4.5M/year 672 hours (4 weeks) Goal – 24 hours Today Today
  11. 11. Phase 1 Phase 2 Cycle Time Hours per SDLC instance 172 36 Today Phase 1 Phase 2 Virtual Machines Transitioned To Private Cloud Phase 1 Phase 2 AppOps team # of Engineers Goal – 4000 2,800 2,200 Goal - 5 27 22 672 hours (4 weeks) Goal – 24 hours Today Today Reduced provision time 95% (4 weeks to 36 hours) Improved productivity of 600 developers 20% Reduced IT operations costs $1.5M /year Able to say “yes” to developer requests Reduced the cost of a VM/month 80% ($133 to $20) Reduced infrastructure costs $4.5M/year IT invested in Agility and as a result reduced Costs
  12. 12. The Problem Before vCloud Automation Center
  13. 13. vCloud Automation Center Operations Virtualization™ VMware Solution After vCloud Automation Center
  14. 14. Platforms and services 14
  15. 15. Cloud / System Admin “Creates Templates & Deployment Environments” Middleware Administrator Creates Middleware Components” Catalog Administrator “Creates Catalog & Approves Components” Application Architect “Creates Blueprint” Deployer “Deploys Applications & Changes” Collaborative Platform for Various Roles
  16. 16. Application Director vCenter Operations Mgmt vCloud Automation Center IaaS PaaS DaaS Application Director Mgmt vCloud Director / Connector vCloud Networking and Security vCenter Site Recovery Manager vSphere Hardware vCloud Service Providers Hyper- visors Other Service Providers vCloud Hybrid Service
  17. 17. Cloud Automation – vCloud Automation Center •  On-demand access to any infrastructure or application service •  Comprehensive governance for approvals, reclamations, cost profiles and transparency •  Initial provisioning and lifecycle management •  Broad support for physical, virtual and cloud provisioning end points and software mechanisms •  Extensibility through integration with existing infrastructures and customizable workflows •  Enable business agility through rapid delivery of IT services •  Provide IT control by governing who provisions what and where •  Extend existing infrastructure, processes and environments with a flexible automation solution Benefits Overview Self - Service IaaS PaaS DaaS XaaS Cloud Automation Center Heterogeneous Infrastructure Policy-Based Governance with Automated Delivery On-demand self-service access to services
  18. 18. Accelerate PaaS and Application Deployment §  Streamline the deployment and update process §  Leverage pre-built components §  Re-use blueprints for various environment Components Application Blueprint ComponentsComponentsComponents
  19. 19. Standardize for IT Control and Compliance §  Standardize on a best practices pre-build component library §  Avoid manual, differing configurations to reduce complexity §  Improve quality of services by capturing best practices in components
  20. 20. Services Catalog §  ROLE_CATALOG_ADMIN §  OOTB templates, services, tasks, OS’s, tags §  Extend the catalog by registering new components or version existing ones p.71
  21. 21. Cloud Applications Marketplace
  22. 22. Application Rapidly Push Code Changes into Production §  Automate the Software Development Lifecycle Process §  Continuous integration §  Rapid application and change deployment Control Code Change Code “Ear/War” Files Build Software Automate Provisioning Software Source Control System “SVN, Clearcase, Perforce” Continuous Build Integration System “Jenkins” Application Provisioning And Update “Application Director”
  23. 23. CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY About Puppet Labs "
  24. 24. Puppet Labs At-A-Glance QUICK STATS INVESTORS Radar Partners AWARDS & RECOGNITION 2005 founded 3.5 million downloads in last 12 months ~10 million total nodes under management ~6,000 community members 60,000 nodes in largest deployments $46 million capital raised ECOSYSTEM PARTNERS
  25. 25. We Automate IT Infrastructure for Sysadmins APPLICATION STACK Asset Management Capacity Planning Service Catalog Billing Monitoring Service Desk Discovery Provisioning Configuration Management Orchestration Reporting IT Automation Physical & Virtual Nodes Operating Systems Middleware The image cannot be displayed. Your computer may not have enough memory Application Code & Data MANAGEMENT STACK Full stack lifecycle automation for heterogeneous IT environments
  26. 26. Puppet Enterprise Console   Puppet Forge Modules   3rd Party Systems   Puppet Agent   Puppet Agent   Puppet Agent   Node   Node   Node   Puppet Master   The Puppet Platform
  27. 27. Puppet Enterprise Overview ReportingGUI Workflows Admin & Security VM Node Cloud NodeHardware Node Agent DISTRIBUTED AGENTS CENTRALIZED MANAGEMENT SERVER CLOUD-BASED CONTENT REPOSITORY 1,200+ Pre-Built Configurations Puppet Forge Puppet Master Agent Agent
  28. 28. 28 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY 1. Define the desired state of the infrastructure's configuration using Puppet's declarative language. 2. Simulate configuration changes before enforcing them. 3. Enforce the deployed desired state automatically, correcting any configuration drift.   4. Report on differences between actual and desired states, and any changes made enforcing the desired state.   Iterate & Increase Automation Coverage   Desired State  Current State   How Puppet Works Declarative, Model-based Automation service { ‘ssh’: ensure => running, enable => true, subscribe => File[‘/etc/sshd_config’] } New in 3.0 ~200% performance boost ~100% increase in scalability
  29. 29. 29 | CONFIDENTIAL & PROPRIETARY High-level status of nodes for instant visibility Time-based display for insight into rate of change Detail of node status to pinpoint specific issues Puppet Enterprise: Graphical User Interface Easily & Quickly Assess Infrastructure State
  31. 31. PUPPET ENTERPRISE + VCHS OVERVIEW PUPPET ENTERPRISE + VCLOUD AUTOMATION PUPPET ENTERPRISE + VSPHERE VMware & Puppet Labs Strategic Partnership $30 million investment in Puppet Labs Raghu Raghuram VMware VP & GM, on Board Dedicated technical resources Integrated product, marketing, & sales Three product integrations to-date VMware’s  industry-­‐leading  hypervisor   VMware’s  PaaS  Private  Cloud  Solu:on   VMware’s  Hybrid  Cloud  Service   Automated provisioning & configuration of OS and apps on ESX VMs   Automated provisioning & configuration of OS and apps on VMware’s public cloud service   Automated lifecycle management for self-service apps provisioned with VMware’s PaaS software
  32. 32. Puppet Enterprise 3.0 and vCloud Automation Self - Service IaaS PaaS DaaS XaaS Cloud Automation Heterogeneous Infrastructure Policy-Based Governance with Automated Delivery Drift Remediation Service Catalog Multi-Machine Blueprints Puppet Configuration Language •  Agility through automation •  Control throughout the Lifecycle •  Flexibility to deploy any service into any heterogeneous environment VMware Cloud Management Marketplace Puppet Forge Community Ecosystem Configuration
  33. 33. Build Multi-Node Blueprint utilizing PE Modules 2013 Import Puppet modules and classes as services Design multi-node blueprint utilizing Puppet Drag and drop Puppet services onto canvas
  34. 34. Provision Multi-Node Blueprint 2013 Puppet Master registered Set configuration properties for deployment Select Deployment Environment Design Execution Plan with dependencies Review for accuracy and Deploy
  35. 35. Drift Re-mediation with Puppet Enterprise Future Puppet detects configuration drift from blueprint Puppet fixes configuration to match blueprint
  36. 36. Thank you.
  37. 37. Backup
  38. 38. Open Source Configuration Management Landscape Puppet   Chef   Salt   Ansible   Commercial  Support   Puppet  Labs   Opscode   SaltStack   AnsibleWorks   Core  Technology   Ruby   Ruby;  Erlang   Python   Python   Communica9on   SSL   SSL   0mq   SSH;  0mq  opAonal   Control  Interface   Manifest:  proprietary   language   Recipe:  Ruby   States:  YAML  and  other   standard  template  tools   Playbooks:    JSON,  YAML,   INI  text  files   Dependency  Awareness   Yes   No   Yes   No   Community  Repository   Puppet  Forge   Cookbooks   SaltStarters   ansible-­‐examples  on   GitHub   List  Price  (annual/node)   Std:  $88  /  Prem:  $152   Std:  $72  /  Prem:  $?   "contact  sales"   Std:  $100  /  Prem:  $250   Date  established   Founded  2005;  February   2011  first  commercial   project   January  2009   March  2011   February  2012;   AnsibleWorks  March  2013   Ref  customers   eBay,  Google,  Disney,  many   more   Facebook,  Ancestry.com   LinkedIn,  HP  Cloud   Evernote,  Rackspace   Strengths   Most  mature:  users,   mindshare,  integraAons   No  proprietary  language;   execuAon  order  instead  of   dependency   ExecuAon  speed   Few  dependencies  –  easy   to  get  started;  agentless,   leaves  no  trace  on   machines;  more  readable   syntax   Headquarters   Portland   Seaale   Salt  Lake  City   Santa  Barbara