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Weather Logger - Automatic Weather Station


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A typical AWS RTU is capable of reading signals from appropriate sensors for different weather parameters including : Temperature, Relative Humidity, Solar Radiation, Evaporation, Wind Speed, Rainfall, Nitrogen dioxide and Carbon dioxide Levels.

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Weather Logger - Automatic Weather Station

  1. 1. WEATHER LOGGER WITH DATA RECORDING AND DATA LINKING Temperature Suitable For Digital Field Calibration. Relative Humidity Sd Card Based Data Storage. Atmospheric Pressure Recording In Excel Compatible File Format. Solar Radiation Gsm / Gprs Based Data Communication. Wind Speed Graphic Windows Software. Wind Direction 8 Channel Programable Gain. Rain Fall Amplifier Based Analog Inputs. 4 Channel Digital Inputs.
  2. 2. Rain Fall The weather station is capable to record data in regular scan Sensor Type: Tiping bucket with intervals into an SD card or MMC magnetic reed switch. card. The data is stored in Output: Contact closure. separate files daily in Excel Resolution: 0.2 minimum. compatible (.csv) file format. This information can be readily read by the software provided. Atmospheric Pressure Reference: Vaccum. The weather stations can be Operating Range: 600 - 1100 m bar. interfaced to GSM / GPRS based Output: 0.25 to 4.25 V. modems. These are to be suitably Linearity: 0.25 % F.S. enabled with SIM cards from a GSM service provider. The data from the weather station can be Temperature & Humidity sent in SMS, GSM dialup or GPRS packets to a central computer Temp. Sensor: Pt 100 RTD. collecting data. Multiple Weather Range: -40° - 60° C. stations in various locations can Accuracy: @20°C : ± 0.2°C. be linked centrally for data Humidity Measuring Range: 0 - 100 % collection and analysi’s by the RH. software. PSTN based dialup links Output Singal Range: 0.0 - 1.0 V DC. are also possible. Accuracy: @20° C : ± 1.0 % Solar Radiation Communication networks that can be interfaced to these Spectral Range: 400 to 100 mm. weather stations are: Senritivity: 60 to 100 µ V/W/m2. • RS 485 / RS 232 based serial Response Time: << 1 sec. links. Directional Error: ± 50 W/m2. • Ethernet links over LAN, VLAN, Maximum Irradiation: 2000 W/m2. and WIFI etc. Field View: 180°. • GSM / PSTN modems. Data can be centrally collected in a PC / server and stored in any robust Database application. Wind Speed & Wind Direction The software can show graphs on different timelines of weather Sensor Type: Wind speed: Wind cups parameters. The software also and magnetic switch. shows windrose diagrams over a Wind Direction: Wind vane and time period. potentiometer. Range: Wind speed: 3 to 282 km/h. Wind direction: 0° to 360°. Accuracy: Wind speed: ± 5 kmph. Special Features: Wind direction: ± 7° • Solar Panel based power supply. • Additional Customized sensors compatible. • Large LED / Monitor based display systems Above is a set of typical sensors, We undertake to possible. customize our systems for other types of sensors for • Internet browser based data display any other aplication as per specific requirements. be integrated. Industrial Software & Systems. #27, Brabourne Road, Top Floor, Kolkata - 70001. Phone: 0 9331008464. E-mail: