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Apple iCloud


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Apple iCloud

  1. 1. Apple iCloud &Future of Cloud Computing 2011/07/22 권우일(
  2. 2. Me?• Company: Infraware• Twitter: @bitroid• Blog:
  3. 3. Contents• What is Cloud Computing• Apple iCloud?• History• What Makes iCloud Special?• Comparison• Future of iCloud• Standardization Issue
  4. 4. What is Cloud Computing?
  5. 5. Apple iCloud? • Music(including iTunes Match) • Photo Stream(1000 Pics/M) • Store Data(Email, Book, Contact, ...) • Application Data(Configuration, Data)
  6. 6. History 2002 2008 Fall, 2011.Mac or iTools MobileMe iCloud
  7. 7. Sync & Storing DataiTunes, Photo, Apps, Books, Contact, Calendar, Mail, Backup & 3rd Party Apps
  8. 8. What Makes iCloud Special?• So Many Contents• Post PC Momentum• Perfect Ecosystem• Just Works!
  9. 9. Comparison(1/2)
  10. 10. Comparison(2/2) Apple iCloud Amazon Cloud Google Docs MS Skydrive Free Storage Unlimited 5GB 1GB 25GBMax file upload size Unknown 2GB 1GB 50MB 20GB cost Free $20/yr $5/yr Free 1TB cost Free $1,000/yr $256/yr Not AvailableCollaboration tools None None Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Sync to desktop No (only with iTunes) (Windows only) (Windows & Mac)
  11. 11. Who will be a Winner? VS
  12. 12. Who will be a Winner? VS App Web
  13. 13. Future of iCloud• Devices as a dummy• One person, many devices• Content is important!• Only Apple can do
  14. 14. Standardization Issue• Authorization• APIs• Storing Data Structure(File system)• 잡스 한 명에 휘청거리는 IT 코리아
  15. 15. Thank you.