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Zabbix 3.0 screenshots preview


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Screenshots taken from a Zabbix 2.5.0 alpha test installation. Have a look at the new frontend web interface: simpler, cleaner, and more usable.
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What's new:

Note. This is still an alpha release and could be changed in future releases

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Zabbix 3.0 screenshots preview

  1. 1. Welcome Check of pm-requisites Configure DB connedion Zabbix sewer details Pre-lnstalation summary Install ZABBIX Welcome to Zabbix 3.0 Licensed under GPL V2 Zabbix 2.5.0. G 2001-2015, Zabbix SIA :71:
  2. 2. Welcome Check of pre-requisites Configure D8 connection Zabbix server details Pre-Installation summary Install Check of pre-requisites PH P version PHP option memory_Iimit PHP option post_max__size PHP option upload_max_fiIesize PHP option max_execution_time PHP option max_input_time PHP time zone PHP databases support PHP bcmath CURRENT VALUE 5.5.9 1280M 160M 128M 300 300 EuropelBerIin MySQL SQLite3 on REQUIRED 5.4.0 126M 16M 2M 300 300 Back OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK OK ‘[: »;cI~‘it: Jg
  3. 3. ZABBIX Welcome Install Check of pre-requisites Configure DB connection Zabbix sewer details Pre—insta| lation summary Install Congratulations! You have successfully installed Zabbix frontend. Configuration file 'lAppIicatlonslXAMPPlxamppflleslhtdocslzabbix3lconfIzaboix. conf. php' created.
  4. 4. Sign in Uimame Admin Password 0 Remember me for 30 days I ¢‘lIglIi II or sign in as guest Help - Support
  5. 5. Monitoring Inventory Reports Dashboard O«. ien. i iew Web Dashboard Favourite graphs No graphs added. Graphs Favourite screens No screens added Screens Slide shows Favourite maps NO maps added Maps Configuration Latest data Administration Esrinm 'riggers Events Graphs Screens Maps DISCOVGW 1' sew ces Statue of Zabbix PARAMETER VALUE DETAILS Zabbix sewer is running No Iocalhost:10051 Number of hosts (enabledldisabledltemplates) 39 0 I 1 I 38 Number of items (enabled/ disabled/ not supported) 0 0 I 0 I 0 Number oi triggers (enabledldisabled [prob| ernlok]) 0 0 I 0 [010] Number of users (online) 2 1 Required server performance, new values per second 0 Updated. 00 444‘ System status HOST GROLP DISASTER HIGH AVERAGE wARNiM3 INFORMATION NOT CLASSIFIED No data iound Updated: 00 44:40 Host status HOST GROLP WITFOLIT PROBLEMS WIT? ‘ PROBLEMS TOTA_
  6. 6. l'ilIl| I'| foliIIl! In'r': iIi | ' : t-I-11:1:-tug}: mini, -1hii= i.~ Templates 8 GO TEMPLATES A Template App FTP Sewice Template App HTTP Service Template App HTTPS Service Template App IMAP Sewice Template App LDAP Service Template App MySQL Template App NNTP Sewice Template App NTP Service Template App POP Service Template App SMTP Sewice Template App SSH Service Template App Telnet Service II-2:1) E-‘1 l"lI= JIII(‘vlIialIZo: ~_ APPLICATIONS A00 A09 App A99 A09 App ADD A09 App App App ADD Otozliilslllrziiiolnl ICQIIODS 1 ications 1 ications 1 | CaIIOI'S I ications 1 ications 1 ications 1 ications 1 ications 1 ications 1 ications 1 ications 1 »filF, l=o: Iit-l'. 'r. w ll-I| IIItIl: Iir: lII-II at-lit-ruzm ~? '.qx: t-rat: ITEMS TRIGGERS GRAPHS Items 1 Triggers 1 Graphs Items 1 Triggers 1 Graphs items 1 Triggers 1 Graphs items 1 Triggers 1 Graphs items ' Triggers 1 Graphs Items 14 Triggers 1 Graphs 2 Items 1 Triggers 1 Graphs Items 1 Triggers 1 Graphs Items 1 Triggers 1 Graphs Items 1 Tnggers 1 Graphs Items 1 Triggers 1 Graphs Items 1 Triggers 1 Graphs SCREENS DISCOVERY WEB LINKED TEMPLATES Screens Screens Screens Screens Screens Screens 1 Screens Screens Screens Screens Screens Screens Ma] ylw Group Templates j Discovery Discovery Discovery Discovery Discovery Discovery Discovery Discovery Discovery Discovery Discovery Discovery ! Tl~1-2-wag‘. -' Web Web Web Web Web Web Web Web Web Web Web Web -: ..n. s.; .. . ... _.. .. : . . ... . . ... ... .;. ... . as. .. : ..: .._. ..; ... .. .4x. ... r.. ... ..a . ... ... .. ... . 5.. . . ... ._. ... . | ut. «.: r.1zlo: ::« 9113}-‘I'i"2llI. !}I-‘IL IIIIPIVII‘ I LINKED TO Template OS AIX, Template OS FreeBSD. Template OS HP—UX_ Ternplate OS
  7. 7. .‘lt-iuiit-iii-1: | I|'r':2IIIIl| ' : (:, ;- Otozilflet-ir-. tit-in Ll-IIIIIIIM-vlilllt P II-l~, 'II! l|II| J:l~‘ ‘(= lIIl!1P= _Ii= l-* : l-kli-" I'll‘-_[IlIGlll‘-_lIl’Z¢= :t-lit-iutm ". -:I= K=lIE~‘ =1llti, l=r>. iitol'. ~.a t'l[5J, 'l~‘l — Triggers All templates / Template OS Linux Applications 1': Items 32 Triggers 15 Graphs 5 Screens 1 ’ SEVERITY NAME A ’ Waming / etc/ passwd has been changed on (HOSTNAME) ’ Information Configured max number of opened files is too low on (HOSTNAME) ’ Information Configured max number of processes is too low on (HOST. NAME) ’ Waming Disk I10 is overloaded on (HOSTNAME) information Host inlcrrhation was changed on (HOSTNAME) ’ Information Tempate App Zabbix Agent: Host name ct zabbix_agentd was changed on (HOSTNAME) information Hostname was changed on (HOSTNAME) ’ Average Lack of available memory on sewer (HOSTNAME) Waming Lack of free swap space on {HOST. NAME) ’ Waming Processor load is too high on (HOST. NAME} ’ Waming Too many processes on (HOSTNAME) ’ Waming Too many processes running on (HOSTNAME) ’ Information Temp ate App Zabbix Agent: Version of zabbix_agent(d) was changed on (HOSTNAME) Average Temp ate App Zabbix Agent: Zabbix agent on {HOSTNAME} is unreachable for 5 minutes Group Templates Elld. -;-i'lan'i‘ II: t=I| 'lT0l= Z~*1 Ll Host Template OS Linux Discovery mles 2 Web scenarios EXP RE SSI ON (Template OS Linux: vls. lie citsuml/ etcIpasswd]. dlff(O)}>0 (Template OS Linux: l<ernel maxfiles. |aa| '(0)}<1024 (Template OS Linuxjkernel maxproc. last(O))<256 (Template OS Linux: system. cpu. ul l{‘icwait]. avg(5m)}>20 (Template OS Linuxzsystemunameedlfl(0))>0 (Template OS Linuxzagent. hcstname. dlfl(O))>O (Template OS Linuxisystemrhoslname. d|ff(O))>0 (Template OS Linuxzvm memorysizelavailable]. Iast(0))<20M (Template OS Linuxssystemswap size[. pfree]. laIt(O))<50 (Template OS Linux. system. cpu Icadlpercpu avg1]. avg(5m))>5 (Template OS Linuxjproc num[]. avg(5m))>300 (Template OS Linux. proc. num[, run1.avg(5m))>30 (Template OS LInuxzagentversicn. d|1f(0)}>0 (Template OS Linuxzagehtp ng. nodata(5m)}=1 i I ? STATUS Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled Enabled
  8. 8. Monitoring Inventory Reports Configuration Administration *1i: r5: g'i; iLps T>3ll‘LIEl. E‘3 Hosts ‘ale. i‘itei'a"i: e 1-5.i: IiCil'E 7:: :: —"- 5 die s"ii: iia Items Alltempiatesf Template OS Linux Applicationsio Items 32 Triggersls Graphss Screensl Discovery rules: web scenarios Name Available memory Type Zabbix agent vi Key vmmerriory. slze(avallabIe] Select Typeoflnformation Numeric(unsigned) vi Data type Decimal V Units B Use custom multiplier [*1 Update Interval (in sec) 60 Flexible intervals INTERVAL PERIOD ACTION No flexible Intervals defined. New flexible interval Interval (In sec) 50 I Period 1-1.00200-24:00 Add History storage period (in days) 7 Trend stolfige Period (In days) 365 Store value As is v m. ... ,
  9. 9. Monitoring lrweniory Reports Configuration Administration pg Ti, -in ‘ « Screens Screens sysieilipevfonvianiae All lemplalesITemp| ale OS Linux Appliralionsio Items 32 Triggersis Graphss Scieensi Disouvevy mlesz Web scenanos 4- ‘M l0 Template OS Linux: CPU utilization (lh) 1on as ’ anus 4 Template OS Linux: Swap usage (lh) 5" “’ Ivaiue. nu data ‘ . Va| ue nn data 40% 20% use °fl3:'”§3‘-Q:2'. .'1Z! =?. Z3£3fifi3.‘! .:5:'§33€° 3.-. .-. .-ijaaoooaaaaaeaaaaaeaaaisaisa: M NNNNNooeeeooooeeoooooooooooooO _ 8 3 iii in N m ; last min avg max I CPU idle time [no data] , I CPU user time [no data] I CPU system time [no data] 5, CPU iowait time [no data] ITota| swap space [nu data] CPU nice time [no data] ; I Free swan space {nu data] I CPU interrupt time [no data] i I CPU softirq time [no data] I CPU steal time [no data] Change
  10. 10. Monitoring lrwentory Reports Configuration Administration Dashboard Dashboard Favourtte graphs System status HOST GROUP DISASTER HIGH AVERAGE WARNING INFORMATION NOT CLASSIFIED Favourite screens Zahmx serve“ Li“ 20 hm“. Updated: 00:52'16 HOST ISSUE LAST CHANGE AGE INFO ACK ACTIONS Hon status No data touno o°1ol$‘§amshawn HOST GROUP WITHOUT PROBLEMS WITH PROBLEMS TOTAL web monnoflng Updated: 0035216 HOST GROUP ox FAILED UNKNOWN saw‘ ofzabblx N0 “I3 I°“"9 PARAMETER VALUE DETAILS UP‘‘a‘e<’¢ 0052-15 Zabbix server is running No itxairiostzioosi Favour. “ "ups Number of hosts (oriabladldisd>ied' Itempietes) 39 1 /0 I 36 Numberot items (onabladldismiedlnot supported) 63 63 I 0 I 0 Number of triggers (enebledldieabled [probleirilukn 42 42 I 0 [0 I 42] Number of users (online) 2 1
  11. 11. Monitoring Inventory Li. ,. I ti, i;’ , l . ii, ~~. i. -»i. Search: zabbix Hosts HOST IP Zabbix sewer l27.0.0.1 Host groups HOST GROUP Zabbix servers Templates TEMPLATE Template App Zabbix Agent Template App Zabbix Proxy Template App Zabbix Server Reports DNS Configuration LATEST DAT Latest data LATEST DATA Latest data Administration A TRIGGERS Triggers APPLICATIONS Applications 11 Applications ii Applications 11 EVENTS Events TRIGGERS Triggers GRAPHS Graphs ITEMS items 63 Items 63 Items 63 SCREENS Screens EVENTS Events TRI GGERS Triggers 42 triggers 42 Triggers 42 ZABBIX APPLICATIONS Applications ii GRAPHS Graphs GRAPHS Graphs in Graphs ‘i 0 Graphs 10 ITEMS TRIGGERS Items ea Triggers 42 WEB HOSTS Web Hosts 1 SCREENS Screens 1 Screens I Screens 1 GRAPHS DISCOVERY WEB Graphs to Discovery 2 Web Displaying 1 all lound TEMPLATES Temphtes Displaying 1 oil lound DISCOVERY WEB Discovery 2 Web Discovery 2 Web Discovery 2 Web Displaying 3 or 3 lound
  12. 12. Monitoraggio Inventano Report Configurazlone Ammlnistrazione Gonerale Proxy Autenticazlone Gruppi utenti Utentl Tlpi di supporto Script Coda | i'iii’tr; l.giiill QII-i! IIlA‘C!3)§‘ ! II! l!i5l_‘€I3)I ’i'? ‘ll ‘ I I 4| ! I|'[! I(| =l! 't! iI= I5_‘¢l"I ! I|'A! i(°= I|2!lI= i]_‘¢!5)l 9I| '[! I(°= I0i! i(‘-lr_‘(-"I'M ! I|'[! I(0=tI‘i! ll= iiJ(3I5)‘l Om. -it9=t9lI, it-«li_, I II II '5-eav I ': -.< 1, W» l ‘i'. :8 i 9i| 'ieit-=2t-iiitai_3'iiil§lo1i_, ¢£)l 9‘I'l! II0=I'1!t(¢lt_:1HIlI§I'Il_‘€I§1‘ 9In'i. -lieui-l! lt= li_, guirlii-i. l,. @ll Olrieit-= iciii(= ii_3'iiil§io1i_, cZ= )l §l| '[9II0=l0l! iI= lr_3'AIII§I'Il_, (K13§l
  13. 13. Monitoring Inventory Reports i; -imerai Pm. -ies 5«J. "Ei". Scripts [:1 NAME A TVPE ij Detect operating system Script Ci Ping Sctipl Ci Traceroute Script 0 selected Cu, ., U, Configuration L. SiE' g'. :i. ps EXECUTE ON Server Sewer Sewer Administration com MAN 0 s sudo Iusrlblnlnmap -0 (HOST. CONN} 2>&1 Ibin/ ping 4: 3 (HOST. CONN) 2>n1 Iiastlbin/ tmoevoute (HOSICONN) 2>&1 USER GROUP Zabbix administrators All All HOST GROUP All All All HOST ACCESS Read Read Read
  14. 14. ;', -,| i , -‘Trim E =4:-r. i'f= i-‘ . .--* ': ’~'(= .r--i . 'i I‘u'uX= l-i -‘I-Iii-‘ii-‘ E Name Detect operating system Type Script J Execute on Zabbix agent c°m"'3"d5 suit) Iusrlbrnlnmap -0 {HOST. CONN) 2>&1 Command Description User group Zabbix administrators J Hoswrwp W J Raquiredhostparmissions Read J Enable cnnfirrnakian Corrfin-nation text EKBBI -