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How to get a small business loan on Bitbond


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Bitbond is a global peer-to-peer lending platform, which specialises in providing small business loans to borrowers from around the world. Check out this presentation to learn how to get a small business loan on Bitbond, easily and efficiently.

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How to get a small business loan on Bitbond

  1. 1. How to get a Small Business Loan on Bitbond Webinar, May 11th, 2016 The #unbank
  2. 2. When is a small business loan the right choice?
  3. 3. Three major reasons to get a small business loan! - Bridge short-term liquidity gaps and revenue fluctuations! - Finance revenue growth! - Finance large orders and buying opportunities!
  4. 4. What are your choices? Peer-to-peer loans Available locally Convenient Less Restrictive Bank loans Not available to many Inconvenient Restrictive
  5. 5. Banks are inconvenient
  6. 6. “Banks ask for collateral & the process of getting a loan funded in my country is a huge task. It involves a lot of paperwork and multiple trips to the bank just to get approved. With Peer-to-peer lending however, I can relax at home and take out a loan hassle-free.” Sudhir, eCommerce entrepreneur & eBay seller from India Peer-to-peer loans are a great alternative
  7. 7. Bitbond is the perfect solution
  8. 8. Personal loans for small business owners Loan amount: up to $10,000 Apply for FREE Term: 6 weeks to 5 years with monthly installments Interest rates: From ~1% per month Innovative credit check via borrowers’ business accounts (eBay, Amazon, PayPal etc.) Loans are paid out and repaid in the digital currency bitcoin, value is US dollar denominated Registering as a borrower
  9. 9. 1. Enter your Personal Details 1 mins 2. Enter your Contact Details 1 mins 3. Enter your Employment 2 mins 4. Enter your Residence 2 mins 5. Enter your Credentials 3 mins 6. Identification session 2 mins 7. Submit your application 1 mins Total Time < 15 mins How to become a borrower on Bitbond
  10. 10. Completing the borrower application
  11. 11. Getting funded
  12. 12. Withdrawing your bitcoins
  13. 13. Using your bitcoin loan
  14. 14. Repaying your loan
  15. 15. Buy bitcoins easily with a SEPA bank account ➔ Send a wire transfer to a European bank account ➔ Get bitcoins deposited directly to your Bitbond account
  16. 16. Getting a new loan Borrowers with a previous repaid loan get access to lower interest rates!
  17. 17. Bitbond is perfect for Small businesses & Online Sellers
  18. 18. Thank you for your time! Sign up Now