Fight back android fragmentation


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These are the slides for the presentation that Bitbar experts gave at Droidcon Berlin 2012 ( The presentation included also a live demo of Recording tests with Testdroid Recorder 2.0 and running the same use cases with one click on all 100+ real Android devices in Testdroid Cloud.

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Fight back android fragmentation

  1. 1. Fight back platform fragmentation! Best practices in UI testing automation. Roman Kierzkowski Bitbar
  2. 2. Agenda1. Platform fragmentation2. Gravity & Monkey3. Monkeyrunner4. Android Instrumentation5. Robotium6. Testdroid Recorder7. Testdroid Cloud
  3. 3. What is platform fragmentation?
  4. 4. Other platforms?
  5. 5. What does fragmentation consist of?● Android version● Screen resolution & density & diagonal● CPU speed● RAM size● GPU presence & speed● Sensors presence & accuracy● SD presence & capacity● Virtual or real keyboard● Device manufacturer● Custom UI & User preferences
  6. 6. In numbers...● 13 OS Versions● Over 800 different models● Over 300 million Android devices had been activated● 850 000 activations daily!!!
  7. 7. Platform versions Versions 2.1 to 2.3.7 = 94%Data collected during a 14-day period ending on February 1, 2012 (
  8. 8. Screen Sizes and Denisties normal mdpi + normal hdpi = 85.5%Data collected during a 7-day period ending on February 1, 2012 (
  9. 9. Gravitation & Monkey ● Gravity ● UI/Application Exerciser Monkey ● Stress test application (pseudo-randrom actions) ● Runs inside emulator or device $ adb shell monkey [options] <event-count> $ adb shell monkey -s 333 -p -v 500
  10. 10. Android Instrumentation Framework● Instrumentation allows to run components without their normal lifecycles● Android testing is based on JUnit● JUnit 3 lifecycle (test methods, setUp(), tearDown())● Separate test project● Runs inside of the device● Instrumentation & Application APKs must be signed with the same key!● For different components different TestCase● For activities: ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2● MoreAssert and ViewAsserts
  11. 11. Robotium● Opensource project (● On top of Android instrumentation – great simplification● How does Robotium recognize elements: → Texts → Visible elements indexes → X,Y● Solo is main class. It contains various methods like: → clickOnImage(int index) → clickOnButton(String text) →enterText(int index, java.lang.String text)
  12. 12. Robotium Pros & Cons● Simplifies UI Instrumentation● UI component aware● Integrates with JUnit lifecycle● Open source● No screenshots logic● Runs only within single application
  13. 13. Testdroid Recorder● Eclipse plugin (● Records monkeyrunner & Robotium● Record test from APK & Sources● Introduces identification● Takes screenshots● Scalable clicks & drags● Split testcases into methods
  14. 14. Testdroid cloud● Run tests against over 100 different real devices● View test results● View screenshoots in convienient way● Use baseline feature to detect broken layouts● View logs● Follow your project statistics