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Barriers to communication


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Published in: Business
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Barriers to communication

  2. 2. If you talk to a man in aLanguage, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.
  3. 3. What is Communication ? “Communication is nothing but the transfer of Information from one person to another.”
  4. 4. Barriers To Communication
  5. 5.  Semantic Barriers Emotional or Psychological Barriers Organization Barriers Personal Barriers
  6. 6.  Symbols with Different Meaning Badly Expressed Message Faulty Translation Unclarified Assumptions Specialist Language
  7. 7.  Inattention Premature Evaluation Loss by Transmission and Poor Retention Undue Reliance on the Written Word Distrust of Communicator Failure to Communicate
  8. 8.  Organizational Policy Organization Rules and Regulations Status Relationship Complexity in Organization Structure Organizational Facilities
  9. 9. Barriers Barriers In InSuperiors Subordinates
  10. 10.  Attitudeof Superior Fear of Challenge to Authority Insistence on Proper Channel Lack of Confidence in Subordinates Ignoring Communication Lack of Time Lack of Awareness
  11. 11. Unwillingto CommunicateLack of Proper Incentive
  12. 12. STEPS FOR MAKINGCOMMUNICATION EFFECTIVE  Clarityin Idea  Purpose of Communication  Empathy in Communication  Two-way Communication  Appropriate Language  Supporting Words with Action  Credibility in Communication  Good listening