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Soarlogic Service


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At Soarlogic, Our approach involves studying the business area and business process of our clients and then providing IT based solutions that would enable them to achieve a higher degree of efficiency and effectiveness. We also eliminate wasteful spending on IT infrastructure and offer total predictability of cost.

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Soarlogic Service

  1. 1. Soarlogic| Innovation is our passion Company Profile I-272 Nehru Colony Ring Road,Dehradun Uttarakhand,India Company Profile Soarlogic Think Differently, We Will Make The Difference
  2. 2. Soarlogic Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. to cater the services to the different kind of industries for their IT requirements. We have good team of software engineers those capable to develop new systems, rectify the problems, and analyze the reason of the problems and able to short out these problems on their best presence and knowledge. We have professionals who provide Web applications and all type of web solutions . OUR VALUES - OUR COMMITMENT At Soarlogic , we recognize that despite rapid technological change, the most important resource available to a company is its people. We aim to play a vital role in the health of organizations by maintaining the highest professional standards at all times , by continuously improving performance, and utilizing effective teamwork in order to deliver a superior service to all our clients. STRENGTH Our real strength is our expertise in Web Application which has come through innovative approach of every single person towards all projects executed by us till date. We have good team of DESIGNER and SOFTWARE ENGINEERS . We are not only in Development but also in Maintenance , AMCs and CONSULTANT for our customer to decide right thing for their growth in their Sector. Soarlogic| Innovation is our passion
  3. 3. OUR GOAL To lead Process by offering service to our customer in terms of Quality , Innovation and Delivery consistently and satisfy them with most economic and reliable solution. TIMING We believe that every problem is unique and the time frame to solve that problem is dependent on various factors. Before start to move on site we discussed with our client about their problem facing and arrive at a mutually agreeable time frame. INTEGRITY With an assurance towards investing time and effort into providing the most qualified candidates to fit organizational requirements, we strive toward "best and fair practices" in everything we do. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION We have etched a respectable place in the industry with the support of a huge client base, which consists of high profile clients. Soarlogic| Innovation is our passion Things are not always as they seem
  4. 4. WHAT SERVICES DO WE OFFER? We are specialized in Web Development. We are taking care of Web application maintenance, upgrading of existing applications in cost-effective manner. A lot for your Business Soarlogic| Innovation is our passion SOARLOGIC is a company focused on offering Automation solutions and system retrofitting to its customer in the field of Web application. Our process start with DETAILED STUDY OF APPLICATION COST ANALYSIS OF ALL PRODUCTION COST PROVIDING SERVICE TO OUR CUSTOMERS ON A LONG TERM BASIS.
  5. 5. Our competence and experience ensures that we deliver excellent services and products to our customers. At Soarlogic we are proud of our high quality standards. We are very adept in adapting to new age technologies and making products and services out of them for our clients. Our top-notch developers use the latest software methodologies and technologies. Concentrate on our clients’ business goals and keep them involved in every stage through the entire project. Our meticulous approach has helped us build our excellent track record with no failed or aborted projects. We have deployed a wide range of technologies and developed significant proprietary knowledgebase of our own. Soarlogic boasts of highly qualified, motivated and experienced personnel with defined expertise and skill sets. We adhere to very stringent, ISO processes to ensure timely and cost effective delivery of our services, consistently to our clients. If u really want to increase your Business, you can count on us Soarlogic| Innovation is our passion
  6. 6. Soarlogic| Innovation is our passion Web Technologies Programming Languages JAVA,C#, ADO.NET, Ruby, PHP Technologies JEE (JSP, Servlet, JDBC,EJB, Hibernate, Spring, JSTL, Basic 6, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Hibernate Search.) Microsoft Visual CMS Joomla, OsCommerce, Magento, ZenCart, Drupal, Dolphin, Mambo Framework Spring MVC, Struts MVC ,Cake-PHP, Symfony Web Servers Apache Tomcat and Microsoft IIS RDBMS Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g y Oracle RAC, MySQL and PostgreSQL Application Servers Jakarta Tomcat / Jetty business is your dream choose best driving tool
  7. 7. Web Technologies Software Architecture Model View Controller (MVC) Software Development Methodology Agile Methodology Design Tools Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Macromedia Fireworks, FreeHand, Flash, Dreamweaver IDE Microsoft Visual Studio, PL/SQL Developer, Eclipse IDE and IntelliJ IDEA Mark-up and Scripting Technologies HTML, DHTML, XHTML, XML, XSLT, XSL, Java Script, Visual Basic Script, AJAX Operating Systems Linux/ Windows XP / VISTA/Red Hat Enterprise CM, QA, Defect Tracking CVS, Subversion, Trac and Bugzilla Soarlogic| Innovation is our passion Technologies matter for successful business
  8. 8. Soarlogic Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd Think Differently, We Will Make The Difference Soarlogic| Innovation is our passion