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Getting started with twitter


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Getting started with twitter

  1. 1. Activity 2 1) If you aren’t already signed up to Twitter, use the step-by-step guide overleaf to create a Twitter account and start Tweeting! Don’t worry about picking the perfect ‘twitter username’ or writing the perfect ‘short bio’ today… you can always amend these in the future! 2) Make your first Tweet… and include the hashtag #DUOct2012 Don’t worry about it being profound! You can just say hello! 3) Start following people… - Click on the hashtag#DUOct2012 in your first tweet to see who else has tweeted using that #DUOct2012 and start following other people in this session. - Try searching for tweets using some keywords using the search bar at the top of the screen (eg, type in … … ) - Try following some of the Tweeters listed under the Twitter list we’ve created.
  2. 2. Creating your Twitter Account1. Go to and find the sign up box.2. In the ‘New to Twitter?Sign up’box, enter your full name, email address, and a password.3. Click Sign up for Twitter.4. On the next page, you can select a username (usernames are unique identifiers on Twitter) — type your own and Twitter will check to see if that username is available. Picking your Twitter username Your username is the name is the identifier other Twitter users will see you as, and to whom your followers can address messages and tweets. 5. Double-check your name, email address, password, and username. Usernames must be fewer than 15 characters in length and cannot 6. Click Create my account. contain "admin" or "Twitter", in order 7. Twitter will send a confirmation to avoid brand confusion. email to the address you entered You can change your username at a on sign up, click the link in that email to confirm your email address later date. and account.8. You have now created your Twitter account! Return to and logion if prompted.9. From the drop down menu in the top right of the screen, click on settings.10. From the options on the left of the screen, click on Profile. You will now be presented with a screen where you can include a short 160 character bio (think about using keywords, rather than full sciences). Remember to Save your changes.11. You can use the Design link on the left of the screen to change the background or look/feel of your profile page.
  3. 3. Making the most of TwitterMaking your tweet’s effective is not about spelling and grammar… it is aboutaudience, signposting and visibility.# #hashtags identify the subject/context of your tweet. They allow you to join in particular conversations – you can easily click on a #hashtag to see everyone else currently using the same #hashtag. Very useful for: specific topics, scheduled discussions, conferences Eg#OAWeek, #phdchat, #vitae12url If you are talking about something you wish people to see, something you have found or something you want opinions on… include a link to where they can find it!!! Twitter will automatically shorten most urls, although can still be tricky. Use something like or if you are having problems shortening a url down enough@ Use @ and their username to mention someone in your tweet. You can use this to flag something for their attention, reply to something they have said or to promote them to others. Important to engage with other twitter users – not just post information.