Mastering essbase calc script


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Mastering essbase calc script

  1. 1. Mastering Essbase Calc ScriptCategory : HyperionCourse Id : HYP003Course Fee : 12000INRThis training program is designed to Master Essbase Calc Script. Thistraining program provides detailed learning with 100s of examplesfor writing Essbase Calculaton Scripts in real world scenarios. Thetraining program is designed so prudently that the people who do peoplenot have any past experience in programming, can also write EssbaseCalc
  2. 2. Course Content: • Essbase Calc Script ( Theory Sessions ) Essbase Calculation Overview Basic Calculation Scripts Working with If and FIX Calculation Scripts Working with Member Set Function Calculation Working with Boolean Function Calculation Working with Relationship Function Copying and Clearing Data Working with Static Calculations Developing Advanced Calculations Database Optimization Overview Optimizing Databases Through Dynamic Calculation Performing Advanced Allocation • Essbase Calc Script ( Lab Sessions ) Lab#1 Working with basic calculation Lab#2 Working with IF and FIX statements Part I Lab#2 Working with IF and FIX statements Part II Lab#4 Working with Allocation Lab#5 working with @XREF functions Lab#6 Working with currency
  3. 3. Lab#3 Financial Ratio Analysis Case Study Liquidity Ratios Analysis Efficiency Ratios Profitability Ratios Working with Account Adjustment Turnover Ratios Leverage Ratios Cash Flow Ratios Sales Ratios Income Ratios Labour Ratios Discretionary Cost Ratios Foreign Risk Ratios Costs Per Employee Investment Ratios Dividend RatioContact Point :Amit Shamraamit.sharma@bispsolutions.comessbasexpects.wordpress.comlearnodi.wordpress.comlearnoraclebi.wordpress.comlearnplanning.wordpress.comlearnsqlquery.wordpress.comlearncognosreports.wordpress.combispsolutions.wordpress.comodinetwork.blogspot.com