Message from TPs for the LAST 200 days before Foundation Day (Special JeongSeong Period)


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Message from TPs for the LAST 200 days before Foundation Day (Special JeongSeong Period)

  1. 1. From : Unification Church World Mission HeadquartersDate : 6.21 by the Heavenly Calendar (August 8, 2012)Re : Message to blessed families worldwide regarding a special 200-day jeongseongMay God and True Parents’ blessings and love be with all regions, missionnations and providential organizations.Below is a message from the International President with instructionsfrom the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind given on 6.19 bythe heavenly calendar with 200 days left until Foundation Day of Cheon IlGuk. Please guide all members and leaders so that they may investthemselves completely with life-or-death commitment in welcoming avictorious Foundation Day. Message to Blessed Families Worldwide Regarding a Special 200-day JeongseongBeloved blessed families and members throughout the world!Let us praise the names of God and True Parents!We have all received the heavenly providential call from God for thecompletion of Cheon Il Guk and are doing our best wherever we arelocated. I am sure that as you count down the days to Foundation Day,you are restraining your heart that is bursting with hope while at thesame time spending fearful days in tension and restlessness.Never again in history will there be such a period of providential grace.We shall surely find and establish on this earth the day when heaven andearth—that is, the spirit world and physical world—merge together as oneto sing and dance the victory and glory of God and True Parents. Theburning tears of gratitude shed by blessed families must melt away thefrozen and wicked world of Satan. The river of true love flowing from theUnification family must be able to transform people’s cold hearts intoones that exude warmth.Brothers and sisters!True Parents have begun a serious and important jeongseong period of200 days for the victory of Foundation Day. They have also designated aspecial jeongseong period until Foundation Day for all blessed familiesthroughout the world. As International President, I would like to convey
  2. 2. the special instructions given to us by True Parents. I pray that you canuphold this heavenly decree with a prayerful heart, fulfill yourresponsibility and mission as blessed families, and inherit the greatblessings of Heaven. 1. All members of the Unification family should engage themselves with a life-or-death commitment, completely investing themselves towards their respective goals during this special 200-day jeongseong period given to us by True Parents. 2. All blessed families should conduct hoondokhae every morning with their family at home or with their congregation at the church. Please be sure to observe this tradition. 3. Please offer jeongseong of 120 bows each day, fulfill your mission as a new tribal messiah, and welcome Foundation Day in victory. 4. Please lead a life focused on bringing achievements rather than on reporting them.Beloved members!Thank you. I thank you for your sincere faith and love with which youhave followed this difficult and arduous way of God’s will throughout yourlife while keeping your eyes solely on True Father and True Mother. I askthat you please deeply engrave in your hearts the significance of thishistoric and providential jeongseong period and lead a filial life that fulfillsTrue Parents’ special decree.6.19 by the heavenly calendar in the 3rd year of Cheon-giHyung Jin MoonInternational President,