Special Declaration of Father Moon


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April 1

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Special Declaration of Father Moon

  1. 1. Subject: FW: Special Declaration and Hoondokhae (3. 24 and 3. 25 H.C.)NOTE: These notes are taken from a Peace TV video clip. They cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used inthe future as an "official" publication of True Fathers words. However, they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. -Rev. Katsumi KambashiSpecial Declaration at the Cheon Hwa Gung, Las Vegas (3.24 HC / Apr.14,2012)Mrs. McDevitt read Fathers speech from the Sermons of the Rev. Moon #48, titled “the Perfection of Offering” and Hoondokhae was concluded whenshe read Father’s prayer at 6:35 a.m. Then Father told Mrs. McDevitt tosing a song, and after her song Rev. Yang read the report from Rev. HeungTae Kim, the National Messiah for Brazil. Then Father watched with theparticipants the video (Peace Magazine) provided by Pyong Il (평일기획)which contains the activities in March centering on True Parents thisyear. During 1 hour and 30 minutes of the video, Father, with his eyesclosed, listened as if he was praying. After the video clip, Father stood upand held the ceremony.The following are excerpts of Father’s words during the ceremony. (Katsumi: Since Fathers words and prayer during the ceremonyare difficult to be understood and translated, I attached for your reference the Korean texts posted on the web page 통일교.)“In a place where the Internal God and External God are perfectly united,Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Moon, who are able to become True Parents inthe Garden of Eden with no shadow of the fall, return to the position whereGod said ‘When you eat the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good andevil, you will die.’ True Parents, educating on purity to not one but tens ofthousands of couples, make them one and then establish the unified realmof the unified family and welcome with pleasure the heavenly victory of thesovereignty and the Kingdom of Heaven. Starting from Mother centering onTrue Parents, all descendants of two Adams families are united. The historyof Korean tradition found in Shim Cheong, Chun Hyang, and General SunShin Lee is able to attend to Original Creator, the God of Night and the Godof Day, and through this opportunity when we can commemorate that suchfidelity and loyalty can be perfected, I thank Heavenly Father for all hisachievements. I also thank what Mother and Father have done centeringon Gods will, and so please accept this moment when all the processeshave been clearly in order in front of Heaven. Please receive this momentwith pleasure when we can offer a bow to Heaven.""Mother, thank you for your hard work! Offer a bow to Father."(내 적인 하나님, 외적인 하나님이 갈라진 증언을 완전히 하나된 자리에서 이제 참 부모님이 될 수 있는 문선명, 한학자 두 사람은 타락이 없는 에덴동산에 있어서 ‘선악과를 따먹으면 죽으리라!’ 하던 그
  2. 2. 전 자리에 돌아와 가지고 한 쌍이 아니라, 만만쌍이 원수 되었던 아들딸을 숫 교육을 해서 하나로 만들어 가지고 통일적인 가정에 일중심 일체권을 이루어 하늘의 승리의 패권적 주권과 천국을 완성한 이모든 전부를 기쁨으로 환영하면서 어머님을 기점으로 시작하고, 부모님을 중심으로 시작하고, 시작하는 두 아담가정의 부모로서의 자손 만대로 하나되어 가지고, 밤에 하나님, 낮에 하나님 갈라진 본연의창조주를 모실 수 있는 한국의 전통의 역사인 심청과 춘향과 이순신 장군의 국가의 모든 충효지도에완전, 완성, 완패를 기념할 수 있는 이 자리를 내가 빌어서 모든 전부가 아버지께서 수고해서 이루어진것을 감사하는 의미에서 여기에 어머니와 아버님이 이 뜻을 따라서 수고한 것을 감사하면서 모든 절차를 하늘 앞에 이 시간 깨끗이 정리해 바치는 기념시간을 받아들이고 하늘에 봉헌 경배할 수 있는 이시간을 가졌사오니, 아버지, 기쁨으로 이 시간을 받아 주시옵소서! 어머니 수고했어요! 아버지 앞에인사하고…)(Mother offered a half bow to Father)"I now received a bow in which she pledges to perfect the ordinance of TrueParents tradition, which is absolute faith, absolute love and absoluteobedience. From now on we two, as one body of one person in one bloodlineage, become the base that can establish the heavenly pillar in upper,below, front, back, and left and right. Please accept in the heavenly thronethe bow by two of us who, hand in hand, pledge to attend to the AbsoluteParent of the Original Creator with the gratitude for the God of Night andthe God of Day having raised her to the position of perfection."(절대신앙, 절대사랑, 절대복종인 참부모의 전통적 조례를 완성할 것을 맹세하는 경배를 받고, 이제 두 사람은 한 핏줄의 모체인 한 사람으로서, 아래 위, 전후 좌우에 하늘의 기둥을 받들어 세우는 기초가되고 받든 환경에 대해서 천지의 참부모 완성에 축복을 창조이상인 밤의 하나님, 낮의 하나님이 이를양육해 완성한 자리에 길러주신 은사를 감사하는 이 시간을 부모님이 본연의 창조절대부모의 시봉[侍奉]하는 맹세하는 마음으로 둘이 손잡고 경배하오니 하늘 보좌에 받아 주시옵소서!)(True Parents offered a half bow to God)"Centering on the standard of absolute faith, absolute love and absoluteobedience of God Who restored the authority of the Creator, I will report infront of Heavenly Father that I finally perfected and concluded the CosmicAssembly for the Proclamation of the Settlement of the True Parents ofHeaven, Earth, and Humankind and the Substantial Word of God, andplease accept it! Now True Parents pledge and declare that the Blessing ofGod as the Absolute Owner will be always with us, which can eternally andsafely lead the owner of the ideal of the family that hold one tradition andblood lineage and resemblance centering on the original homeland goingbeyond the Garden of Eden. Please go along with us while concluding theKingdom of Heaven, the heavenly ideal of love and unification, which is theeternal victorious supremacy. I pray we can be with you in the place ofvertical “noon-time” alignment (that casts no shadow) at the absolutesummit. Parents of Heaven and Earth! Mansei for God. Mansei for True
  3. 3. Parents. Victorious supremacy will be eternally perfected in Cheon Il Gukand the world of unification. Aju, Aju, Aju. Thank you."(창조주의 권한을 다시 회복하신 하나님의 절대신앙, 절대사랑, 절대복종의 기준을 중심삼고 천지인참부모 정착말씀선포와 천주대회에 최종적 완성 완결을 이루는 것을 아버지 앞에 봉헌하오니 받아 주시옵소서! 이제 참부모는 에덴동산을 넘어선 본연의 고향땅 중심해서 하나의 전통을 따라 하나의 핏줄과 하나의 닮음의 영원불변의 일족의 이상 패권의 주인을 영원히 안전히 지휘할 수 있는 절대주의하나님의 축복이 같이 할 것을 맹세선언하옵니다. 영원한 승리의 패권적 하늘의 통일의 사랑완결의이상 천국을 완결해 같이 가주기를 비나이다. 아버지 받아주시옵소서! 당신이 허락하신 것을 알고 저희들도 받고 절대정상에 정오정착에 자리를 지켜 나아가 같이 할 수 있도록 비나이다. 천지부모여~! 하나님 만세! 참부모님 만세! 천일국 통일 세계에 영원히 승리의 패권을 완성할 지어다. 아주! 아주!아주! 감사합니다!)(All the participants offered a bow to True Parents.)(Katsumi: That day is the day when "The sixth Summit of the Americas" was held at Cartagena, Colombia, and I think Fatherssilence and Jeongseong of fishing for the past several days and this ceremony are related to this international conference in SouthAmerica. Please see the following photos taken that dayhttps://picasaweb.google.com/kkambashi/_files02?authkey=Gv1sRgCJGn0KWOmt7EDQ
  4. 4. Hoondokhae at the Cheon Hwa Gung, Las Vegas (3. 25 HC / Apr. 15,2012)"It is the Firm Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth andHumankind. Then the Proclamation of the Word of God. Which comes first,the substance or the word of God? The substance comes first. No one candeny it.""The number 11 is the problem. Five oceans and six continents. Prior to thefall, which took place in February when Adam was 17 years old, they knew(the order of) 동서남북(east, west, north and south).""Why are there the Old Testament and the New Testament? It is becausethe tradition has been separate, and they didnt know the God of Night andthe God of Day.""When did the God of Night and the God of Day become separate? It wasin February when Adam and Eve were 17 years old.""The amazing thing about the Unification Church is that we have one bloodlineage and that makes tradition.""The Firm Settlement of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth, andHumankind is the conclusive essence (결론적 핵심) of my speeches.""What tradition are we talking about? It is the tradition of the Creator Whocreated the cosmos with the principle of subject and object partners on thebase of true love."(Holding Shin Pyeon Nim in his arms) "I get crazy with the word 하나님. Idont know anything but that, and Ive come this far. Shin Pyeon will dothe same."